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Feb 23, 2006
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sorry if my english isn't perfect...however i have played with pyramid casino, i have purchased 50$ and i have lost this, but there is a promotion on free risk that return this amount at the player, now i have asked a withdrawal of this 50$ but the casino want for my first withdrawal that neteller contact them...but it' possible???
why don't contact they neteller?
can you help me?
That sounds odd. So they want NeTeller to contact them? It makes no sense.

I would first ask the casino why they need to do this and post the response here.
I have the same problem. I am waitng a payment (120$) since saturday 22.

This is what the pyramid chat say to me:
"all you need to do is send neteller an email and ask them to verify
your account with, and they will send us the verification,
and your withdraw will be sent out promptly, this is done to all neteller
accounts at the first withdraw, and neteller knows what to do"

And this is the pyramid email support reply to me:
"Your withdrawal is on hold as it is a foreign account. Before the cashier department sends out your withdrawal, you must have NETeller contact us"

This is ridiculous. I have never seen this. If I have deposited with neteller why need I to verify my neteller account to withdraw?
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It sounds to me like Pyramid hasn't got the same relationship that other casinos do with NETeller for whatever reason. I don't know how this works, but I'm guessing a casino has to meet certain technical criteria to use NETeller in a secure environment, and maybe Pyramid doesn't have this in place. Or there is some sort of contractual thing o/s.

Seems logical as if the two were tied in properly and securely, the whole process would be more transparent. Just a logical suggestion Soflat says, it would be interesting to see what NETeller's response was.
This is what neteller say to me about this request:
I have received your question regarding your account with this merchant and an inquiry has been made. Please be patient as I must wait for a reply before completing the inquiry. If you are credited the funds before I have notified you, please advise me so that I may stop the inquiry.

While we do investigate such complaints to determine if there is anything we can do to assist you, please note that NETELLER does not arbitrate or provide any kind of collection service for our clients as part of our services. NETELLER can only assist in ensuring that your deposit is credited correctly to the merchant, not on your claimed winnings.

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