Attack on USA ... Condemn all terrorism ...

What has happened to America since the attacks on September 11, 2001 shall never be forgotten nor forgiven. However, what must be first and foremost in our minds is the safety of our citizens. It has been proven that the pilots and terrorists who hijacked our planes to do these horrific acts of destruction had in fact lived amongst us for quite some time. They attended flight instruction schools here in our country. They also had a model of the World Trade Center which means that they were living here long enough to know exactly where to hit the twin towers enabling them to cause the most damage possible. They hit our Pentagon, the central nerve cell of our military operations. Their final attack was thwarted when the terrorists were overtaken by the hostages on the plane.

Taking all of this into consideration, we must come to the conclusion that there are more terrorists still living in the United States. Arrests have been and still are being made. No one can actually estimate an exact number of how many terrorists are here or come in and out of our country. It is easy to enter the US. We are a free country and I for one am damn well proud of it. At the same time, I must ask "why should OUR country's freedom be available to everyone and not just it's citizens"?

Therefore, since we are certain that terrorists are living on American soil, every loophole must be closed in order to protect AMERICANS.
The terrorists are not distinguishable just because of the color of their skin or the accent in which they speak. However, there is ONE way to definitely eliminate terrorists living in our country. Terrorists are not citizens of the US. They are here on visa's, green cards, etc. In my opinion, the only way for American's to be somewhat certain of safety is to deport those who are not American Citizens. This may sound cruel and unfair to those who are not dangerous to our country, but in light of what has happened to us, I just want to be able to send my children to school with my heart beating a little lighter.

My father fought in three wars to keep America safe, so if deporting non-citizens makes me seem cold then so be it, for I shall never forget watching New York crumble before my eyes !
To add ... we must protect ot only americans , but everyone .. every innocent citize..

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