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Jul 19, 2006
NorthWest USA
Trezz, everytime I look at your cat avatar I crack up laughing. Every friggin time! And Tennis Balls, I imagine your avatar is what you look like, and , with your funny sense of humor it suits you!
Someone did a thread on usernames, what made u use them. I am curious about Avatars as well. Mine reminds me of me when Im confused.

Trezz where did you get yours? Have you seen the cat vikings video online? I laughed so hard at it I cried. Your avatar reminds me of it!
***************************Anybody?***********************:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
I've always liked George Bush, so I thought why not have him as my avatar.
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I love bowling and Westland Bowl in Westland, Michigan was a near magical place for me in my teenage years. It is huge with 60 bowling lanes. They always had 25 cent hotdogs at their annual "Good Old Days" event during the summer and I always stuffed myself full til I could puke. I often went bowling there riding my bike with my bowling bag in the front basket....even when it rained!!!
I've always like George Bush, so I thought why not have him as my avatar.
8****I LOVE IT!! I hope we get more of these stories..Jetset..its perfect!:)
.........Simmo...another one to make me laugh hard enough to cry...
.....Westland, I used to ride my bike to the alley too..although I couldnt afford a bowling ball or shoes.. Id rent em and wreck em..I was famous for the reverse release...releasing with the ball going backward..everyone would clear out before I threw the ball..sigh..i was just a slip of a girl back then!
...CM, yours is fitting also..ready to do battle..!!! (although I picture you as George Clooney..)
Thought I'd move this thread here for a couple of days. Many members never make it to the "Wild Cards" section - and I'd like to hear from as many members as possible :D
Almost everyone here has a great looking avatar, unlike many other public forums. Mine is from the greatest comedy series ever(IMHO), hopefully most of you like that one...

Have a good weekend all !!

Thats funny, I always picture that tennis balls looks like that too,lol

Mine is becuase I love diamonds, and use this avi in the diamond forum I frequent. The kitty chasing the shiny things:)

Well you just reminded me its time for a change! :thumbsup:
Mine is self explainitory, even though I hate loaded, this guy looks funny!

As for tennis balls, I always though of him looking like that too. As for simmo, I always pictured you with a magical hat that blinks when you least expect it. :)
I picked mine because I am basically a happy person and it fit . It is the same one I use most everywhere . This is a neat thread :thumbsup:

yours is from an old AMIGA500 game, no? I have vague memories of that shooting range thingy(without a kitty :) )
Not nearly as fun as anyone else's, but I guess it's self-explanatory :rolleyes:

Almost time for a change also.

Amiga , wow havnt heard that computer name in a long time. I used to have an amiga,lol

I dont know if its from a game. I got that avi from a site many years ago .
I have been thinking of changing it, but then noone would recognize me,lol

Well... I am... it is... and I love to read when I'm not on the computer... or at work... or doing chores... or .... I haven't had time to read much lately, despite my break from online casinos -- I must correct that.
I just thought my avatar was cute... I like the dark side.. and I like cookies... best of both worlds.. lol.. Actually the one I *wanted* to use was a little crude.. a carebear with the captions "This little bear may care... But the rest of us don't give a *F.. More suited to me perhaps.. but I don't wanna offend people.. so cookies it is. lol

Hmmm, I at times cross-up "tennis_balls" handle with "Slotmachine's" Billy Bob's Santa Claus X-Mas avatar from last year. :D Then again, when I first started coming here, it seemed like there were about 100 Bart Simpsons posting all-at-once. :confused:

I think it's pretty straightforward why I go with this avatar. I'm sticking to the theme, even though there's nothing BRITISH about my writing. I still write "favorite" and "yogurt" like so... where I should ACTUALLY be spelling-it-out as "favourite" and "yogourt" (although I'm unsure if I've ever used "yogurt" in any of my posts).

Maybe I should have discussed this in the other thread about handles (and why we chose the name we chose), but I originally never actually wanted to be "johnsteed". I just used it because I needed to register in order to see all of those lovely "screenshots". :D It just happened to be the first name that popped into my head. While I DO like "John Steed" from the AVENGERS, I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE "Emma Peel"! :notworthy I've yet to see another TV character who can combine as much class/dignity/fun/strength/wit/smarts as Dame Diana Rigg was able to portray her.

But... I'm pleased-as-punch with the "johnsteed" handle (although I should have originally spelled it as "John Steed"... I didn't know I'd be coming here as much as I have been). :oops:


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batman just makes me chuckle every time. like bob barker. or william shatner.

one time on batman, he's visiting commissioner gordon's daughter, and she says "batman would you like to sit and have a soda while we wait for my father to call?" batman: "no thank you miss gordon, that might be too relaxing."

and the sets on the show were always ridiculous.
Basically inspired by this,

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I loved this game and it really opened my eyes to the human condition.
Plus, sometimes I feel like the guy in the picture... especially when I lose at slots.

I hear the short story/book by Ellison is great too.
Well, if someone knows finnish language it's easy to understand why I chose this avatar...
siili = hedgehog
I like this animal, it's innocent looking, but with spikes to protect itself from dangers..lovely animal..little bit like me:D

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