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I got a good tip on interCasino and tried my hand last week. Deposited $20 and they gave me $20 as a promotional thing. After an hour on Carribean Poker (which if you've not tried, you should) I was up to $215 using only $5 ante. Very good odds and great graphics.
I've also been out to Gold Key Casino and had some troubles. Mostly with the game dropping me during a bet. I contacted them by phone (because of an account name problem) and they were quick and supportive. But my continuing problems of being dropped during a bet is more than it's worth. Their odds weren't that great for me there however, the little bit I did win was in my account within a week.

Happy Gambling!!!


I just got off the phone with ezEcash, goldkey casino's ecash provider and was told by them that they would not bill my credit card, but they would not send me my winnings either. They claim to have made a mistake and credited my account with someone elses money and not billing me from the start. WHAT KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS!!!!!!! All I can say is be very leery about goldkey casino. If they can rip me off for winnings as small as $150.....what are they going to do when someone wins $5000.


BTW, I have contacted the e-gaming commision in this matter. If anyone else has had problems with goldkey casino, I encourage them to do the same.


Apr 15, 2000
Anyone going to try this roulette promotion at Gold Key? I'm not going to bother because I had so many problems purchasing and withdrawing with ezecash a couple of months ago. I kept getting error messages saying the purchase was declined and to try again when it had already been taken from my account. Also I went on a really bad losing streak at Planet Luck which has the same software. I think they are able to change the odds at will in these casinos. Recently they sent an email saying the slot payouts had increased for the week or something like that.

Gold Key Casino is proud to kick off the on-line Roulette
month with an enormous bang. All this month we'll be
bringing you AMAZING roulette related bonuses and prizes.


We're going to pay 72 times your bet when the little white
ball stops on your single number. That's $3600 or $7200 in
cash winnings depending on your wager. You must make a $50
or $100 bet to get the 72 multiplier.

We're also giving you great bonuses!

$40 FREE CHIPS - When you open an account with $200
$60 FREE CHIPS - When you open an account with $300
$80 FREE CHIPS - When you open an account with $400
$100 FREE CHIPS - When you open an account with $500

To qualify you must log in at:


Wait there's more! When you play with more than $200 month
at Gold Key Casino, your name will be entered into our
drawing. We're giving away 3 Gold Key Casino, casino size
roulette tables with a full set of chips and accessories.

So don't delay come back today because this offer will
end in a few days. Offer valid through March 14, 2000.


-You chances to win are 1:37 on our European 0 Roulette Table.
The American style roulette table has 00 and 0, thus making
your chance to win 1:38.

-If you consistently bet on the same number, mathematically
your number will come up in 37 spins. Normally you would
win 36 times the wagered amount, but during our special
promotion we're paying you 72 times your bet. Chances are
that you will win if you play long enough.

-Use our SAME BET button. Save yourself time and energy. If
you want to place your bet over and over again. We make
winning quick and easy.


We want to congratulate our winners in our President's
Day American Gold Slot machine contest. Big winner's
during the past two weeks:

F. Cross, New Hampshire USA ($9,221.25)
J. Levin, Birmingham, UK ($8,772.75)
L. Gutierez, Houston, TX ($8.612.00)

Mr. Cross was exited about his amazing win. He told us that
he's going to pay for remodelling his kitchen this spring
with the money he won. His favorite games are Monte Carlo
Poker and Atlantic City Table 1 Black Jack.

Our February cruise trip to the Caribbean goes to our valued
players, Mr and Mrs Richard Verenzin of New Brunswick, NJ.


$7200 in WINNINGS and $100 in FREE BONUS:


Important: Special winnings are not assigned automatically.
You must notify customer service immediately and it will
be added to your account.

