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Island Casinos Pain in butt

Here is a real address for those crooks at island casino Employees of Scylinx Corp. A.V.V., New Haven Office Center, Emancipatie Boulevard 31, P.O. Box 6052, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles (the "Company"), its licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, retailers and members of the immediate families of each are not eligible to participate in the Game.


Oh a real address for the island casinos. Where is that unabomber when you need him?


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Nov 18, 2001
Hello to everyone, I have sat back and watched you guys for a while. I must say I have enjoyed your thoughts and comments. I have a question, and if anyone can answer it, You all might.
Here goes, How many casino software companies are out there? I am mulling the possibility of buying a casino and am just getting started. Not sure where to even start. Seems like this might be a good place to start. Do any of you know?




Did anybody heard about problems with
Billionaires Club Casino?
They are playing tricks on you!
Be careful, if you visit this Casino.
Later more!!!!!!

Casino Vice

Billionrs is the "Jack the Ripper" of all Online Casinos i ever seen....
I i can i will blow them away...


im back to tell you something about the tricks of the Billionaire Casino ripping their customers.
The owner has 36 Online-Casinos,where ripping
is okay for the casino support and the owner.
But wait there are some details ill expect to get
from someone ( i hope so ).

Watch out for the next day.
......and believe me Casinoowner:
If i dont get back my money......we will see



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Oct 29, 2002
Dear Anon
why dont you print your greivance (the thing that is annoying you) here for all to see you sound pretty angry about your treatment so come on tell us whats up we may be able to help or offer advice come on anon let know


Thanks for your mail " Lasvegashitmob ".
Here are the problem:

I signed on as a new player at Billionaires Club Casino.
I made a purchase of 800 US $ and there runs
a 20 % Promotion at the Casino.
Okay that sounds good for me, cause we all know:
The best to play is playing with other peoples money.

the support told me, the Bonus is booked at the next day.
For qualifying to get the Bonus, youll have to wager
only the Bonus.
Okay allright.
Next day ill looked in my account ( more than 24
there was no Bonus.
I played a little bit,and called the support.
They told me for checking, but the manager is not in the casino,
so they are not able to book the Bonus.But the
manager call me back.
After hrs. nobody calls me back.
I called again, and everytime i called the manager
is not in there.
-----Super Support-----
After hrs again the bonus was booked and i played
I wagered about more than the Bonus and believe me.
Every game i tried out, not one was a winning game.
I cashed in my money.
But now, they dnt book it back.They are saying now,im not qualified for the bonus.
Isaid them i wagered more than the bonus and now, they told me, that i have to wager my purchase+Bonus again.
Ill send them their promotion e-mail and they
said it was wrong.
Okay i wagered again more than 1000 US $.
....Again not one winning game.
After that i called the support, for asking if im now
qualified for the Bonus.Now they told me, that they cant dee any wagering from me in the audits.
Now, i was so angry that i called the owner in Canada if he knew about ripping his players in
his casino.
Hey told me he will check it and nobody calls me back again.
Today we made a deal.
He will give back my purchase of 800 US $ and i forget
the Bonus i said its okay.
I hope now, that he will give it back on my credit card without any problem.

Thats a really ripping casino.

But the next problems with another Casino i had on the last weekend i write you tomorrow.
I won 3200 US $ at WorldclassCasino and now
they say, they have to check their audits cause their was a system problem.
Ill think theyre now searching a way for not paying me.
But tomorrow more.

Greetings S.


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
Hi Anon
canyou supply the website for billionaires casino
This whole thing sounds rather dodgy to me can I ask how you got the owners contact number I would have thought this was a guarded secret?
but still the fact that he agreed to pay you off makes even more interesting reading (although we do have to take this on trust as you dont supply an email address) but thats not a problem I think you should send an email to Bryan (under utilities opposite) I'm sure he can help you

At last another dodgy casino we were all running out of things to say

keep us up to date anon on this situation.


To Lasvegashitmob


look for
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

The owners number i found at who is.
The Owner of the Domain has got an entry of still 36 Online Casinos.

But i still heard until now, nothing from
The Manager there told me to e-mail me in 24 hrs.
now its 36 hrs after.

Another shit support.
The Phonelines to the casino are busy whenever i try to call.

I played now at 50 Online-Casinos and nowhere
i got so much problems, than the last weekend.
I believe, i found now the ripping Casinos.

See ya


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
you look like you have probably been ripped off I'm sure Bryan will confirm this for you can you list the other casino's they own this I'm sure will make interesting reading.

My turn to go to the races tommorow wish me luck ha luck doesn't come into it
hope you lot are making big bucks by shadowing my system

see ya soon


Watch out for another ripping Casino.

Worldclass Casino.

