Atlantic Interbet major financial problems?



I wish that casinomeister would investigate Atlantic Interbet casino. They seem to be in dire financial straights. For most of this year they have been conducting an 'audit' which has resulted in the delays of payments to customers for 2 to 3 MONTHS!! Even those who have been members for years and received payments in the past have been subject to this alleged audit. In mid June, most players that had been awaiting payments for up to 3 months FINALLY received their checks. Now it again appears that they are in the midst of another (or perhaps the same?) 'audit'. Players that withdrew funds in June are again being told the same lies about the checks being delayed due to fraudulent activity and investigations. Again, these are well established players at AIB and have already had their identities verified previously. All of this at a MINIMUM cost of $7 per check request! And that is not by overnight service either, just regular US registered mail delivery (fedex and wire transfer is much more expensive and not processed any faster).

Combine this with other recent developments at AIB and people should be VERY wary about playing there. Over the past few months, they have instituted rules which will no longer allow players to change seats during a tournament (claiming it will prevent cheating), but what it does is force a player to continue playing at a cold machine or drop out. Couple that with the other new rule that says if there are fewer than 5 players who finish a tournament, the 'prizes' are cut in half (and they have already been cut way back in recent months). Recently, they fired at least two of their tournament directors (with only a few hours notice, btw) as 'cost cutting measures'. They completely eliminated cash blue light specials. If you win free spins in a tournament, you must use them immediately and cannot bank them any longer. The latest rule is that you must join a tournament within 5 minutes of the tournament director's start time (which can be up to + or - 5 mins from your clock!) or you can't play. Coincidentally (?) this cuts down on the number of initial players and increases the likelyhood of having few enough players at the end of the tournament to declare 1/2 prizes. And, to top it all off, they no longer have any programmers to fix all of the broken tournament games (blackjack, red dog, paigow, etc etc etc) or the 7 card stud poker room that has been 'being fixed' for more than a year now. Probably more cost cutting measures.

Another interesting fact is that their nightly prize drawing seems to only be won once in every 6 or so weeks. Usually the names drawn are 'players' that none of the regulars has ever seen or heard of. Some regular players have never been drawn either as winners or 'offline' winners (a.k.a loser). There have been no large jackpots won on any of the progressive machines in quite some time either. Their 'recent winners' link on the website shows about a dozen big winners, most of whom had their wins at least a year or more ago (the majority of them haven't played there for almost that long as well). Some players even believe that some of the games there are less than legitimate, at least one of whom left because of his disgust with the consitently 'lucky' dealers.

The latest scam is the Coral Club, which promises first class benefits, etc. but really doesn't deliver. Membership is by application only and the qualifications are simple (but not revealed to applicants): You must deposit frequently AND lose consistently. If not, then they aren't interested in you. As a reward you get exclusive tournaments that are frequently cancelled due to lack of interest (and they are usually the games with the worst odds in the place to boot, like Pirates Poker a.k.a Caribbean Stud). Don't expect to get your money any quicker if you're a Coral Club member though. You'll be waiting just as long as the regular players (some benefit huh?).

Its quite unfortunate really, the software and atmosphere was really great for a while, as were most of the people. Then the management apparently decided they needed to make more money and essentially ruined the place. They don't even have a TOLL number to call for questions/support, let alone a toll free number. Everything has to be done thru email. If you value your money, stay away from this casino!

Someone needs to take a serious look at this place and their financial situation and report back to the unsuspecting internet community. I urge Casinomeister to do so as quickly as possible.


Dormant account
Aug 23, 2001
I am one of the stalwart players at AIB who finally saw the light and left. So many changes occurred that in my opinion were detrimental to the validity of this casino. One new rule, not mentioned by moffett, is the following quote from AIB's announcements:

***Tournament News, Atlantic Interbet is #1*** - Atlantic Interbet allows only one First Place win (By actual win or by defaulted win) per tournament lineup daily schedule in an effort to get more players involved in that pure joy that comes from winning a Tournament.

***NEW*** - ANY player can now win a 2nd Tourney in the same tournament scheduled day providing Their second win occurs during our late night tournament hours (Tourneys that begin between 12 am to 3 am.) NO Player can win 3 normal Tourneys in a Tournament Scheduled Day.

