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Feb 22, 2001

Major games providers climbing in to land casino 'on-site wireless' opportunity

The major American land casino games provider Aristocrat Technologies Inc.has become the latest US company to sign an agreement allowing Cantor Gaming to use top games played in land casinos to be offered on wireless/mobile handsets for restricted use on the premises of large land casinos.

Kent Young, the global general manager for Aristocrat said, "We are excited to join efforts with Cantor to deliver our games to casinos and their customers through this new mobile medium."

Cantor Gaming md Joe Asher commented that the deal signed this week would provide additional slot games content his company is providing to land casinos, who in terms of state legislation are allowed to offer wireless gaming as long as the player remains on company premises.

Aristocrat is the third big-name land casino games provider to sign a license with Cantor. Earlier this year both Progressive Gaming International and Atronic Americas LLC signed similar agreements with the company, which is an affiliate of the famous New York finance and brokerage firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Las Vegas Sands group, which includes the opulent The Venetian and its new sister Palazzo casinos has also teamed with Cantor in this sector.

Cantor provides more conventional turnkey online casino systems and launched FHM Casino for the international magazine brand earlier this year.
The plot thickens. :)

This was quite the buzz recently in Vegas.

Along with very vocal opposition to the new US restrictions on online gambling.

Even the local TV stations had oppositions to the new law in their news and on panels.

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