You will find it under:

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

They dont pay the winnings to the gamblers.
Read now the following:

On last Sat. i signed up at their Casino and
made a purchase of 1000 US $.
I gambled for a while the Slots, Roulette
and the Jacks or better.
During the time of 2 hrs i won 3200 US $ at Jacks or better.
After my playing i cashed in the amount of 3208 US
Everything was o.k. for me.
So, now they e-mailed me that they found a security alert during my playing and they have to
check by their technicians.
The next answer was the following:

Dear Sir,

Our analysis determined tht you were using an electronic means to =
manipulate the gaming software. This practice is specifically =
prohibited and so stated in the Members Agreement. We have instructed =
the credit card processing company to refund your initial deposit minus =
the 6.5% processing fee as specified. We have cancelled your account =
with us and do not wish to take any further action.=20

Casino Manager

Now it seems to me, that they found something for ripping me.
That Guy says really i hacked his Casino.
I phoned to the Casino Software Developer,
and they told me their System is unhackable.

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

ma friend Casinomanager:
If you dont pay my money .....believe me the
world could be to small for us two and dont
tell so a bullshit, that i hacked the system.

.....but mafriends later more of the situation.

Greetings S.


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
steve re above posting
Can you tell me how you managed to hack into their totally secure and seperate server (as their security web page states)
Worldclass casino please respond to this posting or we will all think you are scamsters of the first order
1 has you software been hacked
2 if yes how come your software company dont know this
3 will you pay steve his full winnings
4 if no will you prosecute him for hacking your system

Ima loo zing

please can you be helping me i on my vacation in vegas i goto big casino on strip and sit on stool to play blackjack i buy $1000 in $25 chips i play $25 at a go but i not win no game at all 40 games all losers except i get 5 pushes all the time when i be getting 21 blackjack the dealer always be getting 21 also.
i thinking what is happening so i go to be playing roullette i buying again $1000 in $25 chips and you be knowing what i betting red and black is coming up i ambetting black and red is coming up so i loses another $1000 still not am i winning not even one game
i am now very sad and i am wanting to cry so i goto casino manager he not even be looking at me i am talking to him he is walking off
i deciding i am wanting to win to be showing him so i playing on a slotting machine i am putting in my $100 into machines i am losing every game then i see 3 big symbols on the payingline i am notting believing it i winning jackpot $50000 on my last spinning but then the security man running over to my slot and he saying "you robbed the machine you win is void" but i only spilling a little cigareet ash on the floor it not even touching slot . he picking me up and throwing me out
i never going to a landy based casino again i am only be playing online casinos in future


To Lasvegashitmob

back again and nice to read your statement.

I work in a big medical research center in
Germany.( Security Team )
Today i asked our system admin, if its possible to hack
a secure server without being traced.
He says no, or i have a complete new system nobody knows already.
Funny ehh!!!!!

Im a gambler and not a hacker.
Today i wish, i will be a first class hacker,
so i would destroy her systems totally.


If i were a cheater, than i dont make such a
purchase of 1000 US $.
However max. maybe 50 US $.
They look for a way not paying me out.
Hey Lasvegashitmob i have got a question:

When they do not pay back my inital deposit of 1000 US $, do you know any possibilities to get back my money on my credit card??

I hadnt such a problem ever before.
Im so angry about the management of this casino,
i i can i would ......

Have a nice day




Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
you played at this casino because they offered you a service namely a casino online but they have not given you the service described so you are fully entitled to dispute the charges on your credit card by stating breach of contract by them (their website says they pay you when you win,they didnt so hey presto breach of service/contract you will soon get a refund on your credit card the problem being you wont get your winnings just your initial purchase back (have you asked Bryan to help send him an email its listed under contact on the left)


Hi Lasvegashitmob,

thanks for your answer.
I send Bryan a e-mail and hope to his response.

I wish you a nice weekend and hope hearing from you again.




Here's a roulette strategy :

1.) Bet 2 Dozen & 2 column . You will cover all numbers except 4 inside and the single 0 or double 0

2.) Bet on 9 split number . Covers 18 number and the odds are 1-17. Great buy .

3.) incremental bets apply too.

Yanni , do you agreed ?

This is a 100% SURE WIN SYSTEM , better than hitmob's horseracing .


Dormant account
Oct 29, 2002
Yes my system is cr*p loads of winners today and yesterday and the day before that in fact july and august should be very profitable but i must agree my system is crap Iwish to apologise unreservedly to everybody who I know and who have contacted me saying thankyou for showing them how to win especially Victor who is 72 and now plays the system for small stakes and is winning as he puts it "at last"
as I say sorry to you all I think you should stop playing my cr*p system now and listen to Dan sorry the Strategist
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me (an old English saying)

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