Are Sloto and Desert Nights going downhill now too?!


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Mar 8, 2011
:what:Every deposit I've made at Desert Nights recently have failed to give me the claimed deposit bonus. Unfortunetly, as they have no live chat OR an email address that actually works, they seem to be now ignoring the fact that this continues to happen. In the past Ms Sloto (the Sloto rep on this forum) has resolved this very quickly by crediting my account. The time b4 last this was done and I received an email making it sound like this was due to some sort of mistake on my part when claiming the bonus, which was NOT the case. Balance was always zero....minimum deposit amount was exceeded, etc. This time however they seem to just simply be ignoring me all together. I sent Ms Sloto a private message and then posted a note to her. I can see a rep has checked this forum every day yet I haven't heard one word. Is anyone else having issues with this group?? Would be a shame to lose yet another of the few options left to those of us US customers.:confused:
I dont quite understand. You said they did not give you the bonus on each and every deposit. Surely you would have asked them about this right after your first deposit.
I dont quite understand. You said they did not give you the bonus on each and every deposit. Surely you would have asked them about this right after your first deposit.

As I stated this is impossible to do due to their lack of live chat or even an email address that doesn't get bounced back. Therefore, as they have always credited my account after contact MS SLOTO, their rep on this forum, I didn't feel it was an issue to continue to deposit with them.

I have had withdrawals with both Desert Nights and Sloto that were processed amazingly quickly in comparison to others and I've never had an issue. I don't mind having to contact them for the bonus after the just seems that now they have not only not fixed the problem....they have stopped responding to customers on the forum, which is currently the one and only way to reach them!
The emails HAVE started to bounce, I noticed this also. But I contacted the rep here via a PM, and resolved an issue. So she's still here, try that. :)
even tho the slots seems tighter then before i got no probs there there cashout is super fast only 3dice and 32red can be quicker but my last 2 withdrawals last one early this week were paid within 4 hours after i asked for them to flush it :)
no rep response

:confused: I am still waiting after several attempts to get some sort of response from the rep...even though they have visited this forum several times since I wrote them. That is what worries me. They have always been really quick with the payouts and up until now the rep has gotten back to me really quickly. I hope it's not the beginning of yet another US choice being taken away! Maybe the casinos left available to us simply know we are not a priority as our choices are so limited now?

Thanks for the responses!
im a usa player currently waiting on a withdraw from desert nights, should of been here last week, so i emailed them asking whats the hold up and they said their 3rd party processer made an error and that they would reinitiate the withdraw and they say it should be in my bank by next friday.

ive found that when i email them from my computer the email is undelivered, but when i mail them from my iphone it seems to send fine, so thats wierd but at least their receiving them.

im a bit nervous about getting my withdraw, its over 1k and i really need that money soon, not sure if their stalling or if thier 3rd party processer had a legit error.

has anyone else received a withdraw via bank wire recently?
i will keep everyone posted when i receive my withdraw
i received my 1350 earlier this week from desert, good group if you can get past the no live chat and phone support thingy

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