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archive--problems/successes--October 1999

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by lasvegashitmob, Oct 9, 1999.

    Oct 9, 1999
  1. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    Thank you. I'll check on their votes from now (past votes are not retained).
    Graeme Levin

    Graeme Levin
    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    <, Hi,
    <, I am amazed that firstlive casino is constantly listed in your top sites poll, surely this is due to vote rigging of yourpoll by their employees, first live are a scam outfit and have not paid anyone out for ages check ANY gambling forum for proof, are you a victim of their fraud or are you part of first live NO REAL PLAYER WOULD EVER VOTE FOR THEM, you may be unaware but you are assisting in this scam by people trusting the results of your poll your comments

  2. Oct 30, 1999
  3. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    $22450.00 hit in the torpedo. Damn do I like those $20,000 Royal Flushes.
  4. Oct 30, 1999
  5. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Let's see, the last we heard from Hit Mob was that the casino manager from the African Fair play wanted to meet him in London. Have they dug him the ultimate hole?
  6. Oct 30, 1999
  7. dave_r

    dave_r Dormant account

    I strongly urge all gamblers to STAY FAR AWAY
    from Atlantic Interbet. After accumulating a sample size of close to 4000 hands of BJ, the actual results differ from the theoretical (playing perfect basic strategy) by over 6 standard deviations. You can think of 1 standard deviation as marking off the central area under a bell curve representing the probability distrubution of the sample. The area encompassed by plus one and minus one standard deviation is 68.3%, or about 2/3 of the area under the curve, leaving about 16% in each tail. Two standard deviations represents 95.44% of the area under the curve with 2.28% in each tail. Three standard deviations represents 99.74% of the area with .13% in each tail.

    This means that there is about one chance in a thousand that any result out by three standard deviations in one direction was the result of a random fluctuation. The chances of losing 80% of my wagers in BJ is astromical. What is the likelyhood what I expereinced was a random flux?
  8. Oct 30, 1999
  9. Lasvegashitmob

    is currently in hospital I will be taking him a lap top later today so hopefully he can join in the forum again
  10. Oct 30, 1999
  11. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Damn, Hit mob. I told you that guy from African Fair Play was going to go to London and kick your ass. Hope all is well
  12. Oct 30, 1999
  13. Africa FOUL play was here .
    Hit Mob got hit
    Ha Ha Ha joking
  14. Oct 31, 1999
  15. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    WARNING----- to all male readers

    After visiting the toilet ensure all your bits are tucked away before doing up your zip I will say no more on this subject suffice to say they have managed to stem the blood loss and I am currently not mobile and have been assured there will not be any long term loss of feeling.

    Now guess what I HAVE been payed by African foul play (nice description Steve) it took over 3 weeks nearly four and you have to ask was it Microgamings intrvention that helped or just me ranting on at all forums that assisted either way I will let you decide if you want to play there

    OY ADKINS leave some royal flushes for other people will you

    Timothy nice web site managed to turn that $1000 you kindly gave me into $7900 so nice casino too!!!!!!

    OH well no doubt I will not get any sleep with all these sick people ranting and raving all night but the nurses are not bad there is only one ugly one and she knows who she is

    Goodnight all
  16. Oct 31, 1999
  17. Snakeyes

    Snakeyes Guest

    I get the feeling a LOT of online BJ plays "funny". Just count how many black jacks you get vs. the dealer. The dealer gets more black jacks EVERY session. That does not include the hands in which you busted. Don;t take my word for it, check it out yourselves. While your at it check how often you hit a ten when hitting to a 12. For me it's always over 50%. Compare that to how often you hit a 10 when doubling. For me 25%.
    I've just about given up on online BJ.
  18. Oct 31, 1999
  19. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    OH yes one more thing

    firstlive closed down

    can't for the live of me think why

    OY Matron get my wheelchair I want a smoke
  20. Oct 31, 1999
  21. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    Snake eyes ?????

    hello your online I see

    which casino software is scamming you
  22. Oct 31, 1999
  23. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Got your member caught in your zipper hey hitmob?
    Ha Ha Ha. No I still have not been paid from Caesars gold ripoff online casino. My bank has been investigating their transaction numbers for almost a week now. They are slow as pig shit.

    So maybe in the next 30 days or so, I will get paid. Meanwhile, the torpedo is now ranked high on my list. I will let you know how long it takes to get the money.
  24. Oct 31, 1999
  25. dave_r

    dave_r Dormant account

    Its my humble opinion that most turnkey software
    providers have programmed the games to CHEAT the player. The games are rigged, or manipulated,
    to give the house a much large than normal advantage. Turnkey providers make a large percentage of thier licenceed profits. If a provider has several licencees, there is great incentive to cheat. After all, THERE IS NO REGULATION ! Without regulation, its a license to STEAL. They can steal your hard earned money without you even knowing it, or even if you do know it, YOU ARE UNABLE TO PROVE IT!

    Game manipulation exists everywhere in the internet gaming industry. Certain providers give thier licencees the abiltity to "tune" the odds,
    while most say nothing to thier licencees, and adjust the odds themselves. They experiment around to see just how far they can go. It has been proven that its actually MORE PROFITABLE to cheat the player than to run an honest game.
    Quick short term profits go immediately into advertising. The result of the advertising is to bring in more and more new suckers to play the rigged games. This results in even higher profitablility, and a good 50% of the profits go straight back into advertising again. Its a vicious cycle that never ends, and allows cheating casinos to make enormous amounts of $$.
  26. Oct 31, 1999
  27. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Dave, I agree about the no regulations. It sounds like to me that you just discribed Handa Lopez's casino software.

    I think that microgaming, starnet, and boss media casinos are honest. The reason I say this is because I have won alot of money in these casinos.

    There are very crooked casino operators out there with rigged games. It is up to us the player, to decide the good ones from the bad ones

    I would stick with well known casinos and software.
  28. Oct 31, 1999
  29. Snakeyes

    Snakeyes Guest

    The problems I have experienced with blackjack are mainly Microgaming casinos that I have played at for a while. The thing thats most noticable is the number of Blackjacks player receives vs the dealer. I have never pulled more blackjacks than the dealer in any session of over 50 hands. The more hands per session the higher the ratio too. The only way I can win is by wining the bigger bets as the dealer usually wins more hands. I've deviated from basic strategy when it comes to hitting a 12 vs dealers 12 or 13. I don't hit the 12.
    Anyway I would really like to know if anyone else has noticed the same unequell distribution of blackjacks.

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