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Are you in the RED or GREEN ?

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Alfran, Mar 30, 2015.

    Mar 30, 2015
  1. Alfran

    Alfran Experienced Member

    travel agent
    How is your run this year.. are you in the green or red zone losing streak?
    Does anybody actually believe they can have steady green streaks every month ? winning strategy?!
    Or is it more likely that most of us hope to just have fun at slots and be around the breakeven zone.... for the most part.
    Or do some actually just play jackpot slots hoping for that 1 big win?

    The above plays a part in the type of slot choices you make, budget and personality type perhaps?
  2. Mar 30, 2015
  3. marcsudbury

    marcsudbury Experienced Member

    i work
    sudbury ontario
    On an crazy run right now that has covered losses from the last two years.. Seems just a bit every deposit turns into a cashout the last two months... Evey week for the last 5 or so I've cashed out close to two thousand... Just hoping I can hit a monster win sometime.. I has a friend cashout 74k and there thing 105k... I'd be happy with half of that... enjoying the ride I know it won't last forever... But it's nice to be on that train again...
  4. Mar 30, 2015
  5. bruinsdude

    bruinsdude Senior Member MM


    Brand? Casino group? Games? Would love to hear the success story in full!

    I hit 4 big ones since x-mas, 3 NetEnt, twice DOA and once Wishmaster (Guts and Betat).....and a Jurassic Park at 32 Red.

    I don't believe there is a way to beat the house, although the highs are fun, and it's hard to deal with the lows sometimes. End of the day, we pay to play. It's entertainment.
    I now realize that, and it only took 15 years LOL. Just coming into my own when it comes to figuring out where to play now too. Bonuses are nice, but you know what is even nicer? Playing with the utmost confidence you will be looked after for the long haul. Thanks 32 Red, Betat and Guts. You guys really are the best out there, each for your own reasons in my opinion! A special KMA goes out to Digimedia and all the vultures over there, you know who you are!
  6. Mar 30, 2015
  7. marcsudbury

    marcsudbury Experienced Member

    i work
    sudbury ontario
    32 red... Casino luck.. next casino... slotty Vegas... Challenge casino.. Jurassic.. Immortal... DOA... 5 scatters twice and wilds once.. Max damage huge win all wilds but one spot... Biggest win sticky wild bonus on Jurassic.. $1945...followed by another of 1300...im all over the place.. I play hard and fast..
  8. Mar 30, 2015
  9. goatwack

    goatwack Lend me some sugar! I am your neighbour! CAG

    I think most gamblers will hone and fine- tune their ways of playing in the belief that they have found a winning strategy.

    I had an outstanding December for withdrawals which made up for my sins the previous months.

    When I started slotting about 3 years ago I would happily withdraw e.g £40 from a £20 deposit. Now, I would consider a £20 profit not worth my time and would go for higher expectations.

    Very rarely will I have a completely dead session, I will mostly be up by x2 or x3 but from having experienced large w/ds in the past, I will almost certainly nowadays be far more daring in my betting patterns.

    I think the only strategy anyone could hope to master is bankroll management and self control really, I think many gamblers become better at the former and worse at the latter!!
  10. Mar 30, 2015
  11. mcgameboy

    mcgameboy Screenieholic & Essayist CAG mm2

    Casual Stocktaker (Inventory Counter)
    Very much in the red this year. That's despite a rather "green" January. Without exaggeration, I am on my worst ever losing streak since
    I started slotting online over 3 years ago.

    Yes I do believe you can have steady green streaks every month. I was in profit six months straight from June to November last year.
    Not big amounts, but that's not the point. To be honest, I'd consider breaking even to be a "good" month and being in profit (no matter
    how modest that profit is) to be "very good".

    I think we ALL want to have fun at the very least, win, lose or draw. If we can't even enjoy our slotting, then what's the bloody point?
    That said, a prolonged losing streak (and the very poor results/playtime that can come with it CAN be a lot more demoralising than a big win
    can be exhilarating. Given that I myself am stuck in the funk of a prolonged losing streak at the moment, those previous feelings of exhilaration
    I have enjoyed seem like a very long time ago. To the extent that I am considering taking a break from gambling.

    I'm sure some do play only jackpot slots hoping for that one big win. As the saying goes "I only need to be lucky once". And if they are, they
    would be set for life with a life-changing amount. I do play Mega Moolah on occasion myself, but I could never play
    jackpot slots exclusively. The variance (and the significantly reduced RTP) that inevitably comes with them would probably be too much
    for me to handle.
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  12. Mar 30, 2015
  13. muziq

    muziq Senior Member MM

    in your heart
    Thank god im one of those lucky guys in gambling i started gambling 3 and half years ago with a mere 100 euro to my netller
    beginners luck or what i withdrawn 1000 from the same deposit and almost played 2.5 years with it and cashed out around 5000 :)
    it was like keeping 1500 to play and turning the rest of the funds to real cash ...

