Question Are UK players better off with the UKGC on board?

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Feb 22, 2013
United Kingdom
i'm asking the question because months in since the new regulations and licensing came in, I've only seen downsides.

As a UK slots player we have already had the choice of available casinos limited, and there is some big names in there that no longer accept UK players such as Betsson and Luckydino etc etc, for some casinos this is temporary issue while they apply for a license and for others its a permanent choice.

UK slots players no longer have full access to the range of slots at casinos, since this is also a licensing issue, and to top it off we are being segmented by casinos for the promotions that are running, from the affiliate side of things i see a lot of (not valid for UK players).

It's no surprise that casinos are hesitant to even both accepting UK players as they will be taxed additionally by the UKGC on UK generated revenue as are the affiliates too.

So they are a regulatory body supposed to be looking after us, the biggest case recently has been the 666bet/ Metroplay and the most recent statement by the UKGC can be found here

Old / Expired Link

when they actually highlight on their own site However, it remains the case that the Commission cannot guarantee when or indeed whether customers will be paid. in reference to that case it dosen't exactly fill you full of confidence that they are an active help for UK players and worth all the hassles listed above...


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Apr 2, 2007
Regarding the UK market, the bill has been signed into law July 2014 (and came fully into force on 1 December 2014), but so far I haven't seen any impact from it except of payment providers (Visa / MC / Neteller / Skrill) has restricted deposits into online casinos for UK customers. And UK players don't get punished by UK government for playing in casinos which don't have UK license (if they manage to deposit there of course). I would suggest you to really look at online casinos which accept Bitcoins. There are plenty of good ones.

P.S. Many people say that all this has been done to get more taxes (casinos which are licensed in the UK have to pay 15% of GGR generated by UK players).


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May 22, 2012
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Made little difference to me. I can still play any slot I like at a variety of UKGC licensed sites. I still get bonuses and to me little has changed. As for security of funds I tend to play at established 'safe' sites and I know damn well that the UKGC are the same as any other lame-arsed GC when it comes down to it and should bent casinos somehow 'mismanage' a guaranteed 4% house edge and disappear with customer funds NO GC can make the cash reappear.
As for taxation, all governments will eventually cash-in on the golden goose of online gaming - it's just a question of 'when?'

The whole situation is inevitable and was predictable. The halcyon days of casinos being able to make profits tax-free across borders for essentially a business which requires, aside from some capital, little apart from a software license, advertising, in or outsourced CS and payment processing.

Parasol, Dikshit and the 888 crew are billionaires and many others have been made rich by a low-cost high-turnover business. Sooner or later taxman and regulators were always going to take their slice, wherever the businesses are nominally registered - Gib, Malta or UK.


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Mar 21, 2012
I have not really looked into it, Reason being is no doubt U.K government done this just so they can get abit of the pie,

I have seen many casinos with the new pop up agreement, If you read the terms it states that players funds are held in another account, This is not exactly true, I think only a certain amount % is, As it than goes on to say if anything thing happens than there is no guarantee that you will get your money, Now hang on a minute I thought it was separated? Yes but in there own banks,

Something is bound to happen such as people are going to win big and get no winnings, We ill see how much force they have than, I have noticed that U.K have lost a good bit over this with bonus ect, But I have even seen them getting more regular now, Probs didn't realise how much it would effect them by cutting us U.K players of our perks :)

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