I find this rule amusing, and wonder if AIB officers would impose the same rule on the Olympics, for example. After all, more Olympians would then be able to experience the pure joy that comes from winning an event.
I think it is time for AIB to wake up and face reality. The casino is based on tournaments, and players spend their own money in the tournaments in the hopes of winning. If a player comes first in a tournament, is it fair that they lose by default, so that others can experience the "joy of winning"? Some may call me selfish, but this is gambling after all, and I am there to win if I can.
When choosing a casino online, many factors come into play. Perhaps the most important of these is whether a player will receive his money. Another is the validity of the games. Both of these issues have come into question in the past 6 months.
I chose to take a stand and voice my displeasure with AIB by withdrawing my funds. Others have chosen to stick it out, in the hopes that AIB will reverse many of the " new rules" that have degregated a fine casino.


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Aug 24, 2001
I hate to say "I told you so", but I did. I warned everyone over a year ago about AIB. If you check the archives you can read all of my posts and the "stupid" responses given by the staff of AIB. For those who are choosing to stick it out with the hopes that AIB will become a respectable casino, I can assure you that will never happen. The staff and the owners are LIARS. I hope you all get the money owed to you and take it to other online honest casinos.

By the way, I used to played there under the name of Babygirl7.


Although we do not have anyone registered under the name moffet in our database, based on the detail of this persons complaint and the ambiguous references, we can assume that this is one of the customer support representatives that was fired last month (the statement regarding how much time was given before the two reps were released is an indicator in our eyes). Anyone who has ever owned a business realizes the exposure that one is subjected to when releasing an employee.
The statement alluding to the dire straits of Atlantic Interbet couldnt be farther from the truth. While it is true that many accounts have been audited due to a string of fraudulent activity, Atlantic Interbet is proud of its record in handling these matters. While some other casinos simply locked out the entire country of Denmark, we chose instead to investigate each account individually, to see if their credit cards were in a number set that could be matched with fraudulent accounts. This was and continues to be a time consuming effort, but we feel that in the end, it is our players who will benefit from our due diligence. It is our commitment to serve our players and to honor their play. Some checks were delayed, and we have been brutally candid in relaying this information to the players, comping many for their patience and understanding. We value the players above all else, and without them, we would not have been voted #1 Best Casino Software in this years Casino Player Magazine Best of Online Gaming issue.

The other complaints listed are utterly ridiculous:
They are simply statements of our rule changes in our tournament play. Only players who have played in our tournaments can understand what moffet is talking about. We are truly unique in that we offer tournament play all-day long. Throughout the day, any player can enter a tournament, for free, and win additional prize money for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Is it wrong to cancel a tournament if the minimum of 5 people playing in a tournament is not met??
Sometimes, 3:00pm is not a popular time, and that minimum is not met. That tournament is then cancelled. We also award free-spins for some 3rd place wins. We now insist that the players use these spins while they are online. Up until this policy change, some players had been banking these free spins, and some had not made a deposit in our casino for OVER A YEAR!! They had been using the free-spins and making monthly withdrawals. This also explains the assertion of our Coral Club being a scam. Although we do have a proprietary formula for determining an acceptance or denial from our Coral Club (an Atlantic Interbet exclusive reward club for loyal players) we feel obliged at this time to inform everyone of two of the criteria.
1) Publicly noted: A player must be registered for at least 6 months.
2) Proprietary: A player must have made at least 1 deposit (after their initial sign-on bonus was awarded).

Due to our excellent payout percentages, combined with our tournament offerings, this rule was put in place to prevent professional gamblers from drawing a regular salary from us (as a few had been).
Atlantic Interbet now has more active players than ever before. We feel that is reprehensible for the Editor to make such slanderous ending footnotes. It is an affront to unbiased journalism and where once we considered casinomeister to be a fair judge, we now see rash and cocky judgments with no regard for the facts. We would expect an apology for such an irresponsible statement as was made by the editor as an endnote:
I guess many of them have abandoned this casino. Anyone care to comment?
CasinoMeisters Editors note is both ignorant and misleading. We expect more from a site that players go to for reliable information regarding where they can take their gaming money securely and with confidence. We hope the editor will give equal time to this response in the CasinoMesiter Newsletter.

