ATTENTION HACKER !!!!!!on paypal


Dormant account
May 28, 2002
attention !!!!!
sunday a hackers is enter in my PAYPAL accounts,this person change my primary email and of course my password !!
it's paypal who adverse me for this problem !!
now i can't log in in my account,of course i have added a credit card !!Paypal make an investigation,i wait their conclusion but i must wait a minimum of 10 days !!!!
very very long procedure !!!!!
i make an opposition on my credit card !!!and this person take me nothing ,but i think he take all my money on paypal !!($200 !!!!)
this site is normaly a secure site but you see it's not secure,it's very dangerous for your money to add a credit card here !!!

so attention!!! this time it's with me so why not with your account !!!!

the paypal customer service is very very slow,you must wait a mini of 2 days to receive an answer for a problem !!!!
and when you have an answer it's not the good answer and you must wait again again ...
last time i must wait 2 weeks for a little problem,i have send 10 mails .....
it's terrific !!!!
i don't speak english ,i'm a french member so i can't call them !!!

never open an account here and never add a credit card here it's more dangerous for your money !!!!!
On this am highlighting already before 6 months!!!!!!No one me discredit,that PAYPAL isn't safe!!!Now believe?? :eek:
Hi all,

I was reading your posts & as I have after many months got my account unlocked at PayPal, I feel your frustrations.
Fortunately I was able to aquire an email address of one of the Head Managers at PayPal, who I sent a polite email to, explaining my situation.

What had taken alomst 3 or so months & at that point I had given up on, took only a matter of 2 days to get my account opened again. I found Damon to be more than helpful & I would suggest that you contact him personally, with a polite email, giving him your detailed problem.

The person to contact is a Mr Damon Billian email addy of

I hope this helps you out :)

Best Regards

after one week not help of Paypal i just receive an automatic response for my problem !!
i don't know if they have start their investigations but no news,no mail,
now i would love to see their results
to make an opposition on my credit card my bank take me more $50 of charge!!!
It's not my fault if a hacker is enter on my account!!
and of course it's me who pay all the charges !!
and no answer since one week !!!
very bad customer service!!!
no secure site !!!
if you are a problem with paypal ,no help !!it's your problem and not their problem !!
they win money,you lose money so they are happy !!!

ahhh i hate this service !!!!!

oups sorry glodge !!
thanks for your help ,this morning i send a mail with this email so now i wait !!

thanks glodge and steiger !!

Hiya cocota,

It's me glodge from Gamblers Lodge :)

Good to see you, pitty about the PayPal mess
but glad to see you have sent an email to
Damon. Like I said he helped me & I am sure
he will help you also.

Drop past the forum to say hi sometime.

Best Regards

Hi all,

Wanted to add one more thing about PayPal.

I use what is called a Visa Debit Card. Basically it get used like a Visa Card, but unless you have funds in the account, it can not be used.

After being taken to the cleaners online for the sum of $800 bucks, I will only use my Visa Debit Card now.

Don't know if you guys overseas can get these, I am in Australia.

best Regards

I had a concern about paypal about 5 days ago. I received a misspelled email "from Paypal" and when I opened up email it had the Paypal screen within the email. The subject stated "You Paypal Acct. has been updated by Ebay company". Nothing else within email but screen sign on screen & text saying to sign on. When I looked at the links they had an extension on them i.e. www.paypalxxxxxxx-outside or ext. I did not click on links but went to Paypal directly using browser & checked their links compared to ones in email. Theirs did not have the "outside" or "ext" attached to link. A few hours later I went to Paypal again & Double checked links. They then DID have the "outside" "ext" attached to links. And yes, I'm positive they did change. And if it was just a preview example of the updated Ebay/Paypal screen, it was no different than the same old Paypal screen. Maybe I'm paranoid, but Paypals policy is to never sign on unless you go to and sign on securely. Or maybe the ext. & outside extentions are used for email links. Who knows. I just wanted to make sure to be on safe side. I know there have got to be some strange ways hackers have to retrieve peoples passwords. I thought maybe this was one of them. I emailed Paypal 3 times that day after being told to write to yet another email address. Never heard from them. I'm reluctant to push the issue because I don't want appear to be a total moron if I'm incorrect. I'm just keeping a daily eye on my bank acct. Almost wish I could go back a few years & retrieve all the info I've let loose on the internet. I've been noticing software that's available (including freeware) to access a computer remotely & that makes me very nervous. I did allow my cable company to access my computer remotely once (while I was supervising it) & later on I realized how easy it is & how unwise I was to let the representative have that access. And I'm not surprised at Paypals poor customer service. They've been taken over by Ebay & Ebay is just as bad. Come to think of it, customer service has gone to the dogs everywhere you go these days....As to the Visa Debit Card issue, does that provide the same protection as a credit card? I mostly use debit & I was under the impression they could wipe out my acct. just like any other checking acct.? Also curious as to whether anyone else received same email???
Unless you plan on bidding on things at Ebay, I'd suggest cleaning out your Paypal accounts. Paypal's customer service is just plain evil :twisted: I'm happy that Neteller is taking the lead in all this. There is usually someone awake in their CSR office whenever I need to get a hold of them.

