Are all Futurebet casinos bad ??


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Oct 11, 2005
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Lately I could see at casino city some newfuture bet casinos like sorry if they are bad and I give them the publicity, dont try them, they are future bet I just give an example.

Can anyone recommend some good future bet casinos ?
General comment to everyone

Do yourself a favor and do a Google search on "Futurebet"

After you read the rogue section, ask yourself why you would want to patronize these casinos when there are so many safer casinos to deal with.

One Caveat - I do not consider Futurebet casinos if you PAB. So if you run into a problem there - you are on your own. Sorry, but that's the way it is.
In the past you rogued Chartwell, and of course some of them were very bad and did not play players like sandpiper and more.

I am sure there were some very bad Future bet, bad futurebet and I think there must be coupld of them that pay, unless you hit them really big.

I made I think one of them by mistake in the past and they paid but after a long time.

What I meant to say is that sometimes you login to a website and it looks ery nice, not cheesy, they have pokers, they have sportsbook... casino.

You check in the forums and you dont read anything bad about them.

The reason I am asking is of course the signup bonus, who does not want a new bonus sometimes ? would not you eager for one those days that ongoing are little tougher .

Casinocity advertise them and big... can they be so bad ? Is casinocity want to harm his own reputation by putting casinos that wont pay in their front page ?

I think most of them are bad, I know that, I just ask if someone has a good eperience with one of them ?
I could be wrong, but I'm guessing from what I've seen recently that most Futurebet casinos are just "skins" that effectively all lead to the same place. Eg: support, back-office, etc are all centralised. Unless someone can correct me.


In the past you rogued Chartwell, and of course some of them were very bad and did not play players like sandpiper and more...
There are far more failed Futurebet operations than Chartwell. Why? Because the philosophy behind Futurebet is that they want to give entrepreneurs who don't have a lot of financial backing a chance to get into the market. The problem with that is you're not selling shoes, you are providing online gambling which relies on total player trust.

Chartwell has had their share of grief when it comes to rogue operators, but they have kept things pretty straight for the past couple of years. Futurebet? Take a look at the complaints section and tally up the funds owed at the moment by pokes poker.

As long as player patronize these FB casinos, the longer they will hang around. It's not rocket science. Again, I don't deal with FB complaints anymore since it's pretty futile. The typical scenario is that the operation has gone financially in the red. There is no safety net for FB players. If there is, please point it out to me.
Asking if FutureBet is legit means that your hunger for new casino games is huge !

I see more and more players searching alternatives to MicroGaming, Playtech, RTG and InterCasino.
Here is the latest example:
But as Simmo! said, there are no FutureBet casinos.
There are affiliates promoting their website, not even a software skin, as all FutureBet websites have a link which opens a Flash window with the same designed software inside.
There are no operators as the support is always done by FutureBet.
You can open a FutureBet casino for less than 500$:
Old / Expired Link
That means that you dont operate your casino as you dont do the support and you dont pay the customers, you just do the marketing of your website which gives access to a software which is not branded for you. I call that affiliation not operation.

The fact they have ads everywhere on CasinoCity isn't a proof of their ability to operate properly an online casino.
You have money to spend ? You can spread your ads all over CasinoCity on a CPM basis:
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I hope you don't trust a product just because you've seen it on TV ?
Its advertisement, you pay for your ads and you get your ads, that's all.

That said, I have to confess that I like a lot the design of some of their slots.
For example, go there and try the Circus Side Show Slot:
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The design is much better that some of the latest MicroGaming productions.
I also like slots like Hauted House or Drive In.
But there is no original funky features such as the RTG slots have.
Look at their Roulette, Ive seen it more than 2 years ago and it looks much better than the pre-Gold Series from MicroGamings.
It happens to FutureBet the same thing that to GFED.
They could have been a major software company (maybe Im going to far), but they suck so much that you could give them the best designers and programmers, their management would ruin it in an augenblickwhat a shame.

If there is a software which is quite unknown and which deserves to be, its Wagerworks (youll find it at Virgin Games).
I cant wait for The Elvis Multistrike release available on LedGaming for fun.
Gamesys (youll find it at JackpotJoy) is quite funny and innovative too.
To stay UK developers focused, I also love the games and especially the slots from Dynamite Ideas, Electracade, AshGaming, Orbis Technology, Chartwell Technology and Parlay Entertainment.
They are creating (except Chartwell and Parlay which are major softwares) all the white labelled fixed odd games, virtual racing games, etcbut also some innovative roulette, video poker and slot games you can play in the games section at the big UK bookmakers sites such as Paddy Power, BetFred, BlueSQ, Labrokes, William Hill, etc
UK has great software companies and operators.
Its a shame we dont have this same abundance here in Spain considering that we have a strong gambling culture and some of the biggest slot manufacturers such as Cirsa, Recreativos Franco and Unidesa. They are very poor online, not to say inexistent, as software designers or operators.
Cirsa is dealing with Ladbrokes and William Hill to attack the Spanish marketwhat a shame, they have the market in their hands (theyve lobbied every region from Spain for decades), they know the business, but theyve never gone online and now they need UK companies to reach customers on their own market.
Same for France. We have very powerful casino groups such as Lucien Barrire, Moliflor, Tranchant, Emeraude and Partouchewell we have Casino Partouche online but theyd better stayed offline as their behaviour is unacceptable.
Talking about French actors of the market, reminds me that actually there is another software I like quite a lot, especially the slots as they have some crazy features such as the RTG ones, its French, its called B3W (youll find it at Casino SoleraFrench software, Spanish casino, I guess thats why I like it), but it has a bad reputation on CasinoMeister, very unjustified in my point of view, especially due to an old issue on their video pokers (it was on CasinoMeisters rogue section but it is not available any more) but also to newer ones, always on VP.
Recently, the Wizzard of Odds has published a warning concerning the doubts he have about the randomness of their video poker but to me, the Slotland video poker issue is much worth, because we now know for sure that they didnt mention at the time (since then, they do), that their video pokers were big worry when you are a VP player. :icon_evil
But everybody here would agree to say that Slotland is a great and fair software (you just have to know that their VP are slots), even if it looks so pre-Web-historic for our Web 2.0 standards.
I have to admit that the Slotland success is a big mystery for me. :confused:

But, as a conclusion of my endless and erratic post, I would say that this is not the matter with FutureBet. Its a nice themed software but the people behind it really suck. You would be safer in a RTG casino (RTG software is one of my favourite).
This says it all.
Congratulations on a knowledgeable post, Alexandre.

Your comments about Futurebet imo are well made - the usual first response when there is a problem is "The owner has directed us not to pay" or "The owner has disappeared" which starts a long and bitter wrangle to get the player paid because there is a clear reluctance to take responsibility for the lack of integrity of some of their licensees.

Somewhere in the archives here, too is a very interesting snapshot of how Futurebet treated its licensees from an operator perspective - it makes scary reading.

As Bryan says, in this business trust is everything and whilst Futurebet had the technical capacity to be among the leaders, bad treatment of players ensured that it never would be.

Regarding Partouche, they have a relatively new division called Partouche Interactive which had a strong presence at ICE in London this year. I spent a little time with them and they have big ambitions to get into the turnkey provider sector of the industry in a much bigger way - they will be worth watching as it's a group with major financial clout (from the 55 land casino operations they own)

The Partouche Interactive stand was large and well manned, showing off a growing range of interactive and internet products. PI is a new subsidiary of the French land casino company Groupe Partouche, which owns some 55 land operations throughout Europe. The company flew in famous footballer Eric Cantona as their ambassador for the new platform which offers no download Platinum Backgammon using software from the French software developer Que des Jeux. More can be expected from the well funded Partouche Interactive which has been created to "establish a gateway between land-based casinos and communications technology networks" on a global basis.

The company is selling Flash instant multiplay casino games both web and mobile, and web and mobile Backgammon. It is also offering Cash TV, a unique television channel for gaming broadcasts in France on Canal Satellite around-the-clock, and will be producing poker TV programming through Sogimage Productions.

Partouche Interactive was formed under CEO Frederic Vinzia in April last year.

There is certainly a good and apparently growing selection of games and providers available in the industry whether its the casino, poker or mobile sectors - and as far as the latter is concerned the choice seems to grow by the month as new mobile technology companies emerge to feed a clearly strong market demand from operators wanting to go mobile, an area that Juniper Research claims will hit billions in revenues over the next few years.

Chartwell licensees did have several unfortunate incidents (I was involved in some of them) several years ago, and these were exacerbated by their refusal to help the player, but there are few complaints nowadays and the company has matured into a reasonably successful second tier provider imo, although it still maintains a hands-off policy when it comes to player complaints, which I think is outdated and irresponsible.
Thank you all for the information. I have some friends who won at Future bet casinos and got paid after 3,4 months.

I saw the complaints, just wanted to know if they changed, probably not and now that I see it all came to the same place when it comes to payment processing and policy, well good for them not for the player.

The websites look nice, casinocity put risk sign when it comes to Elka and casino bar... not when it comes to futurebet

I've seen all the nice things about Partouche's new online emancipation with the creation of Partouche Interactive, the new software developed by Quedesjeux, Eric Cantona, etc...
But for the moment, Partouche online business is and
Theses 2 websites don't pay their clients nor they their pay affiliates.
We have 2 little forums ( and about online casinos in France and both of them were agressively promoting Partouche as the majority of the French affiliates.
All the post were pro-Partouche.
If you go there today, you'll see douzens of threads against Partouche.
Last week, they have lauched a "SEO contest" with the aim to get the 1st place on the word "casino' on and every participating website has to put a non editable zone on its contest webage with 19 links to Partouche's websites, and the n1 keyword they use in the anchortext of these links is CASINO.
Sure, Partouche's websites will end 1st but also 2nd, 3rd, etc...
It's not a contest, it's a con dedicated to little affiliates who don't know anything about the business and SEO.
But, more than FutureBet, they could have been great...they have everything to be great as they are one of the top 5 land casino operators, they have a very decent software (the actual one) but they just can't do it properly.
I could fill pages about how they coned players and affiliates, ressources are easy to find as they did a lot of bad things.
Partouche is the French worst online operation you could think about and frankly, I don't see why it would change.
Alexandre, I don't have sufficient knowledge of the French language or market to dispute your comments above, which in any case I have no reason to disbelieve.

I'm telling you what Partouche is putting out to the wider international market as their capability and intentions.

It's disappointing to learn that a company like this that has everything necessary to become a successful and integrity driven addition to the online gambling industry is screwing up its chances with bad behaviour - they are not the first and they certainly won't be the last to do that by ham handed and player insensitive management, regrettably.

Fortunately there are French sites where their unprofessional behaviour can be recorded, and players warned to expect the worst.

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