    and it went all smooth for 2.5 years then that 1500 lost and i kept a break for 2 - 3 months then i deposited 100 euro 3 times and lost all in vain
    then i break up for 3 months or so and then i deposited 100 euro and lost it too :( but from that i had 20 frespsins casinoluck and i won 65
    and i deposited it in Mr green made it to 640 ....

    taht wa sin last november and i was on a streak since that had 4 reeler wildreels 2 times and in november and i was sitting in 3k balance
    rules are rules and i withdrawn 1500 to physical cash and had 1500 to play

    was one of the early lucky gus in GOT i had bet X2500 win on 1.80 bet and also had another betX1000 win and i was sotting up in 3500
    and again i cashed out 1500 and kept the balance

    but January was hard and i went down to 750 from the 2k DOA and cazinozeppelin to a major of it and i was pissed but in february DOA paid back me a bit got 5scatter and 2 wild lines and i was back to 2.5 .. and was happy

    but march has been real great got around 5 wildlines in DOA this month 2 of them have been monster (betX3000 region on .45 bet)
    and cashed out 2k both times and also had betx1000 win on playboy on 1.20 bet and casino zeppelin and a 5scatter DOA

    so now i have a balance around 6k :) and im withdrawing 3k and keeping the rest hope i can play looong time with and hope i will be lucky

    and i always wanted thanks the freinds here all the stories here .. and ppl telling you shoud cashout when ever possible (like the dunover formula cashing out 75% of your peak balance i went up and cash out 90% :) ppl saying never reverse a witdrwal..... and ppl teaching how to bet according to the bankroll had a great impact on me ...

    i cant complain though my gambling cost was a 400 mere deposit and and i already withdrawn 8k and also have 6K with me so cant really complain

    all the screenshot of above win is on show me money :) check since November
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  14. Mar 30, 2015
  15. Alfran

    Alfran Experienced Member

    travel agent

    Wow i am very impressed. I'm sure your story is not a very common one, i'm glad you took all the advice!
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  16. Mar 31, 2015
  17. psychogene

    psychogene Senior Member

    This and That
    So far been slotting for approximately 8 months and it has been a minor success.

    I would say last year was a par year - did not win more than I lost and only played at 4 sites - at the beginning Spin Palace than after discovering this forum jumped shipped to 32red and than to Guts and Royal Panda. All began when I wanted to try online casinos at home for the convenience (though I live about 15 minutes from Crown Casino in melbourne) and having done no research what so ever I deposited at Spin Palace - $20 and took their 100% bonus at I think x35 WR. I did not even know what wagering requirement was and all I played was multiplayer roulette betting $2 at a time. Managed to get my balance to $40 before trying to cash out and realizing I couldn't. Then I read the terms and conditions and discovered something called wagering requirement and maximum bets and maximum cashout on first deposit being x6 ($120). I had never played slots before - not even in land based casino - and since slots were 100% towards WR I decided to play what I could find as the most simpliest slot that I could enjoy - that was fruit loot.

    As with all beginners luck I was betting at $3 with nothing to lose but $20 and within the first 20-30 spins hit something for $270 than $90 to bring my balance up to $400. From there I played to withdraw $120. For 3 months all I played when playing online casino was fruit loot + multiplayer roulette and I have to say I did quite well. One time managed to get my balance to $1000 from a $10 deposit playing multiplayer roulette and fruit loot simulatenously before upping the stakes and losing - ended up withdrawing at $600. I was so sure I would hit the top prize of $5000 on a $3 bet within this 3 month but it never happened lol.

    When I left spin palace after 3 months I was down about $400. First playing at 32red made many multiple deposits with no wins and finally stopped playing fruit loot and started playing other slots - namely Tomb Raider 1, Immortal Romance + Thunderstruck 2. Had a great streak of withdrawals of about $300-$600 at 32red in November and one big $800 from Guts in December that in the end kept my balance about even.

    This year I have started playing (and self-excluding myself after many losing deposits for a few months at a time) at many more casinos and I had a decent January - winning just alittle bit. Stopped playing at 32red after being down about $1000 after checking my balance - I made it all back to be at $0 on one great session of fat lady sings and jurassic park but at the end of Jan I lost another $200-300 after many multiple deposits so taking a break from there.

    February was my hottest month by far. It wasn't the fact that I had massive x1000 hits but at one point in February every deposit or second deposit I was making (of $20-$40) I would be withdrawing $100-$500 - this happened after I decided to not spend so long playing MG/NetEnt and try playing other providers and slots I haven't tried - novomatic, play'n'go, nextgen etc. At one point I had at least one withdrawal at all the 7 online casinos I was playing at. The winning streak lasted till I got my first double wildline in DOA in early March (withdrawing $800 from a $20 deposit). All up that period I won about $2800 and I bought with it some really nice audio equipment for personal use.

    After this its been rather 'red' for me - haven't managed great playtime or a nice withdraw the last 2 weeks that I'm slowing my slotting down with minimal deposits till I can get something nice out of it. What I have done though is totalled up all my deposits and withdrawals since I have started playing (great to be able to review your transactions online - I highly recommend it for online gambling) and overall I am up $1500 - so not too bad after 8 months of low-mid rolling but not spectacular either :p
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