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Funny thing about that Microgaming software. I was in another casino. got kicked out and lost $70.00, However this casino saw what had happened and gave me back the $70.00

This has happened twice to me now, and both times it was microgaming software.

They claim that with the auto save feature this will not happen. Yeah right.


I am having problems collecting my winnings from a casino. I gambled with them for about three weeks, was way up, cashed about $2000 in, lost about $3000,( $2400 in winnings and $600.00 of my own). I have e-mail confirming my cash out and stating it would be processed that day 2/22. I received $400 on my card, original buy ins, but not the $1600 balance to be fed-exed, now a month. My e-mails have never been answered, I did make one phone call and was told that "that was too long and a trace would be put on the fed-ex." That has been a week and still no response, still they do not answer my e-mails. Like everybody else in this situation, I want to believe the casino is honest and I am going to get paid. Here's my question. How long should one reasonably have to wait to get paid, what is normal? Should I start naming them now or continue to give them the benefit of the doubt? There has been other questionable situations with this casino, but I'll save those for further comment. Thanks for any insight.


The only way to put a casino on the spot is to name them in a forum like this. Let them know gamblers pay attention.

So I say name them and lets here what they have to say. If they said they were going to fedex you a check a month ago, Don't you think they lied to you.

Andrew Hooker

NAME THEM! In big, bold letters across every internet gambling forum, and of course send them a CC. Get onto anything that will carry your message, and utilise any help from people like the Casinomeister.
Just let the world know what happened and how long it is taking. Bad publicity usually helps them speed up the $, especially if you do not let up and keep their bad name in lights.

Hope it works out for you.



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