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Are you Donating to Charities or Xmas ?

Discussion in 'The Attic' started by MissRuthless, Dec 2, 2016.

    Dec 2, 2016
  1. MissRuthless

    MissRuthless Experienced Member

    Over Worked Under Paid
    TOPIC Is suppose to read, are you donating to Charities "FOR" Xmas, Not "OR"

    I ask because, my youngest child, 7 yr old daughter came home from school with a flyer... she asked me if I could read it to her.

    So we read it together instead, words she knows and I help fill in the rest for her.
    Anyway it was about donating non perishable items to the School Christmas Giving Tree.

    And how they are asking for donations for non-perishable food items and in went on to say if every family donated 1 item each only that would be 500 or so items that they can pass onto the Emergency Food Centre
    and to help those less fortunate etc and about let's see if we can turn to help those less fortunate this and making someone else's Christmas a little happier.

    Now my little girl asked me some questions, what does less fortunate mean and various things, as I explained to her that there is a lot of people under many different reasons as too why, that are less fortunate, have little to no food, families with little children, younger, older then you, single people, older people and so on. And explained to some other's we would be less fortunate in some ways, people who are wealthy compared to us and others who have less then us to them we could seem to be wealthy etc. This went on for some time, she said to me that she wants to help people, can we help ?And once she understood what non-perishable food items referred too,
    she went to the pantry and started to take out items and asked if we could donate those lol.

    I said to her, we will help, and I got a Big YAY, huge hug and she said your the best mum... so sweet she is.

    So after some more discussions and then I thought to myself, we are not wealthy nor poor I guess. We manage and do okay most weeks, pay rent every week, never miss it, cannot afford too double up if we did anyway.

    We have 4 children, finances are nothing special at times, and of course like a lot of other people we have some bad times and struggle times too.

    This year I have decided to help make a difference, instead of donating 1 item or a few, my youngest and I sat down at the PC, I logged into online supermarket and discussed with my daughter what food items we
    should buy to donate to the Giving Tree for families in great need. And talked about food choices and why so forth. I spent $100 which my little girl can take to school with her on Monday and put it under the Tree.

    My other children were amazed about the generosity and why so much one had asked. I had won $400 other day at Guts, I used some towards Xmas presents and deposit, and $100 from it towards the purchase
    of the food items.

    We had long discussions that day and evening in about why sometimes we should stop looking at what we want especially at Xmas time for example and look at what we actually do have, and what is really very important.

    So with that long dribble lol, is anyone donating to anywhere this time of the year, is so why ? and if not, why ?
  2. Dec 2, 2016
  3. lotusch

    lotusch Megaways Slots, as useless as salt in your coffee CAG webby PABaccred mm3

    Marketing Assistant
    Dún Dealgan
    What a great story to read and very nice of you to spend $100 of your winnings towards that charity.

    At my work we do a lot for charities actually.
    And our management is very happy to jump in whenever we do organise stuff for charities.

    This year we already raised well over €5000.00 for SOSAD, an organisation that is there to help people with suicidal issues.
    We did do the Movember for the men's cancer awareness for the third time in a row this year.

    And for Christmas we always have boxes in the office where food and drink will be collected for the lesser fortunate and homeless people.
    We donate all these goodies to the Simon Community, a non funded charity that tries and help the poor and homeless people all across Ireland.

    Also we collect money that also will be given to this organisation.

    This year the boxes are already quite full and we probably have to drive over, empty them and go for a second round. :D

    For me Christmas is all about giving and it just feels good to give things to those in need. :):)

    So yeah, I have bought tins of soup, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, spaghetti & tagliatelle, rice, bolognese sauce and a good few boxes of chocolate and bags of crisps to make sure the lesser fortunate kids also have some nice things to eat over Christmas. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    I always said, if I would ever win the Euromillions Jackpot or a huge amount on a slot I would make sure a good bit of my winnings will be shared with those in need.
    Maybe one day I can experience how it feels to be a Santa Claus! :D
  4. Dec 2, 2016
  5. TradaCasino

    TradaCasino Official rep for Trada Casino

    Head of Casino
    Dublin, Ireland
    Wow, well done. That's really admirable, and it's lovely that your little girl is so happy to help out.

