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archive--problems/successes--January 2000

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by jeablue, Jan 1, 2000.

    Jan 1, 2000
  1. jeablue

    jeablue Dormant account

    Happy New Year!!!!!
  2. Jan 1, 2000
  3. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    Thankyou testers keep the feedback coming !!!!!
    more testers welcome.

    It appears the BIG BOYS are entering the casino business yep William Hill one of the biggest UK bookmakers are shortly going to open their own internet casino they will be using the Crypto logic software and have obtained an Antiguan gaming liscence and I wish them good luck
    although they are renowned over here for being a bunch of tight wads meaning they offer stingy low odds on certain things (5-1 on snow hahaha not always stingy though) take the Irish Lottery results if you predict 3 numbers from the six drawn they give you odds of 421 - 1 whilst Dones a large Independant Bookmaker offers 500-1 MASSIVE price difference there I think. They have also made all soccer results odds shorter to attempt a 106 percent over-round on all matches totally disgusting way to rip-off soccer gamblers
    But still another casino operator on the block cant be bad and as I know several of their top people any problems and just let me know and I will kick their arse big style
  4. Jan 5, 2000
  5. Tim

    Tim Guest

    William Hill have launched their new casino.
    This info have been posted by LVHM too.
    The casino is now in Play for Fun mode only.
    No real cash play now .

    Try it .
    You must register/login in order to see the link.
  6. Jan 8, 2000
  7. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    **********WORLD PREMIER**************

    Gather round mow the lawn feed the cat kick off your shoes

    The most reliable sleakest sexiest well hung smartest loosest all time best casino is online now

    But for a limited time yourluckypage.com readers as well as casinomeister readers can visit the web site You must register/login in order to see the link. and download the best casino software on the net
    goto the download page fill in your email address and I will send you the software the quickest download on the web the software will be available for direct download in a day or so but in the meantime ignore the page not found notice as I will send the software to you once you fill in and send your email
    Free money as is the norm with your first real money credit card buy-in etc etc

    OY William Hill youre second again hahahahaha send my regards to Graham
  8. Jan 9, 2000
  9. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    OK www.carryoncasino.com is now open and fully operational come along (but no fat smelly ugly people please)

  10. Jan 10, 2000
  11. dave_r

    dave_r Dormant account

    Congratulations, Hitmob!!

    Your site looks fantastic, and I can't wait to start gambling on it. Wishing you lots of success.

  12. Jan 10, 2000
  13. Timothy Chan

    Timothy Chan Guest

    Congrats , LVHM , beautiful site .
    Guess we have to " Carry On " gambling at your casino .

    Best of Luck !!!!!!
  14. Jan 10, 2000
  15. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    Thanks gang for your kind words, I am still playing around with the site and am always open to constructive critism (tempting fate) so I hope to have more pages with extra interesting facts figures competitions etc after all gambling should be fun and not just a case of give us your money then sod off!!
    I have added my email address in the site just in case you cant get through to customer support (old Albert he's 89 you know not the quickest guy around haha)or if you just wish to contact me,
    there are free draws and I hope to be giving away some of the lasvegashitmob millions to anybody who joins and plays for free as well as real money players.
    Once again thanks gang for your messages of support and remember I would rather have one penny off a hundred people than one hundred pennies off one person, enjoy your gambling sessions and enjoy carry on casino

  16. Jan 10, 2000
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I think it's really nasty for a guy who is putting
    up his own net casino to use this forum to trash
    another operator or the single reason of driving
    people to his casino.

    I've played at several MGS casinos and had very
    good results and customer support. They have
    Playcheck (www.playcheck.com) which lets you audit
    your own play and some of the casinos are also

    They've also given away a ton of money in jackpots
    on cashsplash...Anyway, carryoncasino is just
    another vendor's system in new c
  18. Jan 10, 2000
  19. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    You pays your money you takes you chance

    I have been in contact with Microgaming and two Directors and a Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers over the last couple of weeks and notice no comments from me or them we are currently sorting out our differences in private as I feel this is the professional way for us to do business (or maybe the copyright on each email I recieve has something to do with it lol)

    In the meantime if you enjoy playing at microgaming casinos excellent as I say its your money you spend it as you like

    lasvegashitmob "all sweetness and light"
  20. Jan 11, 2000
  21. snakeyes

    snakeyes Guest

    To Anon:
    I don't think C3i would have paid LVHM $13,000 if they were free from blame or falt of some kind. I look at payment like that as more than a "goodwill" gesture. Microgamings own responses are conflicting and inaccurate. IMO their blackjack does not play right, something I have stated before hitmobs problems. Only time will tell if his casino is honest on all counts, and shoul be treated as such until proven otherwise.
  22. Jan 12, 2000
  23. dave_r

    dave_r Dormant account

    HA! Mr. Anonymous HA! You either work for Microgaming or are a licensee. Please don't pretend to be a player. Casinomeister members are too smart and you can't fool us. You referred to Microgaming as MGS and then advertised the "playcheck" website. What a joke.

