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Jan 8, 2019
With the WEF Future of Jobs Report 2023 predicting almost a quarter of jobs to change by 2027, largely due to the advancements of AI and changing technologies, I thought a thread on AI might be useful for us to try and embrace the inevitable change and share some thoughts.

Does anyone use AI yet? I am yet to explore the benefits of ChatGPT and other programs whose names escape me now.

I was chatting to someone the other day who is trying out a gambling AI that details its three best bets to place for premiership matches. He won two days in a row, but I am yet to find out how he is getting on.

This popped up on my Twitter feed. Not sure how true it is, but changes like this are certainly on the way and in the making as we speak.

I was on one of the casino's that i think use Chatbots and it surprised me how good it was: it was something like: my free spins haven't been credited....waited on a response and came back saying: sorry about that, here's them in another game (which already superseded the likes of Grosvenor's human CS as you'd be waiting 2 weeks for that)

I imagine some of the more advanced companies are using it to an extent for vetting of job applications etc (ranking perhaps based on what they've written?)

I suppose a lot of people use it without even knowing - the use of facial recognition on your banking app to login is a form of it, even Microsoft Team's with reply suggestions etc is as well.

The New Scientist Magazine covers a lot of it often, in nice layman's terms.

IIRC there was letter penned calling for a Moratorium on AI research as there's a worry companies are moving too fast and too loose - some scare mongering in there as well but there's certainly issues to be ironed out - eg. no regulatory framework around it atm.

Jobs that rely on data entry, customer service etc will be massively impacted/changed. Even Professions like Accountancy will be as well - forecasting, best tax advice to reduce liability, it will surely be impacted by a form of AI.
Also, think Universities have been to'ing and fro'ing over how to detect AI generated essays etc (which would seem to imply they're doing a good job!) - had to roll out some AI detector software etc

Some US healthcare providers are using it also to send letter to patients etc, though there's been quite a few errors for what i've read.

Even the Ukraine (where are they finding the time :p) are working to develop an AI to analyse/triage injuries.

Whatever the direction it goes, no doubt it'll be politicised, instead of reasonable conversations around it ( that, i don't think u need an AI to predict :p ) - it is a bit wild west across a lot of companies now: all seeking to get their first (particularly in technology) so you can understand the need/desire of some to say: lets slow this down a bit so we can ensure we're not doing x,y,x etc.

People think of it as Johnny 5 is Alive but it's potentially a lot more insidious than that 😋
Not good news. A lot of jobs to go very quickly. And naturally, the cost savings won't be passed on in price reductions to consumers.

I suspect that the Internet will be reduced to 90% AI bots writing articles, tweeting, commenting and posting. With other AI bots doing the reading. You just know it. LOTS of money to be made by harnessing it in novel and crafty ways. I wish I had some good ideas.

Even some."new posters" in here have tried to pass off chatGPT content as their own, but you can usually spot it - always has a blandness and shallowness to it.

- write an article on gambling please

"Hi there friend, let's talk about gambling. Firstly, let's dive in to what gambling is.... etc
AI is just a natural progression from computers. If you were to look at Excel, it must have taken jobs away from people that previously manually did accounting calculations. Same for robots that have taken away many manual labour jobs.

Where I work, a transport division within a major supermarket, some years ago a piece of software was introduced that was meant to take care of the day-to-day execution of the drivers plan. Well, it wasn't as clever as a person doing the job so it was binned pretty quickly.

Whilst AI can learn a lot, I don't believe it has the capability of the human brain and a persons life/work experience to replace them totally within the workplace.
I guess at the moment, it's not as fully automated as it can be, but I heard something the other day about combining AI with quantum computing, which will apparently blow our minds.

