are your Opinion the same ?


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Dear Members,

mmh, i guess i'm in the wrong movie !

I would like to concern you a little thing, whereby i don't like name the Casino at this moment.

But it goes around a very much reputable and accredited Casino here, which surely belongs with to the best Online Casinos on the market.

Maybe i'm wrong with my Opinion.

Before i start this Post i wanted gladly give the Rep here the Opportunity and contacted also support in this regarding.

I sent the Rep (Manager) a message (today) and sent a PM, because i saw the rep was online after i sent it, but no reply until now.

I like to say that i very appreciate this Casino, but this State has a little bit
disappointed me.

Only support replied quickly but later to this copy.

Let me now explain it to you:

At this Casino it is and was for Europeans possible to deposit with e.g C2Pay and cash out e.g to Neteller.

Until middle January it was always also so.

At this Casino i deposited with C2Pay and also Neteller, surely more with C2Pay.
At Withdrawals i choosed always Neteller because it is easier for me.

As well as this time but a mail from support says:

You can only paid back on the way that you have deposited :what:

after i ask why or wether it's new, it comes this:

Support said:
No this is not a new rule.

If you check our website you will see that is stipulates as such on the deposit / withdrawal pages.

If a player deposits via one deposit method then the monies have to be returned via the same method.

In the past exceptions have been made for you however we will need to do this for future withdrawals.

We do not mind making exceptions for some players but we are not a clearing house for people to move finances from click2pay to other wallets etc

We have spoken with management and they have agreed to pay back monies deposited this month $250 to click2pay and the rest to NETeller.

Please request the withdrawal as such and we can have this processed for you.

In future please be aware of these requirements.
(last Neteller deposit was on 12/26/2007)

The red marker let me annoying, while they indirect say it's not okay so and one feel as a ?...... :eek:

What's wrong with this ? in the past not any problems, but now it should be differently ?

We know it from many Casinos, but some have changed their rules, therefore it is and was possible also in this Casino, my records show it.

Maybe you have the same Opinion and i must rethink , but i guess not.

I'm sure that the rep will read this and i like to give a second Chance with this to reply to me over PM and i'm anxiously on your opinions.




You type well loads
This has been around for quite some time, however, until recently, there was a lack of will to enforce it due to it being inconvenient FOR THE CASINO to calculate the return paths of each and every deposit where several methods were used.
They have now implemented a strict hierachy of return paths,and times they will back calculate to, when it comes to returning deposits back to source.
For some reason, Neteller is rated much more lowly that other methods, and it seems this reflects a level of distrust that operators have about the integrity of Neteller. Previously, there were simpler rules that meant if deposits had been made last with, say, Neteller, everything would go back that way in one lump.
If deposits were made by credit card, most casinos claimed it was "impossible to refund back", however, the "impossible" has sudenly become very possible indeed at Jackpot Factory, so what they REALLY meant by "impossible" before was "inconvenient". Clearly, so "inconvenient" that the high chargeback eisk did not warrant them going to the "inconvenience" of refunding back to VISA cards, which they now INSIST on doing, and not just deposits, but WINNINGS too if any deposits arrived from a VISA card.

If the flow were from Neteller to Click2Pay, I bet you would find the casino happy to oblige without a fuss, provided you were playing, and not simply using them as a bank.

You might think yourself lucky, as if this were MiniVegas you would be getting a CHECK:rolleyes:


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It's not a MG VWMan :D

Fact is that i deposited $50 via Click2Pay and wanted to make a $650 Withdrawal to Neteller.

In the past all my requested Withdrawals was processed to Neteller

here are my last $ 50 deposits between October 2007 to February 2008
and you can assess that i deposited more with C2Pay as Neteller

10/02/2007 C2Pay
10/08/2007 C2Pay
10/17/2007 Neteller
10/29/2007 C2Pay
11/11/2007 Neteller
11/12/2007 C2Pay
11/14/2007 C2Pay
11/20/2007 Neteller
11/26/2007 C2Pay
12/09/2007 C2Pay
12/24/2007 C2pay
12/26/2007 Neteller
01/11/2008 C2Pay
01/31/2008 C2Pay
02/09/2008 C2Pay
02/16/2008 C2Pay
02/28/2008 C2Pay
i can understand and accept surely if they say, your original deposit will process back where it come from and the Rest where you like.

But $250 ? they don't make me a favor therewith, only because they like to calculate anything

what me more annoy is, that the rep don't response since now , while he received now 3 messages

maybe it's Weekend :rolleyes: