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Sep 3, 2005
I don't know if I should start worrrying already. In the beginning of December I made several deposits at casino Arthurian totalling 350, as usuall without claiming any bonus. I lost all.:mad: Last weekend I deposited 50 and they sneaked 15 bonus in my account. To avoid any troubles I wanted to reject it, but as I carefully read e-mail about this bonus I decided to accept it because roulette was allowed and playthrou was only 7x. So I played roulette and cashed out 200. On 11 Dec. I received e-mail, where they confirmed that my cash out is UNREVERSIBLE now and money will be transfered to my Neteller account within 1-2 days after I send my scanned docs, which I immediately did. Today is already 5 days after my cash out request and nothing happened. I've sent 2 e-mails to CS and accounting but didn't get any responce. I was sure that casino Arthurian is a reputable casino or am I wrong assuming this?:confused:
Oh, it's so embarassing, but I must admit, that it was probably MY OWN FAULT for money delay.:oops: I just went home during my lunch break and reread e-mail from Vegas Partner Lounge concerning my payout. It was a long e-mail and as soon as I saw scanned docs mentioned, I was so busy to gather all docs together and send them out, that I overlooked the end of e-mail where I was supposed to authorize my credit card transaction and sign. So I did it and hope it will solve the problem. My only excuse is that I never expienced something like that(to authorize CC and sign) but if that was the problem, I apologize for my doubts about reputation of casino Arthurian.:)

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