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Maxine Wyse

Hi there,
Have just come across a casino called Asian Gamble ( Do you happen to have any information with regards to this online casino? The reason I ask is that it looks good and the 'play for fun' is fantastic, yet i have never seen the site talked about on any Forums/casino websites. Just wanting a bit of reassurance before I play for real.

Many thanks, Maxine.
Hi Maxine,

Asian Gamble is run by, a Gaming Data Solutions company and member of the IGC. After browsing the site myself, it seems to meet the requirements of a casino the could be endorsed by us. There is contact information, a willingness to provide as much detailed information as possible, and overall the site looks sharp.

You probably have not seen this casino being discussed at all since I believe they've just gone online. (They're in the process of publishing their first newsletter). Let's hope any future talk is good.


But, let me back up a little. Their customer support has not been tested out. You may want to email them asking a few questions to see what their response time is.

Thank you both for your comments about Asian Gamble - I work for the customer service department there and I hope that I can answer your queries. You are right in that we are a new casino and we have been 'live' for a very short time. We have been working on making Asian Gamble a fantastic casino for a while now and we are satisfied that this site is one of the safest and most secure on the web. There are 10 games on the site which have been designed by a crack development team. We believe that we are setting a whole new standard in online gaming. Asian Gamble has a dedicated customer service team who are available to help you at any hour of the day or night. We hope to answer any queries as soon as humanly possible. If there are any specific queries that you have, please do not hesitate to contact me at
Dear Bryan and Rebecca,

Thanks for responding to my initial question with regard to Asian Gamble. I wanted to write back, just to let you know how I fared, and also to tell you how impressed I am with Asian Gamble @

Firstly, I started out on small money when first playing for real. The returns have been good, and I have now been on the site for the past 2 days.

I am happy to say that everything has gone pretty well and although I have lost a fair few games, I have won quite a bit of money. Additionally, the customer service has so far been excellent, with my account being immediately credited with the promised 20% of my initial deposit. (i have had problems with other internet casinos before, so it was a pleasure not having to hassle anyone!)

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. just thought I would give you some feedback, as you both kindly answered my question. Hope this can be of some use for you Bryan, and Rebecca, I shall definitely be playing at Asian Gamble again.

Proprietary software would be ok if it didn't cheat. To prove that the casino at cheats (or at least can do if it feels like it) I wagered 250 spins in roulette betting on four numbers each time. I never hit a number once. That is over a trillion to one chance. Strangely, I'm not even geting any replies to emails. I've sent emails to all the casino's email addresses I've been given. This is one of the emails I sent:


I think you should close your Asian Gamble casino (
until you can get it programmed correctly. If you wanted to cheat you
should have been a bit more subtle. I played four numbers in roulette
250 times and never hit a number! Trust me when I say this means there
is something seriously wrong. Maybe you should sack your programmers.
You should return money to whoever has lost since you opened and close
your casino. I was slightly suspicious of the blackjack yesterday but
the roulette is definitely rigged. I wasn't satisfied with a million to
one chance or even a billion but I played until there was over a
trillion to one chance of it happening in a fair game. I expect to be
rewarded for finding this out for you.

It doesn't take a mathematician but the odds of what happened at the
roulette are the following: (34/38) to the power of 250
1 in 1,191,708,106,582
hi Sirius,

Just had a look at your message, and was surprised to see what you had written. Games that I mainly play at Asian Gamble are roulette, blackjack and baccarat, and so far, so good - everything has been A-okay.

This casino has also been really good in terms of customer service, and payment/crediting my account. Since last chatting on this discussion site, I have had Rebecca from customer services, as a direct contact, and she has been fantastic when i have had queries.

How have Asian Gamble responded to your problem? Your problem just strikes me as odd, as i have had no problems with this site, and neither have my friends (i recommended this site to them) Will you tell us how everything turns out?

Anyway, best of luck
Dear Sirius,
I realise that your queries have been answered and you have received a full refund from I just wanted people on this forum to see that we have solved the problem that you had. If anyone is interested in seeing what happened and how the customer service team has responded, please go to
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
What a coincidence that maxine the satisfied customer is posting at the same time as the manager rebecca.

How could a glitch possibly have made the roulette wheel avoid my numbers? I chose different sets of numbers and all the numbers appeared but just not when I played them. I haven't had an explanation of how this glitch did that.

I get the feeling this whole thread was started as a con job to "introduce" asain casino to the public. Membership in the IGC means about as much as a licencse, which is nothing as far as supporting the player.
Asian Casino looks like a good stay away from.
Snakeeyes, If they started this thread to introduce themselves. It sure has backfired in a big way
Hi All,

Just an update on the Asian Gamble situation, if you are interested to know, or if you don't know already: Since Steve had his little problem with their software, they have closed their website down. We are awaiting word from them to when they plan to open back up, and under what circumstances.


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