Actually, I sell & buy on ebay, and unfortunately Paypal is very attractive to buyers and most sellers use it. But I am very tempted to switch to something else. I don't use Paypal for casinos, and I really don't play that much anyway. Usually use netteller. But I am just very alarmed at the fact that they aren't responding to these kind of complaints in a timely matter. I mean this is EBAY we're talking about!! They took over Paypal, why did things go downhill even further?? They're raking in the dough, they should have a much better customer support system! I can understand taking a couple of days to get back to someone on a minor issue, but this is inexcusable. I think I'm going to go over to the Ebay forum & post a complaint & try to get some feedback on the email. I'm treading murky waters though since I have a website & an affiliate account with Ebay & :flamemad: = )
I visited Ebay's Paypal Forum & found some very interesting information-I was correct in worrying & I am sickened that Paypal is not warning customers!!! I'm OUTTA Paypal...I don't want to worry about having my acct. cleaned it-especially Around Christmas!! Notice these postings are from the past week, and a number of similar experiences have occured regarding look alike email in the past week-- READ ON:
My PayPal Account STOLEN
herbladyann (232) (view author's auctions)
6:48am November 17, 2002

Just found out that someone got into my PayPal account, changed my email address, my password and mailing address. Cleaned out my bank account, credit line attached to checking account and my Visa account. I can not even log into my account to see what is happening. Beware and check your PayPal accounts closely. If you find that you have the same problem, go to Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) for help in what to do. PayPal is on the case, as is the Federal Trade Commision, Police Dept and I've placed a fraud alert with 3 Credit Bureaus - Fraud Report Alerts. This just happened this past week. Just wanted to let everyone know to be ALERT.
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8:04am November 17, 2002 (# 2 of 14)

Good morning.

Sorry to read about your unfortunate experience.

This problem comes up daily, usually after a 'crook' obtains access to your PayPal password. This is usually done through email sent from a PayPal "look-alike".

If you look through this Board for threads of the last week or two, you will find several similar instances.

You may start here:
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Hopefully, once the paperwork is all done (need affidefit etc...) your money will be refunded quickly.

Good Luck.

There are crooks out there!

Look what I found in my trash bin:

X-Persona: >,casinomeister<,
Received: (from dealer@localhost)
by (8.9.3/8.9.0) id MAA11087
for dealer; Sun, 17 Nov 2002 12:38:11 -0500 (EST)
Received: from ( [])
by (8.9.3/8.9.0) with SMTP id MAA11080
for >,<,; Sun, 17 Nov 2002 12:38:10 -0500 (EST)
Received: (qmail 32046 invoked by uid 10044); 16 Nov 2002 04:11:19 -0000
Date: 16 Nov 2002 04:11:19 -0000
Message-ID: >,<,
From: (
Subject: eBay Verification Process
X-UIDL: Im!"!!%("!i26"!!$0!!
Status: U

Contenuto del messaggio inviatoti tramite il tuo FormMail. E' stato inviato da ( il Venerd, 15 Novembre 2002 alle 20:11:19


Dear eBay User,

It has become very noticeable that another party has been corrupting your eBay account and has violated our User Agreement policy listed: 4. Bidding and Buying.

You are obligated to complete the transaction with the seller if you purchase an item through one of our fixed price formats or are the highest bidder as described below. If you are the highest bidder at the end of an auction (meeting the applicable minimum bid or reserve requirements) and your bid is accepted by the seller, you are obligated to complete the transaction with the seller, or the transaction is prohibited by law or by this Agreement. You received this notice from eBay because it has come to our attention that your current account has caused interruptions with other eBay members and eBay requires immediate verification for your account. Please verify your account or the account may become disabled.

Click Here To Verify Your Account - Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc.

end of evil spam

This "paypal" link goes to a dead page. But when the page was live, they probably had you sign in to your Paypal account, thus giving them your password.

Devious! :twisted:
Well the catch-22 in this whole thing is that during one period, I believe it early this year 2002 that Ebay was really sending out emails to certain members saying that their accounts have been compromised and passwords may have been stolen, and some had to fax personal documents to ebay to verify their identity. Ebay & Paypal have got to be pulling their hair out right now, because the hackers are definately picking up their pace & there are alot of posts on the boards. I read quite a bit about problems with Paypal last night on various websites & was truly surprised. I've also learned that the little secure icon means nothing, when a look alike website can create a secure website of their own. I received TWO more emails yesterday, saying my Ebay account was put on restriction (bull&*%$) because my acct. information could no longer be verified. I started to panic, because I didn't know if someone had gotten my password & changed info OR if it was another hacker email. I closed my Paypal acct. which I received no email confirming that & had to get confirmation on Ebay and had my mother confirm it from HER computer in Florida (yeah, paranoia), had someone on the Ebay board verify my Ebay acct. was okay and had to change all my passwords, Ebay ID, and email accounts. But the big message here is, Ebay (and hopefully Paypal) will NEVER ask you to verify your information from an email. I was lucky enough to be able to close my Paypal acct. since I've since found out even that can be difficult. If they ever ask you to fax documents for ID verification, CALL them first to verify THAT the email truly came from them. If I hadn't received & been leery of that Paypal email, I probably would have not had a clue about the Ebay email & given these dirtbags all my personal information!!

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