ATTN: Global Gaming Expo Attendees


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Sep 12, 2004
From a Las Vegas newspaper:

The success of a worldwide public health manhunt begun Friday -- one spawned by a carrier of the hepatitis A virus at the recent Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas -- could literally mean the difference between life or death for some of the 26,000 conventiongoers.

If local, state, and health officials can determine before Wednesday who among the 26,000 might have been exposed to the virus by a food handler during the Sept. 13-15 event, those attendees can receive shots of gamma globulin.

The shot can prevent the onset of hepatitis A symptoms that can result in death or dangerous liver transplants......

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Suddenly I am so glad I didn't ever make it to the food display area.

The ice cream at the conference wasn't tainted, Sands said. But if the infected man, who didn't know he had the disease, handed a conventioneer an ice cream cone he filled from a machine, and it was eaten, that person is at risk.

More than 70 percent of the attendees are being contacted through e-mail addresses they left at the convention. Others may be contacted by phone or learn about it through media alerts.

The conventiongoers came from about 100 countries.

No matter how they're contacted or in which language, one question will be the same: Were you served ice cream from the Schwan's Food Service Booth?

If they reply affirmatively, they will be notified that a gamma globulin injection is in their best interest.

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