auto play at pacific poker?


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Feb 21, 2004
I played in a $10 wsop satellite this weekend at PP and noticed something unusual. 2 separate players appeared to be "dead" at my tables. It was agonizing to have to sit and wait every hand for the clock to run down before they folded out. But this in of itself was not the issue. The issue was that over the course of around and hour and 15 minutes, 3 hands were played by these 2. Raises were called, and the hands were not mucked. In each of the 3 cases, the player had a pocket pair.

I suspected that someone had qualified for the $10 satellite at a $1 or freeroll then never showed up, but just don't know. Anybody have any ideas? Was simple "robot" play involved, or did I just encounter the slowest players ever?

Did you try to talk to them? There have been a few times I have wondered if I was playing humans from watching really bad play win over and over and most often when I ask "Where are you from?" or even "Are you there?" they usually answer quickly.

I've never played at Pacific but usually if you no show to a tourney online it will autopost/fold you right away. If it were a bot i doubt it would have let time wind down since it would be autoprogrammed how to act thus it would act right away.

Just my opinion. Many poker rooms have bot prevention in their software, maybe you could email support and say you think you may have seen bot play and ask what mwasures they use to prevent it if any.
yeah, tried to chat several times. Nothing. It was very unusual, the clock ran all the way down every time. I guess they both could have been real people...but if they were they were the tightest players ever.


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