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Hardtman, Gregory (GHL74) gmcc@CARIBSURF.COM
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Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
Hardtman, Gregory (GHL74) gmcc@CARIBSURF.COM
PO Box w832
St John's
(869) 469-8555

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Global Management & Consultancy Corp.
Mr. Gregory Hardtman
P.O. Box 731
Daly Building
Prince William Street
Tel: 1(869)469-8555
Fax: 1(869)469-8558
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Global Management and Consultancy Corporation Ltd. is a fully licensed Trust Company committed to providing our clients a safe environment to take advantage of a variety of offshore financial services. Investing offshore has many long term opportunities including International Brokerage Account, International Private Banking, and International Business.

Unfortunately, offshore companies exist which profit from illegal scams violating the trust of many investors. In response, GMCC has taken the steps necessary to guard against our clients being victimized by unethical offshore practices. GMCC's strategy includes thoroughly evaluating our clients' needs and identifying the best offshore program which our firm can provide. We offer competitive pricing and quality services. Our clients have their individual needs addressed which is a reassuring alternative to the "pre-packaged deal".

GMCC chose to incorporate in Nevis because of its stable and progressive political environment and its ability to ensure safety and privacy for offshore companies. Nevis presents many benefits to offshore investors such as:

Political stability
Strong economy
Efficient confidentiality laws
Sound legal systems
Lack of bureaucracy and government interference
No exchange control
Availability of competent professional advisors
Efficient communication and transportation systems
GMCC looks forward to offering our clients the best of the offshore world in the Eastern Caribbean. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


K. Gregory Hardtman BBA, MBA
Managing Director

Global Management and Consultancy Corporation offers an excellent way for clients to safely invest in offshore financial services. GMCC is a fully licensed Offshore Service Provider offering our clients a flexible plan for both corporate and personal assets.

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1999 Global Management & Consultancy Corporation, Ltd.


By utilizing an offshore company, it may be possible to secure a number of advantages. In the following notes, we outline some of the structures, which are available and give examples of uses which may be made of offshore companies. This is not intended as an exhaustive demonstration of offshore possibilities and we would always remind clients that the tax and other benefits which can be obtained by use of offshore entities usually depend upon the country of residence of the beneficial owner and its anti-avoidance legislation and regard has to be had, too, for the requirements of any other country with which the offshore entity might carry on its business.

Nevis offers three distinct strategic advantages to the world citizen. First, Nevis has the strictest confidentiality laws of any offshore jurisdiction. Second, Nevis provides a legal framework that affords excellent asset protection. Third, Nevis imposes no taxes or currency controls on companies or trusts domiciled there.

Our professionally qualified staff will be pleased to advise you on all aspects.

Typical uses to which an offshore company might be put:


An importing or exporting company can establish a Nevis company to serve as an intermediary between itself and its suppliers or customers. The offshore company would purchase or sell product according to the parent companys instructions. The profits arising due to the difference in the purchase price and the sale price would accumulate in the Nevis offshore company. Nevis has good communication resources to aid in this business. Global Management & Consultancy Corp. Ltd. is available to provide order taking and order placing as well as invoicing services. We can also provide the trading company its own private telephone number and receptionist as well as a facsimile number and mailing address in Nevis.


Funds accumulated through investment companies set up in offshore area can be invested or deposited throughout the world and whilst generally returns or interest payable in respect of these funds will be subject to local taxation, there are a number of offshore areas in which funds may be placed either in tax free bonds or as bank deposits where interest is paid gross. Similarly, in many offshore areas no capital gains taxes are applicable. Use of an offshore company incorporated in a suitable country allows the possibility of investing tax efficiently in a high tax country where there is a concessionary tax treaty in respect of investments made by companies incorporated in the offshore country.

GMCC offers Internet trading services for these companies. Investments and trade instructions can be made via the Internet by use of this service. Investment results can also be accessed via the Internet in order to avoid the receipt of statements in the mail. The Company also offers traditional stockbrokerage services and can provide both advisory and discretionary portfolio management.


Use may be made of an offshore holding company, which would fund the operation of subsidiaries in various countries so that the subsidiaries obtain the benefit of tax deductions on interest paid. If the holding company is situated in an offshore area where there are no income or corporation taxes and no requirement that dividends must be paid, then the profits which are accumulated in the tax free climate can be used to fund the requirement of subsidiaries or reinvested as business convenience suggests.


