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Oct 17, 2006
Would anyone have some sort of list of casinos that have an Autoplay feature for their blackjack game (other than Microgaming casinos) ?

sorry macgyver:
RTG has it!
(I just checked it at Inetbet) Go to "Options" (right side of the screen) and you will find Autoplay:notworthy
Hi MikePipe...
I just checked an RTG casino (ClubPlayer) and there is an Autoplay, but it says "Number of Spins". Sounds to me like it might be just for Roulette. Also, I don't see anywhere where you can modify the strategy card that it plays.

Dont mean to be rude , but if you want to the " system " to play Blackjack for you maybe you shouldnt play at all , takes the whole thing out of the game. Rtg 's as you all know have the RNG but I still doubt one in BJ autoplay feature will catch a streak that makes RTG blackjack a nice choice.

So far its only Slots and I truly hope they dont add the feature on other games .. that is too much lazyness :confused:
I wouldn't mind a nice autoplay on blackjack at RTG's, it would be handy when trying to grind out a titanically huge wagering requirement on a bonus.

However, that's probably part of the reason why they don't offer one.
hmmm :notworthy
finally : sorry Macgyver.
It looks like an autoplay, it has the name "autoplay" , but it is none.

I am only a stupid slotplayer, i shouldnt give comments on so highly elaborated games as BJ. :D
Many sites allow auto play ...
but the auto play does nothing in blackjack...
Basically I don't like auto play for any online casino games..
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I do agree that autoplay BJ would be good to make playthrough on a bonus , but still I just cant get the idea through my thick head :) , that the software would be making the choices for me , yes RTG only allows it for Slots since honestly its the same if I were a slots player I would use it as well I have seen many folks hit some very hefty Jackpots in Auto play mode .

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