Are there other casinos using CasinoBar's software?


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Yes, you can recognize them because they offer these games:

Poker Plus
Slots Plus
Caribbean Poker
Battle Royale
Free Ride
Double Poker

Some have these legal claims:

Legal Internet Casino: Casino Bar operates under 100% legal conditions and is licensed and regulated by the government of Venezuela.

Accreditation: Casino Bar is acknowledged internationally and accredited by the IGC (Internet Gaming Commission).

Venezuela has no gambling commission, and the "Internet Gaming Commission" has no legal standing. They just issue their stamp to any casino that pays for it.

The real story is at:
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Rip Me a New A-hole Casino Yeah!


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is one not mentioned.

This was in the group with Casino Bar and Casino On Air. Casino On Air and Java Casino used to use Starnet software (java casino only had the java version). This group used to give away thousands a month in bonuses before they rigged the software.


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rider321 Hi Mary Are there other casinos using gold betting ,ladydream and lucky dog casino software ? Thank you