Attempts to log into hubby's poker account... from Bulgaria, etc.


Ueber Meister Mouse
Sep 12, 2004
Hubby logs into the seized poker sites every couple of weeks or so, just to check on things.

He logged into Full Tilt today and there have been 16+ attempts (with invalid password) to log into his account since around May2nd or 3rd -- the last time he logged in. All from various places.... a few times from somewhere in the US, but most attempts were from foreign countries -- Bulgaria, Romania, Canada, and other weird places I can't remember. I know the places aren't weird, I mean ... that's not where we live.

I find that terribly creepy. Why all the attempts from different countries? Maybe it's coming from a botnet? And why are they all clamoring to get into his account that has maybe all of $40 in it??

Do they want the money? or just access to the account to use it as a 'dump' zone for money laundering... and/or access to his financial info??


Is That Better?
Mar 6, 2007
somewhere on the planet
It can't be anything good, Mousey. It is a good thing that he has, I would guess, a tough password, which would make the log in immaterial. Things just keep getting stranger and stranger by the day.

Hopefully any more attempts will be blocked also.