Sassy Sally

I just finished playing 108 spins of a $1 bet on the same single number--and never hit it. The odds against that happening are 19 to 1 (95%) according to Barnhart's Beating the Wheel. That won't convict you of homicide in criminal court, but it's enough for a judgement in civil court!
Also, if it were an honest promotion, they'd be eaten alive. Anybody who can afford 25 spins has a 50/50 chance of winning; that goes up to 2/3 at 41 spins. Plus, a winner can turn around and parlay their winnings even more to 99% certainty of hitting at least once (with 200% payout)at 166 spins. If it is for real, it won't last long. If they run it to the end of March, we'll know it was bogus. Thanks for the heads up, it was fun to think about.

Sassy Sally

Oh, and all three member casinos of the e-gaming commission are the same (unlicensed anywhere as far as I can tell)folks, so I wouldn't put a whole lot of faith in that either at this point:

Punta Barajas S.A (WINBYEMAIL-DOM)
Fifth Avenue- Calle 29 y 31
San Jose, San Jose 3000


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Mora, Nestor Alvarez (NAM48) puntabarajas@HOTMAIL.COM
Punta Barajas, SA
Fifth Avenue - Calle 29 y 31
San Jose, - -

(268)404-6701 (FAX) (268)404-6702

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Record created on 10-Dec-1999.
Database last updated on 1-Mar-2000 23:00:47 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:



Anyone played at global casino and when u r unable to charge to ur credit card they offer to provide provision fund of almost no limit? I admit
i was addicted to gambling there in the 1st place and my 2 credit card was used until it exceed the limit so I couldn't play anymore, but they somehow
allow some fund to be deposited which will be charge to the credit card later on. Been a gambler
, when U lose U will want to win back rite? So I request for more provision fund hoping to win back
. Altogether I used up US$40000 which I could'nt possible to pay at one go, neither my credit card could be charge up till so much! Now the provision fund could not possible be charge to my credit card and there no way I could pay that big sum of money. So I email Ted Hadyat, requesting for other possible solution where I could pay him a minimum amount of money every mth but a few days have past and yet he have not reply to me yet.
when I request for provision fund, he reply the very next day, granting me the fund. It was a trap for addicted gambler like me. anyone got any solution to this?


Hey what's you guy's opinion of Blackjack or Roulette analyze ( no particular made or brand )
Have any one troed any of such software that is suppose to help you win and did it really work ?

Do you think that many net gamblers will purchase one ??????

Does anyone knows of the best around ????

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Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002

OK boys and girls kick off your shoes sit back and let me entertain you.

Now then William Hill casino who I will now refer to as "bunch of arses" for easy reference, if you recall I previously gave them a welcome to the net anouncement, more fool me I download their software all excitedly I waited but alas it was only free play mode so I remove it from my computer as only half wits play pretend casinos I order a cd off them this arrived a few weeks after I ordered it so its good to see they are really on the ball there (not) It was sent from the UK so obviously the postal service over here has become as crap as they have, any way I load the software very posh wooooo I'm was nearly wetting myself with anticipation when it had loaded I enter this exciting world I hear a UK accent welcoming me (actually it sounded like Herman monster on speed but so be it)I then mosey on over to the cashier feeling lucky I enter my c/c details wey hey I thought lets whoop their [color=ff0000]••••[/color] (or ass if you are a right hand side driver) the E-cash company Cryptologic ATM seems real easy but alas I can only spend $500 until I get a pin but what the heck I thought lets go for it so I type in $500 and BINGO this is where it all starts to go pear shaped ENTER YOU PIN the atm says but I dont need a pin I shout at the screen so I try again enter you pin its says for fuc... I cry I dont need a pin it says so, there, I bellow at the screen again I attempt a third attempt ENTER YOUR PIN it says I now start twatting the screen with a large ribbed 12" fully vibrating dildo (funny whats that doing there I wonder) so now I am slighly mad I send of an email in my usual happy fashion to the help desk;

<,I have just loaded the cd you sent me I cant buy in cause it asks for a pin
you have not given me a pin also where is my $25 free?????

