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Jun 3, 2013
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Hey guys,

Me again.
Can someone tell me what the average time is in spins to receive the free spins?
Reason I ask is that I saw someone win big on the freespins feature and decided to give that slot a try also.
As I had never played it before.

Well it was a eeeehm learnfull experience as I got 2 scatters like 100 times but wouldn't trigger the third one.
After hundreds of spins and nearly €300.00 down I triggered them on a €1.00 spin and the payout was a lousy 35x. :mad:

I like the slot but base game pays really such and I see your rtp really has to come from the free spins feature which doesn't seem to eager to trigger.

Mark. :cool:


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May 29, 2004
Not sure exactly but from experience, I'd say around 1 in 150/160.

The free spins are really about the only Big Win pays bar 5 wilds/sactters so, yes, you get a few duffers but 100x+ is also fairly regular.


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Mar 11, 2010
I love Avalon, when I first started playing I searched here and somewhere is a thread where someone spun it a lot and the average is 140 spins. That said, I usually play a buck a spin, the other day I had 25 bucks, dropped the bet to .40c and won 100 in the free spins.... I also seem to have better luck (maybe in my head) on the mobile iphone version than in the software...


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Aug 25, 2004
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This is one of the slots I have the reel layouts for, but have never got round to adding to SlotBeaters;
There are 34 symbols on all 5 reels and one scatter per reel. That means the chances of getting free-spins (3 or more scatters) is 1 in 166.88 pulls.



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Mar 18, 2013
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I've played Avalon a lot in tournament mode, but not so much with cash. I think it behaves fairly similarly though so this should still be relevant. Free spins seem to trigger roughly similar to most MGS slots IE 140-160 as people have said already, I do find that 4 scatter triggers are quite common on this slot though for some reason, somebody just mentioned about 35 symbols per reel which I think is quite low ? That could possibly be telling.

In the freespin mode itself, I would say the variance is super high because of the random multiplier - can be awesome if you get a big 7 times multipler on a 5 scatter retrigger, or suck big time if you get the same on only a double!

My highest score for a freespin round so far is just over 500x bet, not sure about an average but generally speaking I do think it is reasonably reliable - I can't remember too many mega disappointments eg. only getting the scatter trigger pay from this slot which is definitely good!

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