Are you familiar with Betfred?

BetFred are a large chain of UK bookmakers so I think you'll be pretty safe with them. But not had a chance to look into their online casino operation yet.
You'll be fine. Very well established bookies based in the North of England... Made the headlines when they paid out early (January) on Man Utd winning the premiership when they were 18 points clear... Um.. Except they didn't! Fred Done (the owner) is a massive Man U fan, and made zillions more in free publicity than he ever did on the payouts... Good operation all round.
I played at their poker room and i have to say they had the best customer service i have ever experienced. Cash out time was good also.
We have been working with BetFred Poker Room for quite some time now. They are excellent! A site that truly cares about their players and listens. :thumbsup:

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