I get this super reply

Hello Mike;

I am very sorry to hear about the problems that you are experiencing. You
not need a PIN number unless you are depositing or withdrawing in excess of
$500. So you can deposit, play (for real money) and withdraw until you
reach to that amount. The only stipulation here is that you can only
request the
total amount you have deposited by credit card to be sent back to you,
after which
the balance must be requested by cheque with a $1 transaction fee.

About your PIN number, if and when you do decide to start depositing or
$500 or more, you are required to have a PIN number. Upon obtaining one it
is mailed
to you the following business day via regular mail for security purposes.

The question of your free $25, they are certain requirements that must be
in order to receive it. Once those requirements are met your free $25
should be
awarded to you. Finally Break The Bank is not available in Practice Mode,
when you playing for real money and it can only be played once a day.

To process your request more quickly, or if you require further assistance,
please call our Playershelp number listed below. One of our friendly

WHAT A PILE OF STEAMING CRAP I then send off this

when I buy in It requests a pin number so what are you on about deposits

JESUS I will contact Graham Sharpe in London and see what all this nonsense
is about so I cant have $25 free--tell you what I have a word with the
channel 4 team (mark in production I think a piece on the morning line show
would be good ) making false promises I heard at the gaming forum
casinomeister the other day you where upto these tricks but I didnt believe
them now I do

William Hill ripping punters off that should make a good piece on television

I then get this;

Hello Mike;

Players who are new to William Hill Casino AND Cryptologic's E-Cash system are
allowed to deposit up to $500 (with a maximum $400 per deposit transaction) to
their E-cash account as long as they have not registered the credit card on a
previous account prior to needing a PIN number. Cryptologic's records show that
you have a previous account with Cryptologic. You will need the PIN number
that Cryptologic mails out via regular mail before you will be able to make a deposit
using that card. I have requested that the PIN be mailed out to you. You can get
around this by registering a Credit Card that has never been used on Cryptologic's
E-cash system, this will allow you to deposit without the PIN up to $500.

In addition, if you read the promotion, the $25 bonus is added in with the
first deposit of $25 or more into your e-cash account.

I am now getting the impression that William Hill have signed up for a resellers programme so off goes this;


You make promises you cant keep and expect me to play HAHA

no chance
I honestly didnt know you where cheats as you have now lied to me and are
failing to give me a poxy free $25 I will close my accounts with you (Via
Leeds) as you know my betting turnover on my accounts is $500000 + so its
your loss

Jesus William Hill would turn in his grave I look forward to telling all
about my exprience with you

next Paul Newman takes charge (that name rings a bell):

Dear Mike,

I understand from my colleagues that you have a dispute with our casino
operation over your deposit bonus. I will ensure you receive this, in fact
in view of your inconvenience we will double it to $50 free credit, but I
need some assistance from yourself in this matter.

I do not wish to add to your inconvenience, but I need to know if you have
or have not been sent a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for your casino
account and the number of your account. I am keen to resolve this issue, so
please contact me if you have any further queries about this or any aspect
of our service.

With regards,

Paul Newman
Customer Service Manager

WOW $50 now hardly encouraging but ever onward:

in answer to your question


Whatever next:

I have just checked and surprise surprise there is no bonus at all in my
account you have now blatently LIED AGAIN therefore I now look forward to
trashing your casino in every forum on the net YOU LIARS

that should get a response;

Please send me your account number so I can arrange the credit, as I
requested in my previous e-mail.

With regards,

at last or so I thought:

account number xxxxxx

I tour the world twice and return then send this;

you still have not replied or credited it I am now convinced your
operation is corrupt or at the very least pathetic you must really think I am


Thank you for this information. I will pursue this matter with the casino
operations and will contact you as soon as I receive a satisfactory

With regards,

Paul Newman
Customer Service Manager

GOD!!!!! off goes this:

do all customers of yours have to jump through hoops simply to get a game

I have managed to speak to a representative of Cryptologic about your
continued difficulties at

The gentleman concerned, Ken, has been in touch with you previously about
these problems. He assures me that a PIN will indeed be mailed to you on
Monday. Apparently the issue has been complicated by a previous account you
had with a Cryptologic-run service.

