Aristocrat`s The Walking Dead slot


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I was just checking the horror news on bloody disgusting and lol

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It looks amazing, wonder whether I`ll be able to play one day, or whether it`ll go online at some point.
Anyway, if you are lucky enough to get a chance to play, let us know what it`s like :thumbsup:

Good luck,


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I think it would be quite some time before this goes online, They have a schedule of releases and they licence the development out to Game Account and Next Gen. My bet is it will depend a) how successful this proves in land casinos and b) whether they choose to allow US players play Aristocrat games online at some point.

Looks pretty decent by Aristocrat's standards.


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Was at the B and M this week, didn't see it (though at ours, there's few changes on the gaming floor).
Did get to play some WMS slots though wouldn't otherwise be able to play online.

As for this, if it hits online, I'll be playing - until Canada gets the boot for Aristo too :D


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Haha, will check it out on my US Road Trip in October... Sandia Casino and Resort (NM) has those, i will check them out ;-)