Atlantic Interbet is now in its 3rd year of operation and continues to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy casinos on the internet. There are some bigger casinos, but none are more fair.


Had a P.I. do a check on Atlantic Interbet.. This is the response I received:
My first reaction to your email was; listen to your intuition. If there
enough red flags popping up, something is not right. We might not be
able to
prove it, but your gut feelings are usually accurate. You're the paying
customer and it doesn't sound like you're getting the service and
you expect from the casino. There are many other fine sites out there.
out our top 10 sites page:

Here is what I was able to gather in a short glimpse at the casino.

They are licensed with the Internet Gaming Commission. They list with
IGC that they do not accept bets from the following states:


I was not able to find this information on their web site. Misleading.
In my
experience with others who do this, they will except your bets, but not
you out any monies.

I found the answers to these IGC questions a little troubling: Do you
return funds in a customer's account to the family if it is discovered
the customer is deceased? No (Why not??)
Do you charge a fee to send funds to a customer?

If Yes, what are the fees?

The fees currently applicable to withdrawals is as follows ... credit
refund $2/$2.50, official bank wire $15/$17, official bank cheque
$17.50/$22.50. However, on their site they say:

*Please note that Atlantic interBet wire transfers are initiated
You may incur additional fees from this routing process as funds may
through multiple corresponding banks before they reach their final
destination. These are NOT Atlantic interBet fees, but rather fees
by the corresponding banks for processing your wire. Atlantic interBet
not take responsibility for these potential additional fees.

I found this also troubling: In order to verify your mailing address,
ask that you FAX a recent copy of your credit card statement to:


The following msg was posted on 5/29/01 on the IGC msg board:

"They told me and several others you could withdraw the bonus after
100 then said
you couldn't when I tried. Their atm also stole 25 from my account and
denied it and refuse
to credtit it back to my account. I am currently looking into legal

They are licensed to operate by the Government of Antigua/Barbuda,
really doesn't mean anything. Licensed: 8 Jan 99
expires: 1 Apr 02

Their current new player bonus is a rip-off compared to most other
Heavily restricted.

Their domain name: Record expires on 07-Oct-2001 (of course there is
time to renew this)

The bottom line for me after reviewing their site was: They reserve the
right to do whatever they want to do, however they want to do it, and
without having to tell you about it. After reading numerous recent
(past 6
months) complaints from different forum boards, I wouldn't hang around
see if they go under. Besides, I wouldn't play anywhere where I can't
up the phone and talk to someone live right then and there.

I hope this information helps you.

Feel free to contact us again if you have further questions or other
gambling needs.


I was a player at AiB in the beginning. I am still sitting here laughing my butt off at their comment above that they have more active players now than ever before. This is one of the best jokes I've heard in ages! Anyone who played "way back when" can tell you it is not even CLOSE. When the prizes dropped and the machines went cold, many players left. Many more left when the promised bonuses never came about. Still others left when all the "new and improved tournament rules" took effect. My husband stopped playing completely when the "one win per day" rule took effect. He actually TIED for first place in a tournament, received only HALF the prize, and then was denied a win later in the day. My mother had unauthorized charges made to her credit card MONTHS after she quit playing there. I could go on and on but I won't.

Recently, as much as I hate to admit it, I started playing there again (depositing only the extra $5 or so that was in my Firepay account). Until today that is. I will never play at that casino again. I received an e-mail from a long time LOYAL patron of Aib. The e-mail contained a letter she received today from AiB stating that they wished to congratulate her on her exceptional gameplay and skill. However, it was unfortunate that at this time they felt they must escort her from the casino. They also said they would send her remaining bankroll to her free of charge. How very generous of them. Seems she had won a tidy little sum over the past THREE YEARS and hadn't lost enough to suit them. This woman was one of the nicest, friendliest, warm and loyal players they ever had. She was not a trouble maker nor did I ever hear anything derogatory ever said about her by anyone. She is one of the old timers from back when AiB was a fun place to play. This is the worst injustice I have EVER seen done by a casino either on land or on line. The amount she won over a three year span is not even a drop in the bucket compared to some of the jackpots I've seen won at other online casinos. The fact that AiB felt they "could not survive if all of our players were experts in the ways of gaming" as she was is very indicative of their situation in my opinion.

