Are things getting tight around the holidays ??


Fraudster - chargebacker
Aug 26, 2010
Is it just me or are things starting to get really tight with some of the more reputable casinos lately ? 32red, 3dice, iNet....can't seem to catch a streak at all. I'm not a high roller, semi-high I would say, down 20k overall in Nov and so far down 5k for this month with the highest withdrawal being 4k....and that was after i deposited 10K, and going on a bender with 5 hand 200 black jack. (which i only ever play when i get sick of the slots)

these casino's either gotta loosen up or lose some of their gets boring losing and watching the reels continuously spin without a decent bonus or payout. For me, i've decided to take a 3 month hiatus...i think the GFC is starting to hit some of these more reputable, accountable casinos.

I remember when i started playing Ts2 (I always play 2x300 coins), the bonus round would come atleast once every 40-50, I find myself continually hitting the "auto play" play button after 100 spins and no feature, same with arctic fortune, mad dash..etc etc..depositing 500 or 1000 is no use, i know it'll fall away within the hour.