I am keen to resolve this matter to your satisfaction. Your account will be
automatically be credited with $25 e-cash following your first deposit, as
indicated to you previously by and I will then ensure
your account is credited with the additional $25 making $50 free credit in

Please contact me again if you do not receive your PIN number as indicated.

With regards,

Paul Newman
Customer Service Manager

so the only left to say is the last email I sent;

AS I thought, you are talking sh1t please dont bother responding again you


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Oct 29, 2002
Hitmob hands the torch over to the newbies;

What come back to this
the ghetto??
winners stinking of p1ss, beggars in every doorway
losers and loners coming down to look at the freak show
and all the stupid idiots saving all week, saving their stupid money from their stupid idiot jobs, so they can come and gamble their money with some casino.

Just you look after it, this stupid little forum,
its the middle of the world.
cos on a forum like this, every single night anyone can learn anything
and every single night someone learns something.

Its all yours now
all of it
all the nerds and all the bashers and all the people in between .
and this lot they'll mug you, they'll rob you. some of them might even help you. And they'll all forget you in the end.
Just stick with your friends. You'll be fine.

You [color=ff0000]••••[/color] up and I'll come back


Dear Mike,

Are you a complete bumbling idiot, instead of bitching on here, why not have deposited $499.00 instead of $500?
You are quite simply the stupidest man alive. And you dont even need to order a cd to play for real money.
I'm overwhelmed some people can be so stupid


Hitmob, have you ever read Baudelaire? I think you would enjoy his work. Your last post actually reads like some cool Beat poetry. (I do mean that sincerely, I'm a poet.) Or Steven Jesse Bernstein.

All that aside, I have three different PIN numbers for three different Cryptologic casinos, and I have never been able to use one casino's PIN for another casino's deposit, so I don't knwo *what* is going on there. Nor have I ever had trouble depositing $500 for an initial deposit prior to recieving my PIN. Maybe your software was corrupted in download, or they've changed something. I haven't downloaded any Cryptologic software in over a year, so I cxan well imagine that you ahve a version different from anything I've had to encounter.

Ken Brooks

I would like to warn others of Geisha Lounge Online Casino's payout policy. They are offering $20 free when you open an account and deposit $20 to your account. As with any other casino
they do require you to put into play $40 before
cashing in. Here's where the scam starts. Once you have played $40 and lets say you have $40 in winnings...a 100% profit. You will get your $20 refunded back to your credit card, BUT you will NOT get your $20 profit. Why? Their "Policy" is to not send ANY cheques less than $30. This means ANY amout you deposit to play at their casino, you will not collect ANY wiinings unless they are in excess of $30. In their promo you have $40 to
play with a $20 investment. But if you plan on ANY
winnings over your $20 you must have turned the $40 into $50 AFTER putting $40 into play. I have played MANY online casinos and real casinos...I have NEVER been give a min. requirement of
how much profit I need to make to qualify for my
money. In my opinion this is a TOTAL SCAM!!!
A representative of their casino replied to me say "To clear the record, GeishaLounge has a minimum cashout requirement of $20. Therefore, if you purchase for $20, and you only have a $19 balance after playing, we will credit this to your player account. Should you have $20, or above, we will make payment directly to you. The reason for this policy is the costs of cheques and credit card charges are too high to facilitate direct payments below $20."
He failed to tell me that ANY wiinings over my intitial deposit WOULD NOT be paid unless over $30!!


Forum Cheermeister
Staff member
Jun 30, 1998
Bravo LVHM!

Your last posting does sound like a beat poet's poem. And Herman Munster on speed? The image of this is petrifying.



