Assistance Required - Rizk & MuchBetter Withdrawal


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Oct 5, 2019
Hey guys

I'm at the last step of verification with Rizk and they are requesting me proof for my MuchBetter account more specifically:

We would need a PDF statement of your MuchBetter account, which you must request directly from the MuchBetter support team.
Here are instructions on how to acquire the document: You must contact MuchBetter support team directly, as the statement with all the details can't be found from the application directly. The document includes the account details (Full name, phone number, email address and date of birth) and balance.

I tried to contact MuchBetter it's my second support ticket I opened and it's been 36 hours no answer, so much for their 1h guaranteed bs. I think a few members here have dealt with that... any insights?

Is there a MB rep here?

Thanks guys


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May 31, 2015
well last time I sent them an email it took 6 days
That being said, rizk support once took 20 emails and 4 personnally from muchbetter to actually admit that one 10$ deposit was charged from my muchbetter account and not credited at rizk... casino support are always completely useless nowadays and here are asking for something not needed.

rizk knows that the responses from them are slow as fuxk, why do you think they ask you that? I verified my muchbetter account everywhere at other bml casinos with only screenshot from the app. Eurocasino even asked me for my phone number showing once connected to the app... this is NOT possible. Never.
What you need to do next time is verify before playing. Never ever play if you are not. If a casino refuse to verify me without their non existant and or imaginary finance department, insta close my account. Support always act a little less dumb when there is no pending withdrawal. Dont be shy to teach them how to tell them what they ask for is unecessry and intentionnaly wrong. Sonetimes it helps.

I have good news for you though. Once its done with rizk, you will get your money every damn time after a 5 seconds wait. And much better auto approves it. So for a 4 usd fee, the day after money in the bank. No fees since rizk will process it in your own currency. And even better... no need to be on contact with brain dead support.