A high net worth individual with properties or other assets in a number of countries may wish to hold these through the medium of a personal holding company so that upon his demise probate would be applied for in the country in which his company was incorporated rather than in each of the countries in which he might hold assets. This saves legal fees and avoids publicity. Again, not everybody wishes to advertise wealth and an individual may wish to hold property through an offshore entity simply because of the privacy, which the offshore arrangement gives.


There are often great advantages in using an offshore property holding company for the purpose of holding an overseas property. Advantages of offshore property include avoidance of inheritance tax, avoidance of capital gains tax, ease of sale which is achieved by transferring the shares in the company rather than transferring the property owned by the company and reduction of property purchase costs to the onward purchasers.


Individuals who receive substantial fees in respect of their professional services in capabilities such as designers, consultants, authors or entertainers, may assign or contract with an offshore company the right to receive those fees. The offshore employment company may not have to pay tax on its profits which can be reinvested in a tax-free climate to generate further income from the offshore company. Payments to the individuals concerned can be structured in such a way as to minimize their tax liabilities. One example in this regard in respect of an overseas employment is to increase subsistence expenses as against fees as such, which would be paid to the individual.


An offshore company can purchase or be assigned the right to use a copyright, patent, trademark or know-how by its original holders with a power to sublicense. Upon acquisition of the intellectual property right the offshore company can then enter into agreement with licensees around the world who would be able to exploit the intellectual property right in various countries. It is thought preferable to acquire, for example, a patent at the patent pending stage before it becomes very valuable so that the capital payment for the acquisition of the patent can be set at a lower amount. Often royalties paid out of a high tax area attract withholding taxes at source. In many cases an interposing holding company may allow a reduction in the rate of tax withheld at source.


An offshore trust, where the settlor of the trust is a non-resident of Nevis and the trust income is derived outside of Nevis, is free of all taxes and duties. Many mainland tax jurisdictions look through this trust arrangement and tax the beneficiaries on their pro-rata share of income, rather than money actually remitted to him. In a discretionary trust, the trust property is held by the trustees to distribute income or the capital of the trust to the beneficiaries in any proportion as the trustees shall in their absolute discretion see fit. In this arrangement no one beneficiary has any legal entitlement to any shares in the trust income or capital because the trustee may or may not exclude him. The beneficiary will then only be assessed in his or her mainland on the amounts actually remitted to him, rather than a certain proportion of yearly income.


Asset protection trusts are popular with doctors, dentists and other professionals subject to malpractice litigation. These trusts are also used to protect assets from divorce laws and heirship laws. The asset protection trust is not normally available to defeat current creditors but proves to be very effective against unknown future claimants.


Many offshore banking institutions have been established in tax havens in recent years. Many of these institutions are subsidiaries of major international banks. Such institutions pay interest free of withholding tax and engage in international financing from offshore bases, which are free from exchange controls. Such banking institutions and their associated trust companies are able to provide a wide range of financial services to their international clientele. Offshore banking institutions are also used by the smaller business Organization and indeed in some cases by individual owners to act as offshore cash management centers.


There are number of offshore havens which are keen to encourage the establishment of insurance companies which like banking companies bring employment and investment to the country of incorporation and generally enhance its reputation and its range of financial services. In a number of offshore havens it is possible to incorporate insurance companies which pay no tax in respect of their premium or investment income.


Captive insurance companies have been created by many multinational companies to ensure and re-insure the risks of subsidiaries and affiliated companies. Captive insurance companies are particularly suitable for the shipping and petroleum industries and for the insurance of risks, which might be insurable only at prohibitive premiums.


Many companies who conduct commerce over the Internet are now using offshore jurisdictions to establish merchant credit card processing accounts. By establishing an offshore company and a merchant account, credit card transactions processed in that jurisdiction are tax-free. Due to the E-Commerce phenomenon, many large and small companies are now establishing offshore merchant accounts to process their Internet credit card transactions.
If the license is in Antigua as is indicated here then at least they have a "regulating" authority that has recently been claiming that they will take action against malpracticing casino companies.

The complaints department receiving official is Marlene A. Bailey at
A recent query of their license status at the following URL now shows its status as being closed.

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Dagar Software Corporation (DAGAR-DOM)
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Domain Name: DAGAR.COM

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Roffman, Gary (GR331) DAGARCORP@AOL.COM
Dagar Software Corporation
649 Amity Road
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(203) 393-2000
Technical Contact:
Walker, Alan (AW77) alan@CALLNET.COM
Call-Net Internet Services
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