To the wiseass at AiB who wrote the long commentary above about how wonderful you are, I have this to say to you .... You people are the absolute bottom of the barrel. You are the slime of the earth. Any business who would stab their most loyal customers in the back deserves to be bankrupt without a dime and that is exactly my wish for you. You will never receive so much as another penny out of my pocket. People gamble because they expect to win. Some do, some don't. That's what the whole thing is about guys. We all strive to win. Maybe you need tell us right up front in your wonderful announcements page that we can come in and play but if we win you're going to escort us out. Maybe you need to be truthful to the public about what kind of place you're running. But you haven't been truthful about anything else, so why start now. What a pity. You used to be such a great place. There was a time when I couldn't wait to get home from work to log on and start playing. And while I may be nothing but a penny ante player now, I dropped quite a lot of bucks there in the old days. But it was fun. Then things started changing. It became nothing more than an okay place to play. You got greedy and you got in over your heads. The patrons have suffered and are suffering because of your lack of good business skills. I just can't help but wonder how many of the other players who have slipped away into the night have actually been "escorted from the casino".

To those players who have remained "faithful and loyal throughout the years"... I have this to say to you... Read this very carefully. This woman was exactly like you. YOU CAN BE NEXT.

Bye Bye AiB... won't be seein' ya.


Dormant account
Aug 24, 2001
Bravo RJVBU !!!!! I came here to post the same message you did! The person who was escorted out the door for winning (?) in AIB sent me a copy of the email as well. I am furious for the way they treated her. You and I remember the good old days, when AIB had some decency and integrity.
Now, all it has is greed. question for you...since you sent the do you sleep at night? No amount of money is worth your dignity (oops forgot I was talking to an AIB employee...they dont have dignity!!!!!).

This is Babygirl7. Looking forward to your response Wendy. I miss the old days, when you made an [color=ff0000]•••••••[/color] out of yourself here at the forum.


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Aug 25, 2001
hi i am the lady that got booted from atlanticinterbet casino i was a loyal patron for 3 years without a problem i received an e-mail saying i was being escorted out for no reason except for being a winner
gramsey-- i am DEVASTATED & IN SHOCK i made so many wonderful new friends and spent many many hours in the casino every day the pit bossess are great and treated me grand i am sad to be forced out o a place i felt so at home in. win or lose i would never have quit playing . i am only a quarter slot machine player not a high roller but had great luck management tells me im a skilled player??? didnt know it took skill to play a slot machine


Forum Cheermeister
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Jun 30, 1998
Dear AIBsupport,

My comments "reprehensible"??

Whoa, slow down here for just a minute, support. What I did was make an observance that AIB players had used Casinomeister's forum for many heated discussions in the past. For the past several months these discussion threads have lain dormant; thus my comment "Our forum was a hotspot for AIB players for awhile. I guess many of them have abandoned this casino. Anyone care to comment?"

This was not rash, cocky, nor slanderous. And I'd recommend checking out the term "slanderous" before tossing that statement around.

And how dare you come to my forum and bash me after I've taken the time to notify you whenever YOUR players come here and complain about YOUR casino. I do this as a courtesy to you, support. You have got a lot of nerve to make such a post that drips with subjective emotionalism, "ignorant and misleading", "affront to unbiased journalism"?

That's the last time I make any effort to contact you when any negative comments are made here.

Expect an apology? For what, may I ask?

Yeah, you can expect equal time for this in our newsletter, and on my radio show. You can bet on it AIB.



Dormant account
Aug 25, 2001
Subj: Farewell
Date: 8/24/01 3:48:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Support)


We would like to congratulate you on your exceptional play over the past
year. You have shown tremendous skill and crafted game play.

It is unfortunate that we must at this time, escort you out of our

While we admire your skillful play, we also recognize that we could not
survive if all of our players were experts in the ways of gaming as you
clearly are.

