Auburn vs Oregon: Whats line & who wins?

Auburn vs Oregon: Who Wins?

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May 22, 2010
California de Norte
Curious to see what you think line would be on Auburn vs Oregon & who you like to win and cover.

Assuming Spurrier and his Gamecocks can't throw a wrench in the works of the Tiger Machine, and assuming the Beavers don't pluck the ducks in Corvallis, the Auburn Tigers will indeed play the Oregon Ducks in the national championship.
I am gonna go with the Ducks, in a very close game. I am a Duck U Alum, so I am betting with my heart, not my head. Ever since I can remember the Ducks over preformed in low pressure situations, and choked in nationally televised big uns. But I sure hope the Ducks get that speedy, high octane offense going and roll over what seems to be not only the best of the SEC, highly regarded as the cream of the conferences; but the best of the Nation in those Tigers.

What scares me is the Ducks have been behind in most of their big games this year, twice in Eugene vs. Stanford and Arizona, where they have a huge home field advantage, and then in Cal where the Bears D held the Ducks to only one rushing touchdown. Take into account that Auburn has shown an uncanny ability to come from behind a la their victory this past weekend versus rival Alabama in hostile territory; and I dont see how the Ducks will be able to feel comfortable no matter what the score is.

I like the Ducks by 2 in a barnburner.