Are casino allowed to use third party payment processors?.


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Nov 18, 2016
I used bwin this week and guess what they charged me under . I did a search it said this website is linked to a lot of scams involving poker. Are they allowed to charge me under this and they never informed me.So they gave my details to third party? . My bank was laughing at the merchant code they gave has nothing to do with gambling.
As far as I know, most if not all casinos out there use a 3rd party to process their payments.

This is why a lot of places charge small fees for deposits and withdrawals to assist towards their costs they have to pay these payment processors.
Copied directly from the web site:

PKRSER.COM is a cashier service provided by companies within the digital entertainment group responsible for the payment processing of transactions related to's group real money products and services.

PKRSER.COM is our cashier service�s name that also includes the entities and

So it's not really 3rd party, just what they decided to call there merchant code. So you might also see the other web site listed as well on your transactions randomly.

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