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hitmob if you use my systems , say you bet on dozen and column $10 each , if you win , you made $20 . Now if you are game enough , put that $20 back into the 4 numbers that are not covered . you will get $170 . So for every turn , you still break even. Good systems for online casino since the pitboss is not around to hasse you and Hitmob is not near you . Be sure to wear bullet proof just in case . But seriously , if you use MY systems and increase the stakes , say try $10 or even $50 , you can made $1500 in no time . faster than Hitmob horse can run.

But don't even hit the 0 or 00 ..... too bad.

Hitmob , when the football seasons starts , i like to bet on some team. can U recommend some sites for football betting . I often visit football365 . but need to know a betting house .


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Oct 29, 2002
Strategist,I have recalled the boys (who were on the way to sort you out) Big Ron is a bit upset at having to come back as he only needed 17 more airmiles to buy the sesame street barbecue set that took his eye in toys r us anyway can you explain your system again i think i understand but us English are thick!!
is it;
1 bet on 2 column and 2 of the dozen bets then if you win put the winnings on 10 split numbers instead of or aswell as the dozen bets ???

Frank Williams

Re posting on July 15th:
I would not advise disputing the charges on your card just yet! The problem with this is that when you dispute the charges on a card, the casino will blacklist you and/or the card and you can forget about playing with them ever again. Of course you may not want to play there ever again considering the treatment you've received, however, the problem is that this information is "probably" shared amongst various online casinos and so you may have problems playing at other casinos because of this.
My advice is to get Bryan from here to get involved and get him to approach the casino with your problem. Also, please post some there correspondence here at the Forum so that we can all see what's been going on and then give you advise.


Folks i create a a new conversation about Worlclass Casino - the Mafia in Online Gaming.
all out there-watch this Forum


Youll see

WorldclassCasino is a scamster of the first order,
theyre not respond to our forum.

They are the biggest cheatersive ever had seen.

So, now friends watch out for this Casino,
and believe me :

Its better to burn your money, then depositing
in an acount of WorldclassCasino.

And Casinomanager of the WorlclassCasino:

During my next holidays ill visit your " Casino " and believe me i will find out where
you are.
I think we have to talk a bit to each other,
and it could be better for you, if you have some money or checks in your pocket.....if not.......
we will see......



Mornin! Hey Steve another ? for you..I'm pulling the Starnetc games from my site..I've spoken with a few other webmasters and they all say the same thing..lots of hits but not one reasoning is again if the software they use for affiliates isn't accurate than I'm afraid that I can't be sure the software is accurate for my site's visitors..who would you reccommend? I'm very fond of Micro Gaming casinos. Also I have had excellent luck with my Slotland link..Slotland even threw in a bonus $10 (above the $10 they already give) for visitors from my site.
Thanks in advance.


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Nov 24, 2003
I am sort of stuck with (unless the owner is reading this) with starnet on my site. I moniter it very closely.

One way to check is for you to go in thru your site and register and play for 20.00. Or you can just signup and see if your signup shows up on your stat page. If it does not, give em hell.

I have not had much luck with any casinos, but your right microgaming software seems to be fine.

I would also stay far away from any handa lopez devolped site as they are all crooks!


Thanks again Steve..I've been havin some fun at Liberty Casino today..roulette..wish more of the Micro Gaming casinos offered affiliate programs, I can recommend them with true enthusiasm as I think they will always be my fav. Where's everyone else playin today? :)


Uh Oh..Starnet..
Starnet Faces $1Billion Lawsuit
Wed Jul 28 1999

A major player in online gaming industry, software supplier Starnet Communications Intl Inc., faces a lawsuit that threatens to lighten the corporate purse by a whopping $1 billion! Las Vegas Casino Inc. now claims damages for a number of breaches of agreement, including accounting problems and software bugs. Starnet argues that its fully-owned subsidiary, Softec Systems Caribbean Inc., had terminated the software license agreement with Las Vegas Casino Inc. because the licensee failed to pay an obligatory license fee to Softec. After yesterdays news of the impending suit by its biggest licensee, Starnet's stock fell 31.55%. Starnet representative Jack Rosenberg maintains that Starnet has yet to be officially served: "If they've filed a false lawsuit in response to Starnet's request for payment, they've lost legitimacy." However, Claude Levy of Las Vegas Casino confirms, "The lawsuit is 100% real, we can assure you of that, and it is very serious."
Stockhouse has the details.
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Hmmm..what do u all think?