    I usually donate to the homeless charity, You must register/login in order to see the link., at Christmas time. Homelessness has become a very serious problem here in Ireland. Yesterday I heard an interview on the radio, they spoke to a blind woman who has been sleeping on the streets of Dublin with her guide-dog for years.. how can that be allowed to happen?! You can here the interview You must register/login in order to see the link.. It's extremely sad, but a real eye-opener.

    I would love to do something in conjunction with Casinomeister on the back of this thread, perhaps run a competition/raffle of some sort where we would make a donation to the winners chosen charity. Let me have a think about it and see if I can come up with some ideas - any suggestions are most welcome,


  6. Dec 2, 2016
  7. lockinlove

    lockinlove Staring into the sun PABaccred

    I work :D
    My family donates to sick kids all year long. We lost my brothers daughter not long ago and she was only 7. It was and still is very heartbreaking and that hospital did everything to help. They even rented my brother and his wife an apartment beside Toronto sick kids so they could be close since she was there for many months very sick. Even some of the nurses cried when she passed. One almost quit her job. You think them seeing kids sick and die all the time they get used to it. Thats not the case.

    We slept on the couches there for many days on and off and they were always nice. Even the security guards were great.

    One of the best hospitals around.
  8. Dec 3, 2016
  9. spintee

    spintee Ueber Meister webby mm2

    gambler :)
    So sweet,

    I do not go out my way to donate, I do mind you always and I mean always if some one is busking or colleting at shops I always give without a doubt, Abit of change is not going to hurt.

    And yes there is many people out there that do need abit of help and there is many that take advantage of such offers, Such as drug addicts, Go and take the food than spend there cash on drugs,

    talking about charity are you tight casino reps going to splash a few spins :D I am getting the shakes here lol
  10. Dec 9, 2016
  11. MissRuthless

    MissRuthless Experienced Member

    Over Worked Under Paid
    Nice to see other's have and do too!

    I also donated $50 other day too the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. They have done an amazing Job, and I had always wanted to give them something, so I said, not going to say instead going to DO IT and DID.

    My little girl took the Goodies to School a Huge amount of various food item's and I do not think I could have seen her happier in her own person, self. She is only 7 and it meant a HUGE deal to her to give food to a charity
    that will send it off too people in Great need. She is only learning about this and how different people can and Do live, and it meant a Huge deal to her - extremely overwhelming.
  12. Dec 9, 2016
  13. goatwack

    goatwack Comin' atcha like Eric Crumble CAG

    I support a couple myself, albeit on a monthly basis, namely Shelter which I think seem quite earnest in what they do, and Guide Dogs UK who also do terrific work.

    I will generally give a busker money here and there, and have no qualms about doing so.

    I know I can't help all causes, mind, and it becomes hard to distinguish the genuine charities from the clipboard- wielding highstreet sales people that ambush you at every turn when out and about. Which makes me recall Randy from South Park being 'Charity Shamed' whenever buying his groceries :cool:
  14. Dec 9, 2016
  15. spintee

    spintee Ueber Meister webby mm2

    gambler :)
    I could not express it better my self :)
  16. Dec 9, 2016
  17. dunover

    dunover Unofficial T&C's Editor Staff Member CAG PABnononaccred PABnonaccred PABinit mm3 webmeister

