Are online slots really random them explain to me???


One more spin
Mar 1, 2011
toronto ontario canada
I play microgaming casinos and I have played Sonics 7 slots a newer release.
I was playing after spinning said big win won 300.00 the thing is i had no winning lines none at all!
then spinned again and thats win the winning line showed and this happen a 2nd time but 2nd time was with a different casino...Soooooo how can this be random?? Hmmmm
So it looks to me even though I have spun the reels the next spin is already programmed but how many spins?


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Mar 19, 2008
East and West
I'm not gonna go into the whole random discussion again, because mo matter what ANYONE outside the programming room tries to tell you, that is ONLY guessing, and a matter of believing the guys from the programming room, NOONE else will ever know for sure, but this sounds like there might be a delay in the graphics that are showing.
So imo nothing to do with it not being random, but a flaw in the game, so that it shows the graphics from your previous spin.
Had it been the other way that it showed the graphics from the NEXT comming spin, that you hadnt spun yet, that would have been a different fish, and far more concerning.