Howard m. Barbour

I would like to file a complaint against Avatar Casino.com&Mempro&E-cash Bus.
Avatar casino advertises that a cash-out will be credited to your credit card within 24 hours. I made a cash-out on Jan. 14 for $3,000.00 and on Jan. 18 for $4,500.00 and as of todate I never received any payment. It's been more than 2 months and I have been calling them about every other day. Everytime I called the said Casino and talked to their Manager Jeff, all I got and still getting is the answer that they are still working on it. He (Jeff) either lies or puts the problem off on someone else. I invested $1,200.00 in winning this cash-out in the total sum of $7,500.00. Whether or not I invested a lot still I deserved to be paid or anybody who got lucky.
Casinos like Avatar is risking the credibility of the online gambling industry. Therefore, I am appealing to the entire net community not to gamble with Avatar Casino and to warn other people of this scam. Avatar casino phone and e-mail address is - 1-888-311-9218 or e-mail-support@avatarcasino.com. As far as I'm concerned, it is not appropriate for anyone to recommend or rank any casinos like Avatar otherwise, it will just do harm to innocent gamblers.
I would be more than grateful if you could help in anyway possible to get Jeff and/or Avatar to pay my winnings, the money which is due to me.
Thank you.


I wrote a very strong letter to Avatar and told them to either pay you within 48 hours or I would use all of my sources to damage their credibility. I hope it helps.
Something simular happened to me on casino-on-net.com.

The story is as follows:

My wife and I Played on the casino (
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) on 01/20/2001 and deposited and lost $200.00. The deposit was accepted and no incident arose over the loss. Some time later we logged on again and deposited $300.00 and after playing awhile managed to win $5050.00. We cashed in and later recieved an e-mail saying our accounts were closed.
Upon contacting the casino several (10+) times and recieving very vague responses as to what is occuring with our cashout, I come to find out that they had no intention of honoring our winnings. They did offer, however, to return the $300.00 deposit. They never mentioned the $200.00 deposit and to this day (02/02/2001) they havent credited that back to my account. In other words they're keeping the money we lost.
They never sent me documentation stating that "I could no longer play on the casino or that my account was permenantly closed". I didn't falsify information ( Why would I? A check or bank account has to be in my name if I'm going to cash it) and when ommunicating with thier Security supervisor I've recieved vague and undetailed responses.
His reasons as to why they are not going to credit us with the winnings are unjustified and have no merit. I submitted documentation that they had requested at an earlier time but they claim they never recieved it. I offered to submit it again, but they never responded to that idea. It all seems fishy to me. This Casino does not have a telephone # and all communication was done electronically. Prior to this I've recieved solicitations to play, If I used a card that was near or pushing above its' limit I would recieve a "Decline Notice' that contained invitation "try another credit card", and if I lost they kept the money. Now I finally win an they refuse to pay me. Is this right? Is this Fair? Plaese tell me!

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If you don't want to get stiffed on a Bet stay off of CASINO-ON-NET !

Exuse the standard of this story but I've been posting on complaint sites and messageboards and my fingers get a little tires. "Now I just copy and paste"

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