Are casinos with the same software identical?


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Jul 27, 2006
Does anyone know if casinos with the same software are identical, that is; with similar or same odds and patterns. For instance, a game in a casino with microgaming software, would it be almost same as playing same game with same strategies in another microgaming casino? Would you get same results in the long haul. Thanks.
The answer is YES if its an MG, Crypto or Wagerworks. No if its an RTG as RTG allows its operators (casinos) to change some paytables. The aforementioned three, to the best of my knowledge, don't :thumbsup:
Thanks Simmo.

How about Playtech or Chartwell softwares are they identical across different casinos too?


There are some differences even with MG, for example. Most MG casinos have a selection of games, however, MGS will do a bespoke branded game for a given brand. While this may play differently, in most cases where I have seen this, the game, usually a slot, is essentially one of the regular slots with new and bespoke sounds and graphics.
One example is the branded games in Fortune Lounge, and Palace Group (Fairground Gaming) casinos. Belle Rock also have a branded slot, but also in Double Magic the Jackpot/Wild has been changed from the usual Blue electric star to a BelleRock Logo.
Playtech casinos can have a branded game, such as Main Street Maina in the old Playtech properties of Main Street Group.
Microgaming have also developed an increasing number of Pub Slots in the flash casino (Sometimes known as "Fruit Machines" in the UK) - Ladbrokes flash casino seems to have them all.
Branding on other games is there, but barely noticeable. With MG, Crypto etc, the games will still adhere to the rules of the others. It would be possible to check the branded video slots in Fortune Lounge for payout percentage in the same manner as was done for others such as Thunderstruck. The methods of doing this were extensively discussed in a thread earlier, in which Zoozie made a Java based simulator that could be altered to simulate any MG 5 reel video slot, or indeed any other unweighted slot with consistent reel bands.

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