Atlantic Interbet major financial problems?



I wish that casinomeister would investigate Atlantic Interbet casino. They seem to be in dire financial straights. For most of this year they have been conducting an 'audit' which has resulted in the delays of payments to customers for 2 to 3 MONTHS!! Even those who have been members for years and received payments in the past have been subject to this alleged audit. In mid June, most players that had been awaiting payments for up to 3 months FINALLY received their checks. Now it again appears that they are in the midst of another (or perhaps the same?) 'audit'. Players that withdrew funds in June are again being told the same lies about the checks being delayed due to fraudulent activity and investigations. Again, these are well established players at AIB and have already had their identities verified previously. All of this at a MINIMUM cost of $7 per check request! And that is not by overnight service either, just regular US registered mail delivery (fedex and wire transfer is much more expensive and not processed any faster).

Combine this with other recent developments at AIB and people should be VERY wary about playing there. Over the past few months, they have instituted rules which will no longer allow players to change seats during a tournament (claiming it will prevent cheating), but what it does is force a player to continue playing at a cold machine or drop out. Couple that with the other new rule that says if there are fewer than 5 players who finish a tournament, the 'prizes' are cut in half (and they have already been cut way back in recent months). Recently, they fired at least two of their tournament directors (with only a few hours notice, btw) as 'cost cutting measures'. They completely eliminated cash blue light specials. If you win free spins in a tournament, you must use them immediately and cannot bank them any longer. The latest rule is that you must join a tournament within 5 minutes of the tournament director's start time (which can be up to + or - 5 mins from your clock!) or you can't play. Coincidentally (?) this cuts down on the number of initial players and increases the likelyhood of having few enough players at the end of the tournament to declare 1/2 prizes. And, to top it all off, they no longer have any programmers to fix all of the broken tournament games (blackjack, red dog, paigow, etc etc etc) or the 7 card stud poker room that has been 'being fixed' for more than a year now. Probably more cost cutting measures.

Another interesting fact is that their nightly prize drawing seems to only be won once in every 6 or so weeks. Usually the names drawn are 'players' that none of the regulars has ever seen or heard of. Some regular players have never been drawn either as winners or 'offline' winners (a.k.a loser). There have been no large jackpots won on any of the progressive machines in quite some time either. Their 'recent winners' link on the website shows about a dozen big winners, most of whom had their wins at least a year or more ago (the majority of them haven't played there for almost that long as well). Some players even believe that some of the games there are less than legitimate, at least one of whom left because of his disgust with the consitently 'lucky' dealers.

The latest scam is the Coral Club, which promises first class benefits, etc. but really doesn't deliver. Membership is by application only and the qualifications are simple (but not revealed to applicants): You must deposit frequently AND lose consistently. If not, then they aren't interested in you. As a reward you get exclusive tournaments that are frequently cancelled due to lack of interest (and they are usually the games with the worst odds in the place to boot, like Pirates Poker a.k.a Caribbean Stud). Don't expect to get your money any quicker if you're a Coral Club member though. You'll be waiting just as long as the regular players (some benefit huh?).

Its quite unfortunate really, the software and atmosphere was really great for a while, as were most of the people. Then the management apparently decided they needed to make more money and essentially ruined the place. They don't even have a TOLL number to call for questions/support, let alone a toll free number. Everything has to be done thru email. If you value your money, stay away from this casino!

Someone needs to take a serious look at this place and their financial situation and report back to the unsuspecting internet community. I urge Casinomeister to do so as quickly as possible.