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archive--problems/successes--May 1999

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by Frank Williams, May 7, 1999.

    May 7, 1999
  1. Attention Brian (administrator of this forum)

    I've recently found your forum and think it is great that people can share their experiences with others about their times at online casinos.

    However, there is one thing that has really got to me and I'm sure others may feel the same: Is this the "Steve Adkins" forum or the "Casinomeister" forum?

    I have played at many of the casinos that are featured here and have never experienced the kinds of hassles that Steve continues to talk about. Everyone has their own opinion based on their experiences, yet I feel that Steve has been given the freedom to complain at will and I really don't think that it should be allowed to continue if you want your forum to be the informative guide it should be. I have also noticed that Steve never seems to run down the "Rags-to-Riches" Casino... is this just coincedance or does he own this casino??? (I have an idea that it may be the latter).

    Please give my posting careful consideration; I think you may have to look at how this forum is run from a different angle in the future.


    Frank Williams
  2. May 7, 1999
  3. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Frank: I noticed that you did not allow anyone to email you with a response. Maybe because of who you are. There are a ton of casino's that I personally recommend. The Lucky Nugget, Caesars, The Grand, Vegas Lite, Vegas Online, Rags to Riches, and the list goes on.
    And yes there are a few that I do not recommend

    And Yes Frank I have wrote a book on playing video poker, send me $20.00 and you to could learn to win.

    I sign my REAL NAME and email address when posting anything in this forum. If I own the rags to riches casino, Tell them how to make out check!

    Frank, We know who I am and how to get ahold of me. Now who are you? Anyone can post anonymous in this forum or use a bogus name. I do not!

    Anyone that gambles on a regular basis on the internet is going to experience problems. I can back up any posting that I make.

    And you know what Frank, maybe I will start a STeve Adkins forum, and tell everyone who you are and what you did!

    You must have a business problem with me, maybe someone that was mentioned in Todays Casinomeister News Letter? You I could really slam in here.
  4. May 7, 1999
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    is this forum not supposed to be for all of us? what's with this latent agression? steve you obviously have that guy mistaken for someone else.
    women also like using forums and I don't think it is right to use these forums for personal leverage. kiss and make up. let's carry on talkin' casinos. OK?
  6. May 7, 1999
  7. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    I agree.
  8. May 7, 1999
  9. This is exactly the kind of thing I am trying to prevent from happening here. I sincerely apologize to the anonymous person who is absolutely correct in saying that this is supposed to be a forum with constructive views and comments... not mud slinging.
  10. May 7, 1999
  11. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Ok Frank. Nice Email Address
  12. May 9, 1999
  13. David Hess

    David Hess Guest

    It's great to have someone who assumes a pivotal role in a forum, as it allows his/her statements to be deemed reliable. Steve Adkins has established himself in this forum, and as such I trust all the things he has to say. I'm glad we have him to endorse casinos and caution players.
  14. May 9, 1999
  15. Raadams

    Raadams Guest

    Frank you should not come in here and bash Steve.
    I agree with David Hess. Funny how the only posting that you made was negative about steve adkins. Did you read his article about how to pick an online casino. The guy knows what he is talking about. If you want to bash him, Go elsewhere.
  16. May 10, 1999
  17. I have indeed read Steves article and I think there is a gross misconception about what I had posted on May 7th. (I am certainly not out to "bash Steve" as Raadams put).

    Ultimately it is really up to the individual to decide for his/herself as to whether a particular casino meets their specific levels of expectation and enjoyment.
  18. May 10, 1999
  19. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Hey lets talk casino's. If you want to say something to me personally, this is not the forum.
    You can email me if you have a problem with me, You can bet if I have a problem with you or your casino. I will email you first, and then post it here.

    So,Lets talk gambling, casino's things like that.
    What has everyone's experience been with a bank in Canada called EFS?
  20. May 10, 1999
  21. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Has any tried ArcticHouse Roulette Analyzer?
    Is it really good?

  22. May 10, 1999
  23. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Has any tried ArcticHouse Roulette Analyzer?
    Is it really good?

  24. May 10, 1999
  25. M. craft

    M. craft Guest

    my experience with the EFS bank is that they are slow to pay. Takes three weeks to get a credit card credited back. That is unsatisfactory.
    You keep writing steve I will keep reading
  26. May 11, 1999
  27. Timothy

    Timothy Guest

    EFS is a subsidiary of Starnet Communication based in Canada. Starnet uses EFS as the credit processor for all it's licensee's casinos .

    Steve , regarding Access Corp , I do not think that Starnet is directly involved . As you know , Access Corp develop and sell "links" sites .
    It is like web mastering .

    Those sites are link to either Island Casino or Classic Casino.

    I have no idea who owns Island but I do know that Global Interactive owns Classic casino . Read it at www.globalinteract.com

    Now , Island Casino uses software from "Casinosoft" developed by a company called World Wide Mutimedia whereas Classic Casino uses software developed by Starnet .

    Hence Global is a licensee of Starnet. In this circumstances , Starnet will not interfere in how their licensee market or sell it's casino site .Read "NEWS" at www.starnetc.com

    Since what Access Corp offers is a link to web master for Classic Casino , it can be consider as a form of promotion .

    We all can develop our own site and web master for ANY casino . All casinos will have this program.

    As EFS processes all credit transcation for Starnet's licensee , naturally they will process payments to all Starnet's licensee's webmaster.

    I believe that Starnet have no direct connection with Access Corp. since Access is not their licensee.Read info at "NEWS" www.starnetc.com and see who are Starnet's licensee .

    However one thing for certain , Access Corp is definitely related to Global Interactive.

    My guess is that Access Corp is the "Master" webmaster and their clients becomes the "slaves"
    webmastering for Access Corp.

    So you see , Access Corp is really DIRTY.
    They charges a high fees to set up the site
    ( which I can do the same at less than $800 ), than they probably take a cut from being a "master" webmastering for Island casino and Classic casino. They get the best of both worlds without even the need to advertise and promote.
    Their clients did it for them.

    Also anyone can webmaster for any casino without any cost if they have their own web site. What they need to do is to download a banner from the respective casino FREE OF CHARGE.

    With due respects , I think those who purchases the "links" sites from Access Corp really did not do their home work well.

    My opinion is INVESTORS BEWARE.
    There are good operators as well as bad ones trying to take advantages of ill informed public.
  28. May 11, 1999
  29. Is there anyone who is familiar with Casino-On-Net?? How is there reputation?? how is the reputation of IntersafeGlobal???

  30. May 12, 1999
  31. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Casino-on-Net is reliable with their payoffs. I have received credit card chargebacks, checks, and wire transfers from them with no hassle. However, recently, I have to question the fairness of their Blackjack....just too many consecutive 20s, etc.
  32. May 12, 1999
  33. Rharris

    Rharris Guest

    This is to anyone who questions this forum and the people who post here. The beauty of this forum is to express our OPINIONS. I, like Steve Adkins, frequent different casino's, and believe me this forum is needed, there are many casinos just ripping people off, its OUR job to identify them in this forum. If you believe OUR comments, don't go to that casino, if you don't try it yourself, usually WE are right.
  34. May 12, 1999
  35. Re: anonymous posting on May 11th

    I was interested to read your comments regarding BlackJack at online casinos. All of the BlackJack games that I've played online all work on a system that shuffles after every hand. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only way around "counting cards" which would be so easy because you can make a note of every hand IN YOUR OWN TIME as opposed to a land based casino.

    I'd like to hear what other players have to say about this and perhaps they can share their experiences!
  36. May 16, 1999
  37. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Steve where are U these days ????
    I like your stories and comments.
    Do stay in touch
  38. May 16, 1999
  39. steve_adkins

    steve_adkins Dormant account

    Trying to buy an online casino. Know of any for sale?

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