Attack of the Clones.


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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
There have been a few people on this site,me included, bemoaning the lack of imagination shown by MG when designing their new slots but hold on.
I have just been playing at a site where virtualy every slot is a clone of the other and unlike MG slots they are borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.
Non of the slots have a Bonus and freespin feature.It is one or the other and not only that the most free spins you can win on any of the slots is 7.Worse there is no multiplier so you basically win around *5 your bet on average.The Bonus rounds are unimaginative and unrewarding in every sense of the word.Often you have no influence on them and the wins are generally negligible.
So, just maybe, we have been a little bit spoilt because I doubt I would have found these slots so bland pre MG.
Can anyone guess the Casino?
(hint it is also a poker site>>hint hint>>full house)

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