    Snakeyes is correct -- Microgaming's responses were conflicting and inaccurate. Dean from Microgaming went into hiding after realizing
    that he was in the hot seat. Instead being a man and responding to our concerns, he wimped out and disappeared. It is for this and other reasons that I now question the integrity and credibility of Microgaming. Although Hitmob may have a conflict of interest, I still believe he has the right to complain in this forum, since:

    1) He deposited thousands of $$ to Microgaming licensed casinos.
    2) Almost everything he's said he's backed up with evidence. (Corespondence)
  24. Jan 12, 2000
  25. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    with reference to the statement;

    I've played at several MGS casinos and had very
    good results and customer support. They have
    Playcheck (www.playcheck.com) which lets you audit
    your own play and some of the casinos are also

    could you explain your interpretation of
    "some of the casinos are also
    audited. "
    and let me know who you think audits them and what is or isnt audited as I am sure you would be very very surprised indeed.
  26. Jan 12, 2000
  27. dean

    dean Guest

    before the forum once again descends into chaos, in a way only lasvegashitmob knows how to create, I will quite gladly fill you in on the details of our relationship with PwC.

    Before the merger with PriceWaterhouse, Coopers & Laybrand conducted an in depth examination of our random number generator. The examination included evaluating the algorithms used, the actual source code of the software and the results it produced. They produced from this a Special Report which concludes that our system is indeed random and unbiased. Due to the technical nature of this report ( it includes information of a competitive nature), we are unable to release this report to the public.. or competitors. Its purpose is merely to help us prove to potential customers that they are getting a good system.

    Since the merger of PriceWaterhouse and Coopers & Laybrand to form PricewaterhouseCoopers ( PwC), we have extended on the work done by Coopers to produce a report that can be showed publicly. This is the report you will see on a lot of our customers sites. This certificate is generated by giving PwC access to all the actual bet data so that they can calculate the actual payout percentage experienced. Due to PwC being quite a cautious company the figures stated are below those actually realised.

    We are in the process of extending the work PwC does for us, but details of this cannot be released at this time for competitive reasons.. as some of you will have noticed our competitors have already started to follow our lead in this regard.

    I hope this put everyone in the picture.


  28. Jan 12, 2000
  29. dean

    dean Guest

    Hi Dave

    Firsty, I did not go into hiding, secondly, my responses were not conflicting or inaccurate. The only question I have chosen not to answer was one regarding the inner workings of the random number generator. This is obviously competitve information.. especialy in the 'casino-owners' forum, as this has turned out to be.

    I somtimes read this forum from time to time out of interest, I do not however look at it every day.

    If anyone has any queries about our software, as well as any suggestions on how we can improve, please feel freel to contact us. Contact details can be found at www.microgaming.com
  30. Jan 12, 2000
  31. Steve

    Steve Guest

    If you cannot release the report, why do you insist that you have this proof? I say Bullshit!

    Chaos is created when people like you come here and say yes we have proof.. But we cannot prove it to you. It is a secret. Yeah right....
  32. Jan 12, 2000
  33. lasvegashitmob

    lasvegashitmob Dormant account

    why not tell everyone about the 16 bit software problems and urgently inform everyone here to download newer version so as to not have incorrect results displayed and paid????
    Also why not inform the general public exactly what PcW do so as to not have them believe they are your auditors tell the chaps and lasses here what a PcW report tells them and DOESNT tell them then no one will be confused (print the replies I got and copied to you from PcW

    there you are Dean you say
    If anyone has any queries about our software, as well as any suggestions on how we can improve

    there you are you ask I replied

    oy yes what was this you said;
    I do not however believe you have provided adequate grounds
    for the vicious public attack you have chosen to launch against us.

    We will be waiting for PwC to complete their verification of our system
    before deciding on whether to pursue defamation claims against individuals
    who have staged unjustified and unsubstantiated attacks on our integrity.

    you ask for responses and then attempt to frighten away replies

    wow I've just sh1t my pants

    jolly top hold old been gfaw gfaw tit for tat
  34. Jan 12, 2000
  35. Dean

    Dean Guest


    I will contact PwC and request that we be allowed to post the conclusion pages of the Coopers report here. If that fails I can give you the contact details of the people at PwC who will at the very least be able to tell you that the report exists.
  36. Jan 14, 2000
  37. Tim

    Tim Guest

    Bear Stearns have just released a new 115-page analysis on Internet Gaming
    entitled "E-Gaming - Endangered Species or Rising Star?" This report is one
    of the most comprehensive pieces ever written on this potentially explosive
    industry. The report, highlighted the current operating environment for
    Internet gaming, its growth potential both domestically and internationally,
    the unanswered and answered legal questions, a detailed analysis of the
    types of gaming found on the Internet, and a list of companies to watch over
    the next several years .

    For FREE report You must register/login in order to see the link.
  38. Jan 15, 2000
  39. Yanni

    Yanni Guest

    Congrats Hitmob for your casino. I hope you do well.
    It is a really very nice site and casino.

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