Are bonus amounts pre-determined?


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Jun 21, 2006
When I Get the electric chair bonus on Frankencash does it matter which gauges I select? Or which hats at Bars and Stripes?


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Jun 10, 2003
Are you asking if the amount won was predestined and not 'luck'? I have wondered that myself and in my opinion it is predestined . There are a couple great older threads about this around here you should look at .


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Oct 17, 2004
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Are you asking if the amount won was predestined and not 'luck'? I have wondered that myself and in my opinion it is predestined . There are a couple great older threads about this around here you should look at .

We've discussed this a lot. I think the general conscensus ended up as: "Pick 'em" style bonuses = pre-determined "Free spin" style bonuses = random (well, as random as is possible!). I think it was Zoozie that did some great work on this, demonstrating that the 'Enchanted Unicorn' type bonus was 100% definitely pre-determined.

The upshot being, don't worry if you thought you made some bad picks and similarly, don't congratulate yourself when you pick the best ones :D


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Oct 14, 2004
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Predetermind, and proved by an old Microgaming bug:D

With the bug, it was possible to use the mouse to view the EZBonus details in the "bubble" from within the game. This has now been fixed, but it could be seen that the "bubble" showed the resulting balance BEFORE the bonus game was completed. One example I recall was "witches wealth". I could see the result of the spin before the wand came to rest. If there was no change, the result would be the next level bonus game, usually much better.
This bug also showed the results of the VP double game to have been determined before the player card was selected.
MG clearly thought this minor bug worth fixing, as it showed some embarrassing "behind the scenes" insights as to how results were determined. Other bugs, such as the "-1 spins left & reels 3-5 jamming during Thunderstruck free spins" are clearly not worth the bother.

Despite pressure, MG REFUSE to address the various shortcomings of the multiplayer tournaments (so far).


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Oct 9, 2006
When I was down the shore with my friend we also discussed this. I told her "my feelings" on the subject because she gambles alot in land based and feels the same way. I think no matter what you pick, it's gonna be the same outcome.

This is why "I feel this way"... You either have bad sessions or not, when Im having a good day online, no matter what I pick, it always end up being like the 2500 one on bars and stripes or over 1500 on hitman.

When I cant win at a casino for the life of me another day, no matter what I pick, I get 40 or 50 on the bars and stripes and like 500 on hitman. Try to remember your good and bad sessions to see what bonuses you pick. One time on cashanova...I picked the gold key EVERYTIME..when Im losing, I never get it


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Jan 18, 2007
CocaoRob, now RobRival, assured us here that the pick 'em game in Reel Fortune is completely random... 3 curtains - behind any two you will find bags of coins and behind one you'll find a donkey stopping the game. You pick until stopped infinitely with 66% chance to go forward each time.

The new future fortunes game at Rival seems to be the same - first you're given a 50/50 chance to pick between two cards, then 33% choice between three, 25% between 4, etc. Each time the reward gets higher.
I've had phenom wins on this feature. Whereas the free spins feature is low return, but comes more often. (low return because the line win pay tables are low with lots of free spin games, the 'juice' is in the tarot card game)


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Mar 3, 2007
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Glory of Rome is another example... when you get the 3 soldier feature and pick on the shields - return to the game - a different screen appears to start a predetermined free spin game... I have seen this playing for real and in fun play.