are slots random? REALLY?

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neon claws

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Jan 5, 2020
I was playing a slot and it seemed pretty random, but then I started thinking about how it could stand to be more random.

Some ideas:
1. The bet size should change randomly each spin
2. Sometimes your balance should change from a string of numbers to letters instead, and sometimes it should increase
3. The Double Up feature should make you choose, instead of between red or black whether you feel you truly deserve to be happy or not
4. The machine should use, instead of a set up pre-created homogeneous graphics, rather only images from random YouTube thumbnails
5. It should mine (or steal?) Bitcoins
6. You should be able to get negative features, where you just get berated for wasting your time
7. Ultra-features: if you get one of these you own the casino now
8. The whole thing should run in reverse, so you start at $0.03 balance and work your way backwards to your initial deposit
9. The screen should be inverted so you have to play looking into a mirror

These are just some Original Ideas™ do not steal
Not open for further replies.