    International Money Launderer
    the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
    I do if the opportunity arises. I have given about £300 this year so far, most to an old school buddy who did a sponsored ride for Sue Ryder, who also benefited from my e1000 CM quiz money that Incrediblestuff allowed me to choose the charity for a couple of years back (I came second or third and he won the first choice). I often donate small amounts when the option is there for online purchases, like eBay or my recent CM Hotel booking. TBH that is when I do virtually all my donating now, aside from Sky Vegas...:rolleyes:
  18. Dec 10, 2016
  19. adamtheaddict

    adamtheaddict Meister Member

    Always give a qiud or 2 when out on the punt during the winter, to the most genuine homeless person out in the cold. Gets annoying when i know of 3 ppl in my home town that arent even homeless though, can literally hear them targetting people if walking past with an open ear, some having turf wars etc :rolleyes: .Would always be more if the punt went well too. Use to van drife for british heart foundation and know how thry go sbout things so prefer not to donate to such places. But yer its always nice to help a genuine homeless out during this cold time of year. Someone froze to death last week down southeast uk here last week , and theres me moaning about how shit html doa is....
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  20. Dec 10, 2016
  21. SlotGrinder

    SlotGrinder Senior Member

    Poker Player
    I don't like those people they jump in your face acting "fun" ok they are trying to get donations but it's a job for them and a different charity every day/week so seems rly insincere . Also when I once signed up for one I agreed to a year at £5/mo which was fine but they continued taking £5/mo well after the year had finished until I stopped it . So yeh I give to random homeless people and happily give to genuine people collecting for salvation army or oxfam or anything rly
  22. Dec 12, 2016
  23. ThePOGG

    ThePOGG Meister Member webmeister

    Casino Affiliate
    Very few people get less time from me than 'charity door knockers'. We all know the type - the hip, charismatic young folk that want to come off as your best friend. I've got to the point where I stop them before they even start their spiel and simply say 'not interested'. It's not the premise that bothers me, it's the use of marketing and emotional manipulation in such a crass fashion. I guess I should have more problem with it when it's some shady company, but I expect that from them. It seems to cheapen the fundamental core of charitable giving to have to be manipulated into it.

    My plans for the day are actually to do a shop to drop off at the local food bank and put together an xmas card for our local Big Issue salesman. I'll also try and pick up some food for the local cat and dog shelter. Animal's have a particularly warm spot in my heart.

    Imo, while any charitable giving is a very positive thing the best ways to ensure your donations have the biggest impact is to look to give to local groups. I'm very aware that this misses out huge and very worthy causes all over the world but as with any company or organisation the bigger something gets the less efficient it is. Local food banks are a important support structure, now that governments all over the world have given up the pretence of caring about anything other than the rich, and offer an opportunity to help out those most in need around you without the risk others have mentioned of cash being used for drugs (though when feeling financially ok myself I do tend to give to any homeless I see on the way back from a night out and just hope they choose to use it for food or some other essential).
  24. Dec 12, 2016
  25. rena35

    rena35 Senior Member

    cyber space
    I don't have much but i do have a warm place to stay and food on the table. I budget spend at the casino, after bills are paid. I received a letter from the school also with the can drive. I packed 3 bags of cans and then i thought i could do better then that. I packed 2 tall boxes of cans to donate to the local ministry and i also gave a few unwrapped gifts at a recent Christmas party for the kids. I have already bought family gifts and the food for Christmas dinner so i am extended out for this month. My daughter mentioned her friend doesn't have anything for Christmas and all she wants is stuffed animals for her collection, a bow and some candy. I told my daughter if something good happens i will help if i can. I asked her why the school doesn't help and she said her mom tried but she is disabled and home bound. The list the school gave, she will have to go and doesn't have anyone else to go for her. I do not know the whole of what is going on, but if my daughter wants to play Santa i will do what i can. If something comes thru maybe she will get the small items she wants. I always help when i can.
  26. Dec 12, 2016
  27. RichyJ75

    RichyJ75 Silly Member PABnonaccred

    Dogsbody and personal servant to my kids
    United Kingdom
    I am the treasurer (volunteer) for the local Scout groups and through them, I/we do lots of charitable donations. Most recent was for the local Alzheimers Society and just before that, the Guide Dogs. Having 3 kids in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and them going to a C of E school, there are always outstretched hands for donations!!

    Would love to help the homeless (coughed up some change on Saturday just gone), but deep down I would prefer to get them something to good to eat or drink.

