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This casino was the best on the internet, but it has come to my attention that they don't tread thier patrons with respect. I have played there for over a year and my playing habbit alone would have warrented an investigation. My account was hacked and all my money was played and all they tell me is I played it from my computer, but my computer was offline and I wasn't home when this happened. I was hacked and I'm a network administrator and know its possible to make it look like it was played from a place it didn't come from. I have tried many attempts to explain this and all they say is we are sorry. WELL SORRY doesn't CUT IT OR REPLACE THE MONEY THAT WAS STOLEN FROM MY ACCOUNT. This money was stolen from and and all they can say is sorry. Well that is totally unacceptable, and I advise all players to AVIOD PLAY THERE. I know of other player that this has happened to also and again all they can say is WE ARE SORRY.
ATLANTICINTERBET CASINO HAS A HACKER. Well they still haven't replace the money that was taken from my account and I now do believe that my account was hacked from inside thier own orginization. All I get is it was done from my system and we are sorry.... Well sorry doesn't count for the more than $500.00 that was taken from my account. As they can see from my priot playing habbits(history), they would see that this wasn't played by me. So I will continue to ask them were my money is. DON'T PUT AN MONEY IN THIS CASINO, THERE IS A HACKING PROBLEM THERE. AOL has stopped all use from thier ISP to this caisno and that was my ISP... so again be very leary of this caniso now.
Atlantic Interbet is licensed by the Antigua Gaming Commission (Director of Offshore Gaming).
File a complaint at thier website:

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Antiguagaming has just setup a player complaint hotline which is TOLL FREE if you live in the United States. This phone # can be found in the "contact us" portion of thier website. If you have a legitimate complaint against a member casino, you should first try to resolve these complaints directly with the casino. However, if
after several attemps, the results are not satisfactory, you should then call the Antiguagaming hotline. An investigation will be launched. Ask Antiguagaming if they believe the investigation will be completed prior to the 60 day time limit for disputing charges with your credit card company. If its too close to call, then file a dispute with your credit card anyway.
You can always cancel this dispute later on, pending the results of the investugation.
I believe AIB is the one who is hacking the accounts. Flybyenite is not the only person, the first person, nor will he be the last. PLAYERS BEWARE OF PUTTING YOUR MONEY INTO AIB. THEY ARE CROOKS~!!!! I have heard hosts there actually talking about "changing a player's profit margin to make him 'lose more than he wins'..." AIB's propaganda about "weeding out scammers" is itself a scam. Does AIB think their patrons are total idiots? AIB does not like people who make large winnings and then withdraw those funds. Sorry, folks, withdrawals of large amounts are a no-no at AIB. Why else do you think they closed their live 7-stud poker tables? People were giving their money to each other rather than to AIB. And that is also a big no-no. High rollers were going into the high-stakes stud games, winning large pots, and making withdrawals. Those same players did not give their money to AIB in the rigged slots and "changed profit margins". AIB will not be honest, however, and tell people that the stud tables are closed. They don't want the poker players to know that. They want you to keep coming back in to check on the poker tables, and hope you will drop your money in the slots while you are there. THE POKER TABLES WILL NEVER BE REOPENED UNTIL AIB CAN DESIGN A WAY TO RIG THE GAMES. Up until they closed the tables, AIB would send in their own people to play and keep raising in order to raise the table rake. But that was not preventing the large charge-backs and withdrawals by the big winners. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!! AIB IS THE BIGGEST SCAM THAT EVER HIT ONLINE GAMING. They are owned and operated by Interbet Casino from Connecticut. Just because they filled out some papers and opened a "paper company" in Antiqua, does not mean the decisions are not made from Connecticut. Just because they "moved" one of their hosts to live in Antiqua does not mean the decisions are not made from Connecticut. When you first join, your profit margin is set so you win more than you lose. You get hooked, and then you start losing. And when I say losing, I do mean losing. Forget ever being able to win any of your money back. It is not going to happen. PERIOD. So get smart and stay away from AIB.
I have been in touch with the Antiqua Gaming Commission directly. I don't need for any employee of AIB to furnish a toll free number or a website for the Antiqua Gaming Commission.

For your information, the Antique Gaming Commission only has jurisdiction over live casinos operating out of and in Antiqua. They have stated they have no jurisdiction over AIB because AIB is owned and operated from the United States. AIB is not licensed by the Antiqua Gaming Commission. AIB is only registered there as an online gambling casino. The entire corporation of AIB is merely a paper company which anybody can buy, all licenses and permits are included in the price of the corporation front. We are tired of hearing your lies, AIB.
I have written them 6 times without any response and this is getting damn quite irritated now, you can ignore me but I will not stop this. You have stolen from me and that is against the law and I have tried to tell you this. I have given you every opportunity to make this right. I have even given you an option that would benefit the both of us and still you IGNORE ME. ALL THIS DOES IT PROVE THAT YOUR ESTABLISHMENT IS BULLSHIT AND YOU DON'T GIVE A HOOT OR A DAMN BOUT YOU PATRONS. THIS NOW ONLY PROVES IS THAT YOUR SITE IS REALLY A SCAM AND THAT YOU JUST USE IT TO SCAM OTHERS OUT OF THEIR MONEY.
We all this is very interesting but still it doesn't solve the problem that is at hand. My account was hacked into and my money was stolen form me. I'm no way a scammer, just a person who has been there for this casino all the time. I'd support them in all situations and when others told me that things like this was happening. I'd say no way, but now all I can say is "BEWARE AND DON'T ENTER IT." There may still be a hacker working from within and how funny that a loyal supporter isn't even given a chance, just upon. WELL I have had enough of your bullshit and will never come into your establishment ever again and will only warn others not to play any money there for they will for sure lose it there. If you think you are right, then who but yoursself knows that, the only scam here is the lose of all my money, and that is very very sad. You where given a resonable way out for us both, but you didn't respect the patron. I will not come to a place where respect is not warranted.
1. You don't respect your patrons.
2 Calls your patron scammers.
3. Given a solution, and ignored.

Now as far as the problems with AOL..Yes access to other client solfware was never a issue. The only access problem was AIB, and now that is fixed. I'm glad for your establishment now, you can now get to more people. Well all I want others to know is again BEWARE OF THIS ESTABLISHMENT AND DON'T PUT ANY LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY THERE, YOU MAY TO BE WRITING HERE LATER IF YOU DO. MY ACCOUNT WASN'T COMPROMISED, HACKED INTO BY SOMEONE VERY GOOD. ATLANTIC INTERBET DOESN'T SUPPORT OR BELIEVE THIER PARTONS SO THAT IS WHY I DIDN'T THIS. DON'T EVER CALL ME A SCAMMER OR A LIER, FOR I'M NIETHER.

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