Regarding AI's writing capabilities, I wonder if Bots are being employed already by the establishment to steer conversations and influence social media. As mentioned, it still needs some kind of direction or human input, but yes, it will force a lot of people to change jobs or shift their approach slightly. I suppose it can help writers do more work at the minute, and produce articles at lightning speeds before adding the human touch.

p.s. Here's an idea - program an AI slot critic, which can have access to client areas and write reviews from game info and running hundreds of spins. Or, how about an RTP testing AI? theres a thought.
Picking up in Interlog's accounting example - better information systems typically equate to fewer head counts needed. It's why you see a lot more accounting/finance roles slimmer these days: Understand people saying: oh that's bad but the benefits of if it that it almost frees others' to be able to do more rewarding/interesting work: hence the evolving of more their role (involved more in projects/transforming) (and the Japanese Job Enrichment theories)

Sidebar - be interesting to see how schools/Uni's respond to the advancement of technologies and potential for job enrichment, to ensure those are prepared.
I guess we could see a shift towards jobs that cannot be automated yet, although I wonder how long before house-building, field-toiling, and road-laying prototypes become mainstream, extinguishing the requirement for manual labour.

I suppose we are a long way away from robots doing complicated carpentry like wooden staircases or custom-built kitchens, or are we?

Probably not that mainstream in my lifetime. It has to be a controlled transition, otherwise, it will be like in the movies where slums for thousands of useless humans become scattered around the globe. What a lovely thought. Maybe I can get me a trip to Mars on one of Elon's rockets.
I messed around with ChatGPT and OpenAI's DALL-E and similar AI art-bots, and was more than impressed...
Things seemingly took quite a leap in no time, which of course makes sense, but stil - incredible stuff! A wee bit disconcerting too, to say the least, but well..i guess we'll have to see where it all goes.

I found it a bit of a pity that the bot isn't allowed to store personalized conversations, to re-assess topics later, etc., and was disappointed that it is now seemingly trained or instructed to cut any talks about sentience short. A lot of 'loopholes' also have been cut short or are out of reach for now :)

That said, it is still at the very least a tool or entertainment utility that is growing rapidly in it's usefulness, in many ways, as you can see when you do a quick google search for Using ChatGPT to make money (it's ofc. a lot of clickbait but also immediately shows what i mean) and i urge anyone that hasn't checked either bot out to give it a go. It's free, straightforward and beyond interesting, imo!
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this is funny 😂


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Probably see a lot more of this - customer services element mainly, i think?

Though the bulk will be because they'll need less engineers and contractors.

Though, wonder if some will use the 'excuse' of AI to simply just cut/curtail services and head counts.

Being said, i was 45mins on the phone today to TUI and it took 10mins? for the person on the other end to get right the 9 or so digit booking reference: Me: 1,5,4...them....ok, 3,4,9 - wtf. I would have sold my soul for AI at the other end 😋
Here is a free
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in case one needs images for their GFs, friends, or some UK casinos after successfully passing their SOW

Prompt: :D

A jubilant, UK-based online casino gambler is immersed in the thrilling world of the Book of Dead slot game, which boasts an impressive 84% return-to-player ratio. With every spin of the reels, the player eagerly anticipates winning combinations, their eyes widening with excitement. The scene unfolds within a virtual casino environment, complete with vibrant graphics and immersive sound effects. The atmosphere is electric, filled with a palpable sense of anticipation and joy. Soft, multi-colored neon lights bathe the surroundings, casting a mesmerizing glow that accentuates the player's elation. Shadows dance playfully, enhancing the overall immersive experience. --ar 2:3 --c 13 --s 567 --q 2


A little off-topic, but I cannot locate the Bits & Bobs or Odds & Ends threads.

A brief look at the Apple Vision Pro, which I believe starts at around $3,499.

A funny take on what it will most probably be used for. Not by me of course, because I can't afford one. I am a 'top-shelf Mayfair from the 24-hour garage' kind of guy. 😂

Must admit, it does look cool. The trouble is I feel sick after 30 minutes on Oculus VR.

A little off-topic, but I cannot locate the Bits & Bobs or Odds & Ends threads.

A brief look at the Apple Vision Pro, which I believe starts at around $3,499.

A funny take on what it will most probably be used for. Not by me of course, because I can't afford one. I am a 'top-shelf Mayfair from the 24-hour garage' kind of guy. 😂

Must admit, it does look cool. The trouble is I feel sick after 30 minutes on Oculus VR.

lol I was watching today some yt videos, is crazy the way Vr is going, I can see rich YT will start playing games and stream at same time with vision Pro

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