We salute our professionals and send them off to heartier winnings
elsewhere. Good Luck in all your endeavors.

As a sign of good faith, we will send your remaining bankroll to you,


Atlantic Interbet Support

Atlantic Interbet Support


Dormant account
Aug 25, 2001
WOW : im a Pro at playing slots for penny-nickel and quarter. takes great skill to play a slot machine im sure . i never played any other game except the roulette which aib made all the losers
be t on to try to win 25 free spins in a tournament. you are mailing my remaining bankroll free of charge thanks but i paid plenty of $7.00 fees to get a check from you which took months i am now waitng since June 29th for my withdrawal but this is only Aug.26 the atm says at least 30 business days to receive a check that i am told has not even been processed yet.


Dormant account
Aug 24, 2001
Hi Gramsey,

I know that your are clearly, and righteously so, angry at AIB. However, now you know what is really behind this thievering site. It is disgusting what they did to you and it is even worse that you are waiting TWO months for your withdrawal!

These animals did you a favor. You are way too classy a lady to go slumming in a dive like AIB.



Dormant account
Aug 25, 2001
Thank you baby for the support but i was happy at atlanticinterbet aside from winning i made wonderful friends and am sick over being discarded like trash what would aib have done if i opened the FAKE vault with my expertise. maybe a stick of dynamite would help open it lol i am now am hoping to receive my checks amounting to aprox. $1800.00 and yes i am a classy grandma of 9 who are all professional gamblers even the baby thats 2 years old


Dormant account
Dec 12, 2000
This is strange. What is all this about "cold machines" and "changing seats"? There are no machines. There are no seats. This is on computers, folks. There's one machine, that's the server. And the letter to Gramsey is pretty weird, too. No land casino would throw out a slot player!


Dormant account
Aug 25, 2001
Mary, i have have been escorted out of atlanticinterbet read the letter i have posted here i was a player of 3 years .. GRAMSEY


Dormant account
Aug 25, 2001
i only played penny - nickel and quarter slots at aib except for roulette to try to win free spins for being a loser in a tourny i feel i have been treated un -fairly.


Dormant account
Aug 24, 2001



Dormant account
Aug 25, 2001
atlanticinterbet just give me a valid reason why you threw me out of the casino??? after 3 years I am loaded with e-mail from all the patrons which have become my friends i have not heard from 1 pit boss whom i became so friendly with its sad sad the tourny we use pictures for our names i was a laundry basket and almost every one is using that in sympathy for me. thank you aib players !!! I wonder who will be next to get escorted out .


I think it's a nice gesture that the patrons are using Gramsey's icon as a signal to AiB that they are aware of what was done to her. However, this does absolutely nothing to protest this injustice. By continuing to patronize such a place and put money in their bank they are the winners and the ones who are making a statement. Their statement is "we can do this kind of thing any time we want and you will still come here and spend your money" and the really sad thing is that while everyone feels sympathy for Gramsey, they don't believe it could ever happen to them. It can. It will happen to someone else, just wait and see. If they could do this to someone like her, believe me, it would be easy to do it to anyone, anytime.

The ONLY way to make a statement to them is boycott them. DO NOT go there. DO NOT spend your money there. WITHDRAW every dime you have in the ATM whether it's $1.50 or $1500. Let them know you will NOT accept this kind of management. AiB will NEVER change until they are forced to. The only thing that will force them to make changes and to begin acting like a responsible business is for them to discover one day that there is no one there except their pits.

Well, I would never go anywhere that would not allow my family and friends to enter and therefore I will NOT play there. That is my statement to AiB and my salute to you Gramsey. I have the integrity to stand up for what I believe in and I believe what they did to you was the absolute worst.


Dormant account
Aug 25, 2001
RJVBU: WOW you blew me away with that wonderful comment to me . I dont have the words right now i am sobbing thank you thank you!!! aib has made me so miserable i cant begin to tell you how it hurts to be singled out of so many players for doing nothing but WIN and never hurt anyone in the casino and played for hours every day .AIB SHAME ON YOU for doing this to me!!!! you cant take away the wonderful friends i made and the fun i had in chat. Please at least send me the $1800.00 you owe me