are all playtech casinos ok?

Read the meister's raving review on Black Widow casino and decide for yorself!
It is not fair to judge Playtech (the online casino manufacture) by a behavior of one irregular online casino management Playtech has many other casinos, I spot one of the casinos promoted on this site (kiwi casino). In a matter of fact most of the casinos of Playtech are fair and honest. It will be iniquitous to sully all those online casinos because of one rotten apple. Personally I can recommend at least two Playtech casinos I know: Club Dice Casino and Casino-Tropez. There is a new one City Club Casino which I have just signed up this month so I can not tell you how it is but so far its look promises. I prefer new casinos because of their effort to attract new players with high bonuses and ongoing comps :yes:

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