    I was also asked by the local sperm bank for a donation, but said I would need a hand with that one ........ :p
  28. Dec 13, 2016
  29. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Aspiring old lady

    Not in workforce
    I've decided NOT to donate to charities this season. I belong to a face book sharing group, and I've asked tonight for help for someone to shop and prepare a basket for a family in need. No CEO salary, just people helping people directly. There are several members already doing such, I'm just looking to either provide them with funds to do it for one more, because the requests and nominations exceed the member's means, or someone with no funds but a car to shop and deliver it with, and seeing they have gas and coffee money so they are not out of pocket themselves. Or it gives someone a chance to help when they thought they could not.

    I don't get a tax receipt, but my income in so minimal it makes not difference to me this year.

    I think the gang at CM tends to be wise consumers in general, and we need to be wise with our charitable contributions too.

    The small amount that trickles down to end users for many major charities is quite apalling. If the guy on the street corner in winter buys a bottle of cheap booze or a baggie instead of food with part of your money, it's better than some over paid fundraiser drinking champagne and eating caviar at a $2500 a plate dinner that won't even end up buying the guy a bed in a shelter for a night. But I prefer giving sandwiches or bananas or socks. But I sometimes have money on me when I do not have bananas.
  30. Dec 14, 2016
  31. MissRuthless

    MissRuthless Experienced Member

    Over Worked Under Paid
    Without some support or alot to charity groups situation would be a shit load worse then it is now and is very fucked up as it is ......... Australia has a huge amount of homeless people and alot of them are people with kids.

    Not because they are drug addicts though some are I am sure, there has been huge amounts of cut backs to families in regards to welfare and the new law that came in like 2 years ago where when your youngest
    child turns 6 you are moved off parenting single (welfare payment) and onto the dole. They lose a huge amount of money and then cannot pay their rent, evicted and on the streets.

    People can say, so go get a job, but that is not that simple, since far to many jobs now here are not secured anymore, it's far too much casual part time work and contracting contracts and not enough to go around
    which is a huge issue as well.

    Circumstances change, things happen, change out of your hands, loss of income, sick family member, worse and who knows list could go on, but shit happens at times in big ways and impacts your life
    and situation where you need help from others.

    It's a tough one because yes there is the scumbags who leech off the "system" and take when they don't need but because they can, there is others who are in need yet receive maybe less support then they need.

    I dont bother with any door knockers majority of the time I am rude and will tell them too fuck off and do so, irritates me to no end random idiot knocking on my door -
    But things like food banks I do support, food is a necessary.

    I dont agree with that, if those fundraisers didnt exist there be a hell of a lot less given and available then there is now... who cares if they are paying $2500 or more in some cases and living it up ? They are in a
    financial position to do so, for various reasons, great for them too! - Though I would skip on the caviar part.. they still donate, provide and they have a great time in between doing so. Buying someone a shelter for 1 night is not going to do much of anything, 1 night and its gone........ then what ? what about the next night he or she will have to face after having a cosy night elsewhere?

    There just is Not enough Gov funding homes to accommodate people, homeless numbers are increasing by larger numbers, well here in Australia they are.. Sydney with its very serious housing prices and over crowding and
    list goes on....... there is no easy fix or really any kind of fix with house pricing going through the roof inner city, family incomes too low and cut backs time and time ago, people cannot be stable or get a head or out
    of a mess to begin with either.

    It really is time in Australia and other countries where we have to start trialing UBI, Universal Basic Income, that is being tested in Finland next year for 2 years I think it was.
    Very interesting idea's and one that would keep economy floating and people fed and sheltered. It kinda seems it is Mandatory heading with how there is not enough jobs for everyone, not enough full-time work, part time & casual won't get you a head with anything but might keep you fed and in a home or shelter of some sorts ....... contract jobs are not stable either and with AI Robots taking over human tasks more and more heavily by numbers infact each year this lowers the need for more humans to do the tasks and more people unemployed and the shit cycle begins again, all over again, run out of money, on the streets no income, no food, higher crime and it adds to the already growing problem further and further... where does it end ?

