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Jun 30, 1998
Yep - you heard that right. Ask me anything. :p I am prepping to begin a new phase of podcasts (I was doing podcasts before they were even coined as podcasts. Evidence here: Casinogazette) and to begin, I will be taking questions about anything.

Topics can include:
  • anything about CM
  • anything about the online casino industry
  • anything about my opinions etc.
  • personal questions about me are fine too
Please PM these questions to me (I won't answer them here in this thread) and please let me know if you are ok with a shout out on either my podcast or videocast.

And for anonymity, if you have super secret questions, or questions that you think would be way out of line LOL, you can email those to me here: [email protected]

I should be producing these this upcoming week. :D