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Atlantic Lounge is one of the better RTG products on the market, but that's not saying much.

A serious detractor is their pathetic limits on card games. There are obviously fearful of anybody cashing out anything above 3 figures. If you're a small player then Atlantic Lounge will welcome your action and pay you in a timely manner.
I opened an account with them a few days ago. I have not cashed out, so I can't tell you how they are with that but otherwise I have no complaints.
If you have played with a deposit bonus, the maximum cashout is 10X deposited amount for all games unless otherwise indicated. Any remaining amount will be deducted from your account when auditing the withdrawal.

I dont think I would play with the bonus money, pretty limited to what you can pull out unless your a high roller.
I played here and I have to say they suck big time.

I was a new player and busted out on the free $20 promo chip.

I then deposited $10 in the cashier in the casino software using moneybookers which is clearly a payment option in the software.

The deposit was approved but it didnt show up in my account, it has been debited from my moneybookers account.

I email support to be told they dont use moneybookers anymore and I`d need to contact my bank to get my $10 back.

That is it.

I am not worried about $10 and the hassle to contact my bank.

I just think it is a bit worrying I can deposit money into a casino using a payment method in thier software that they no longer accept!.
Not all Players allowed to register ?

Hi there,

have someone heard, that not all players are allowed to play on there Casino, specially german Players ?

I have read on there Site, but i can't read that german players are not allowed to register.

I contacted the support in the Live Chat, but they can't answer me why.

They say to me, that i contact the, i do that, but i get no answer.

Have someone more Information about this ?

Thank you and Regards

Can someone say to me, why so many Countries are not allowed to register at Atlantic Lounge Casino, specially german Players ?

The most Casino-Group allowed to register from Germany, not AL,
why it is so ?

That cannot have to do with only the respective laws of the country yet.

I dont think I would play with the bonus money, pretty limited to what you can pull out unless your a high roller.

yep.....i read Atlantic's t&c and i'm not certain but it does look like they will allow more than 10x if you win a "progressive" jackpot. I assume that would include the random jackpots on their slots?

they don't have the new RTG slots yet

very nice to have the instant live chat support though.......i can't understand why so many operators stubbornly oppose the use of live chat?
That would be nice! This is where I was going to try out the new slots, but since they weren't available yet - I went elsewhere. I like AL Casino.


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