    Like for example, Many Many Years ago now... my partner of a long time now, when he was living in Sydney, married, 4 kids (2 he adopted that were his ex wifes kids) 2 kids he had with her, worked for IBM, he was there
    9 and a half years, he quit, not long before his long service leave... when marriage broke down, she cheated on him, 3rd child that came along was infact not his... and this impacted his life in a Major way.

    Quit work, almost quit life, had nothing, moved into a bungalow behind someones house paid high rent for a shoe box, got to the stage no money, left went to Melbourne lived with his parents for 2 years or so, trying to find work...he was skilled in "IT" nearly 10 years with the one company, yet all he could land was short 3-6 month contract work and not extended.. viscous cycle in work for a while out of work for much longer this went on for years.... landed one job in IT that looked very promising 6 month contract with renew and full time options/chances. After 6 months he got a renewal and was looking so great to be awarded full-time status....

    LOL..... they hired a fresh trainee as well and not long after there was Gov cut backs, my partner and I think was 2 other's 1 was there for years all got the boot due to cut backs the fresh newbie was kept on, as his salary was a hell of a lot lower so keeping him was beneficial.

    Cut the story down, my partner could not land work then there after for a year, he even went for positions beneath his skills and lost his place he had, could not afford paying for it on welfare, even had to go through headaches of drawing out $10k of his own super to keep paying bills trying to stay afloat, and the Gov taxes you around $2k so you end up with around $8 (pathetic) lost his place, ended back with his parents for a while and still applying for anything and everything he landed a job as a driver for a laundry company where his pay was bugger all but it was something and more then he would receive on welfare.

    Today he is still a driver, though not for that laundry place, his salary is less then it could have been when he was in "IT" but he gave up in bothering as too many of the jobs were going too indians anyway and he was not landing anything either.

    Point is shit happens, things change without your control and sometimes it can change so bad your on the streets without a choice. There is alot of people who have no family members to fall back onto, and have nothing left and their will smashed too pieces...... circumstances..... and this is happening now more and more and more yet I am suppose to be in a Country that is the Land of Plenty. Yet it is not.

    Be Grateful for what you have even though we at times want more then we do have, you never know when that rug is going to be pulled from under you and it might hurt A lot.

    And it does concern me Greatly, what is it going to be like for my children when they are much older ? What work will there be ? WHen already Graduates are not getting into work like they assumed they would after years of study, baby boomers still existing and holding onto jobs others need as well, and then as I said little work created and higher numbers hitting unemployment,more AI doing it for us human's....... what is the solution ?

    I "hate" being hungry I recall times a long time ago when I had no food, hungry drives you crazy. I cannot help everyone or many at all, but my youngest daughter helped me by her wanting to contribute which we did in a bigger way then I assumed I would and this also then led to a lot of discussions and thoughts and even still tonight and beyond.. and the memories of what my partner went through.

    I want to own my house and I wanted to so damn badly too. I am so grateful to have 4 amazing wonderful beautiful healthy strong smart children, my partner and of course my pets... food we can eat and a house that protects us from the elements of outside weather, heat, cold etc.

    Meh I was in a rambling mood... sorry !
  32. Dec 14, 2016
  33. rena35

    rena35 Senior Member

    cyber space

    I remember growing up on a farm and we had plenty of food to eat. I also remember after we moved from my grandparents home, days we had little food. Beans and cornbread or just milk and bread. Sometimes nothing. My mom was lucky enough to find a good job to support us. She was a very proud woman and refused handouts or calling my grandparents. Like you said, some people are in the situation because of hardship. I feel like we all can be up one day and something could happen to put us in a hand out line. I do not pass judgement on people, i help when i can and i have even been known to take my coat off my back literally and give it to someone. My kids call me gullible but what they don't realize is the fact that they have never had to feel that hunger or worry about making sure bills are paid. I am a true believer of karma. Hopefully no one ever has to deal with it.

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