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Sep 13, 2004
Do others have these types of problems. Aus Vegas offers a rebate on your losses. This week they found some of my losses but not others. Of course it was the biggest loss they missed. Whenever I deal with them I just feel like the place is run by stoned teenagers or government bureaucrats.

Here is a perfect example of their poor planning and execution. They are having a promo for Australia Day. If you make a deposit every day for the next 10 days they send you a letter. When you get all the letters you unscramble them to make a word, and win a bonus. I like anagrams, but guess what. I live in America. I got the email today, Monday, but it is already Tuesday in Australia so I can't get Monday's letter. And if you don't get all 10 letters you can't play. What marketing genius came up with this idea? If you are creating a promotion don't you want to let people get involved all along the way?

OK, I'm through venting.
Bet it Up said:
Do others have these types of problems...
Well, hopefully not. It's a pretty tightly run organization and I'm surprised that there was a screw-up. I'll check into this to see what's up.
Hi Bet it Up,

As the Player Development Coordinator at Ausvegas, I can assure you that our staff are very professional and dedicated to ensuring that your gaming experience is favourable.

Unfortunately, mistakes can happen and in such instances, we endeavour to rectify the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. I am confident that whatever problem you experienced with your Cash Back bonus has been resolved and your correct bonus awarded in a timely fashion.

In regards to the Australia Day promotion, we understand that confusion can occur with the difference in timezones. To minimise this confusion, we attempt to advise our players of promotions well in advance, wherever possible. The details of the Australia Day promotion have been published on the Promotions page of our site since the 1st of January and a friendly reminder was sent on the first day of the promotion, in case it had slipped our players' minds.

If you wish to participate in the Australia Day promotion, I am more than happy to exercise my discretionary powers and assist you in this regard. Please contact our Customer Support team and advise them of your situation. I'm sure you will find them to be very helpful.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Housego
Player Development Coordinator
I haven't played here yet but the customer support seem a bit confused about promotions. I read about someone having problems after losing all his money in the sign up and later being denied a cashin after a subsequent deposit and withdrawel. The casino firstly said he still had to finish wagering the amount for the lost sign up deposit and bonus. The player had to quote the following clause before they paid: 'Players participating in this offer will be unable to withdraw funds from their player account until such time as the total of the player's deposit and the bonus funds have been bet/wagered at least ten (10) times or played to extinction' . Is this a common 'problem' and why didn't the customer support know about their casino's own terms and conditions?
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