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Feb 12, 2005
After using Harrods for about a year they asked for picture I.D. and then on my next cashout they asked for scans of my debit card and a signed form so I asked what I ask all casinos


And the answer was

Thank you for your email.

Sorry for the delay in replying to your query.

We request documents because our auditors require it. We also request some documents for security and fraud prevention, but only to a few new players. According to my personal experience this is what most casino do. So if you are not flagged for a slight thing when you enter, you won't be asked for anything until you become a regular player. I guess it is a weird way to treat patrons, but it is just the one the industry uses and it makes sense.

We won't need any more documents from you if you keep on using the same card and your NETeller account. We would only request copies of a new card if you start purchasing with it and reach a certain amount of purchases with it.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Jorge Penalver
Harrods Casino Customer Services

Where he says regular player he means regular winner(just bad spelling)

This is not a complaint against Harrods
Full marks for honesty
But I still say if casinos want to prevent fraud request I.D. at the outset otherwise it is a feeble atempt to avoid paying

In Harrods favour in this they give you 15 for the inconvenience which I dont think needs to be played through
It's really a silly question to ask. I'm sure that casinos wouldn't mind asking for I.D. before the first deposit but it's just not realistic to do so. How many players do you think a casino would attract if these players would have to fax or scan and email copies of their passport before being able to deposit? Does this mean that asking for I.D. after a cash-out is not to ensure fraud-prvention? Of course not....
What does the fact that you've used them for a year have to do with anything?

Look, I'm not saying that casinos never use fraud-prevention as an excuse for delaying payments. Maybe that's what Harrods is doing to you. I'm just saying that it's silly to ask casinos why they don't ask for I.D. before a deposit since the answer is blatantly obvious...
First time post for me, but i have been a member here for years now.
what really disturbes me is, that you can play there for a long time, without any problems, until you hit a good one, and in my case wanted my money via direct bank wire. Exactly 1 min after i cashed out, i got the mail, and they asked for several informations and id's. Thats no problem, and i send a way what they wanted. Now 3 days later, they have accepted the scan of my passport, (which i never send them) they still want scan of my driver license, (which i have sent 5 times) and still want my banking informations (which i have sent 4 times (or so) I know i will get my money sooner or later, they are just stalling my payment a bit, but why, whats the reason. Im thinking of never going back there, is that what they wanted??

I should specify, that im not talking about Harrods here, but wont name the casinos name yet.
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