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A foxy babe at casinomeister grab her lads quick before she makes for the door

hey coincidence or what Bryan reappears then Sharon told you they were both at it in Bryans chalet

wey hey nudge nudge wink wink say no more

Sharon re Microgaming sites hang fire on pulling them babes its obviously the casino management who make the descisions so why not link c3i but not ceasares

nice to see you back babes (my regards to Bryan )


Hi all

It appears that a post in this forum has created confusion regarding how our system generates its results.

The message was by a C3i help desk operator who was trying to get accross his understanding of statistical probability.

MicroGaming has never posted anything to indicate that the results are anything but perfectly random.

There are no pre-determined results for any game, all games use an advanced cryprographically strong random number generator that is totally independant of any outside factors.

In all of our games 'the rules have everything to do with it'. We have no control over what card will come out next or where the reels will stop on the slots.




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the funniest thing

everyone goto then go to winners then look at the name of the last winner
ensure you are sitting down first
look at the name and think about it

you have to laugh

Dean you have to laugh

dont laugh its not funny

-Our Current Winner-
Robyn U.
$42 414,06 Riverbelle Thursday, 25 November, 1999


what an unfortunate name
Steve you must feel that they are "robbing you "

Dean can you help Steve get his money surely the publicity surrounding his non payment is not doing your company any good at all


Dean, Why does your company let its casinos get away with not paying winners? Does this maybe hurt your total revenue?

I have communicated with mandy on 5 different occasions concerning this problem with the golden palace (Caesars Gold) about not getting my money.

Can you really help and not just blow smoke? I have got enough smoke for a lifetime.

So Please call Mandy, call Golden palace. You guys get a split on each casino that you sell.
It just seems like good since to make sure that customer satisfaction is doing well.

Any help that you could offer would be appreciated
very much as I am sure that the people that read this forum are tired of me bitching about it.

But you know what, I bet not one of them has played at this casino lately.


I already heard from Dean. He sent me an email, said he had contacted Caesars, who would get back with him tommorow. Boy was that fast. Not sure who Dean is but he is not messing around with looking into this.

A cheer for Dean


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Hi Yanni,

I know you mean well, but let's try not to post urls that look like ads.




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a cheer for Dean
a mumbled silence from the forum

must of been the conference they had over here

lets go big on customer service for a change

the ceasares saga has been going on for an age Steve is about to blow a gasket

we should have a collection for him and hope we raise more than 2 buttons 1 paper clip a bent penny and a stale piece of gum

Friday will be Ceasares party day we will all go to bed knowing his money is on its way to him

I think I will play there sounds a really good place just direct your questions to microgaming

or better still

Ceasars (how the [color=ff0000]••••[/color] do you spell their name?????)

As I was saying Ceasares please post here explaining why it has taken so long to pay young Stevie Adkins his money
if Steve agrees it should make good reading


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BRYAN------- can you archive all the above as I think we should start the first post of December with the words

Steve ( -
I ve been paid by Ceasares


Come on now, we are dealing with Caesars. you can bet your ass they will say. You had two accounts. When you cashed out one, we found the other and to save you money we sent the credits to the card that was listed on the other account.
That bank has the money and it is your problem to find it. We have not received the money back so we can only assume that he got it.

I bet that is what is said!

I hope they say. Sorry but it is now on its way to you.


And we have put 500 extra in for your high blood pressure medicine


She says quietly..Golden Palace sent me $100 chip to play with tonite for no apparent reason other than it's my b-day today I ended up with $91..they've always been a bit slow in paying but I've always been paid :)


ubj: Caesars Gold
Date: 12/2/1999 9:27:17 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Dean Smith)
To: ('')

Hi Steve

I have been in contact with Caesars Gold and they assure me that I will have
an official response to resolve the situation by tomorrow. I will give them
until then to explain things from their side.



Well that is what he said. An official response?
Well Dean gets a big star.
Bryan, we are all guilty of posting ads here. I am the first to say that I do. You should not single out Yanni, it disrupts the family.