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Oct 6, 1999
Online casino WINNERS AND LOSERS of the millenium-
My personal experiences:

**Longest consecutive winning streak at BJ in 3 years of playing online:
14 in a row - Starnet (High Roller Casino)
**Longest consecutive losing streak at BJ:
21 in a row - Cassava (Casino-On-Net) I've had some of the strangest experiences I have ever witnessed at the casino.
**Largest ever single bet win at any game on an online casino:
$500 tie bet at baccart=$4000 immediately -
Microgaming (Mapau) and Bossmedia (Pharaoh's) I was paid effeciently by both casinos. The Pharaoh's win came after I won $2000 playing blackjack a month prior. The Mapau win came after close to 4300 in losses, but I was still extremely happy.
**Largest ever single bet loss ever:
$830 all at a high limit double 0 roulette table -
Grand Virtual (Cyberthrill)
**Fastest payouts by credit card/check:
Cryptologic (Intercasino)
**Slowest payouts at an online casino:
Microgaming (Gaming Club, Golden Palace, Atlantis Star) + Jprtechnologia (Grand Dominican) + Intermedia (Acropolis and Avalonn)
**Largest NET WIN in a month playing online:
Bossmedia (Pharaoh's) $11602
Access (Lasseter's) $12,027 US $ WOW
Bossmedia (Gold Club) $3700
Starnet (High Roller) $3304
Cryptologic (Intercasino) $2802
Microgaming (River Belle) $6750
Microgaming (Mapau) $8801
Perplexa (Bali) $5340
Intermedia (Acropolis) $4600 -4 month wait
Starnet (Club Rio) $1904
Global Player $3600 -1 month wait

**Largest NET LOSS online in one month: (yes, I'm honest)
Bossmedia (Pharaoh's) $3470
Bossmedia (Gold Club) $5421
Starnet (High Roller) $3025
Cryptologic (Intercasino) $5760
Microgaming (River Belle) $11,420 HURT BAD
Microgaming (Gaming Club) $7900
Microgaming (Torpedo) $6200
Microgaming (Mapau) $8600
Intermedua (Acropolis) $5400
Perplexa (Bali) $4400
Atlantic Interbet $4310
**Largest net win after 2 years:
Bossmedia (Gold club) $18675
[lots of 2 to 3000 monthly wins that really added up
Bossmedia (Pharaoh's) $13,677
Cryptologic (Intercasino) $9800
Microgaming (Riverbelle) $14,620
Starnet (Casinoland) $5,780
Starnet (High Roller) $9567
Access (Lasseter's) $4,560


Damn, what a streak!! Considering 2 of those casinos haven't even been online for longer than a year


First Live Casino in trouble again ....
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)


Dormant account
Oct 6, 1999
I assume Casinoland and Lasseter's are the 2 casinos you're referring to that haven't been around longer than a year. Actually Casinoland went out of business a year ago, but not before I milked them for a net win of $5,780 and Lasseters first went on line as of March of last year, and the streaks there have been unreal. Timothy Chan won a royal flush there a few months back for a cool $5000. I do not like the gameplay that much at Lasseters since it is slow, and the animation is lousy. However, the money to be won there is definately real, and they run one of the most legitimate operations on the net. At first I had a lot of small wins, and it added up to a couple thousand. Then I started betting larger and larger and noticed I was winning more and more. I started making max bets in BJ of 250 and won several in a row, and also had a couple of really cool wins in roulette. All the $$ is AUD not US $$ so I had to use the currency conversion tables to figure what my withdrawal would be. It turns
out my total win should have been 12,500 US$$, not $12,027. I emailed them asking about it, and they claim the conversion rates are subject to chnge often, and that at the time of my buy in it was more. I still don't understand that, since I looked at the conversion rates about 6 times.
Oh Well I'm not going to quibble over the 500, I just wish they'd have explained it better.


and still won a few thousands this year ...
but my friend have been on a losing steak so far this year .... at lasseters