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Oct 29, 2002
I 've often wondered if casinos would survive if every one played perfect strategy. The house edge in black jack(ac rules) is less than 1% if you play right. Video poker the same. The actual % the casino wins at these games is much more (5%?). Could the casinos survive with a takeout of under 1%? I also think that the players sole ability to control when to quit is a major advantage. The house has to play you at your stakes(within their limits of course)till you say when.
So, yes I expect to win. If I look back at the vast majority of my sessions I usually see I was up at some point. The real skill or luck is learning to quit at the right time. Winning 40% of your stake is the right time to quit in online casinos. The sky's the limit in land based.


Hi mike

u are right when you mentioned we shud quit at
some time when we are up. That is exactly what
i hv done. However, the problem here
wud come to a point when u started to lose all
your gains each time u enter for another session.
Take it from me, try it out for a week or more.
Quit each time u are up say 30% or more of your
bankroll. On the other hand quit also when u are
20% or more down with your bankroll. I am not
going to conclude here. Work it out and share
your findings here alright. All the best.


Steve , sharon , Mike C , Frank or anyone do you know the full list of casino using software by :
1.) Microgaming and
2.) cryptologic



Another thing about online gambling. When you go to a land base casino, you actually see other people winning. In an online casino, you cannot change machines (of the same type) if your not doing very well. and you cannot see other people win. Except of course at First Live, there you can see people win all day. The only problem is that you will not see them get paid


Basher , there are many crooks out there but there are also some honest ones . Henry Ford invented the car for the comfort of transportation , but it can kill too in the hands of a reckless driver.

Last week I was playing slots , video poker , blackjack and stud poker in Star City Casino in Sydney. I won a bit , but lost more on the last day . So , isn't it the same in land based as in online .

My friend got a Royal Flush in Video Poker ( thanks to Steve's method ) , but he gave it all back ( and more ) on Blackjack and slots.

That's gambling.


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Nov 24, 2003
Timothy, I am happy to hear that someone pays attention to my advise on video poker and hits a good /one. The key to winning is always quit while you are ahead. IF we all did that the casinos would not be around for long. We get ahead and figure we will get further ahead. That is where they get us. I call it the greed factor on the players part. I have more tips posted this week in Adams casino.
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go to the library for more charts on video poker.

As far as the microgaming software, I am not sure if a complete list is around anywhere. I looked on microgaming's website at
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I found a few but not a complete list. I think to get that you might have to make a list yourself. I know a few and here they are
Lucky nugget
vegas online
Grand online
caesar's gold

Maybe everyone could post the ones that they know and that would give you a list.


hello Mr Nevada Gaming Commision I would like to open a casino here in Las Vegas.
OK Sir it will cost you many many millions of dollars and we will need to check you are fit to hold a casino license it will have to go before the commision and then you will have to provide full details of your assets and get all your employees fully trained and all your slots will have to be checked to make sure they are legal it will take several years from start to finish, Sir.

Ermmm OK bye bye

Hello Mr Internet I would like to open a casino on the internet

Ok Sir just bung me a few thousand dollars and you are in business

Is that all

Yes Sir why

What about asset checks employee checks verified slot % payouts etc etc

No you dont need any of that Sir

but Im a criminal and terrorist

Thats not important just give me some $$$$$$

there is a moral of this story
can you guess what????????

Frank Williams

There is nothing wrong with gambling online provided that you do your homework before you gamble at a particular online casino. I've been playing online for long enough to know that the good casinos are still here and the "fly-by-night" casinos soon become known by everyone thanks to Forums like this one.
It's all a question of playing within your means... just like at a land based casino. When I go to a land based casino, I have a certain amount that I'm prepared to lose before I start gambling... obviously I want to win (don't we all!), but that's the reason why it's called gambling. I've had good streaks and bad streaks in land based casinos as I have had on the internet.
At the end of the day it is all about having FUN!

Timothy, for an extensive list of casinos, check out
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Frank people should play to win not for fun!! have a top sites list which (so they say) is voted for by online gamblers I have copied it below (the figures after it name is the previous few months positions) hey look at number 29 must check that one out

Last result Site Name Previous results
Aug 02 1999 Jun 01 1999 May 07 1999 Apr 09 1999 Mar 25 1999
1 MaPau Casino 1 1 1 1
2 Sands of the Caribbean 2 2 2 2
3 English Harbor Casino 3 3 8 4
4 The Gaming Club 5 5 5 5
5 Casino Fortune 4 9 9 3
6 River Belle Casino 8 7 4 7
7 Golden Palace 13 11 14 16
8 Bingo Zone 9 6 3 6
9 Caribbean Cyber Casino 7 8 7 10
10 Grand Dominican 10 10 6 12
11 InterBet Casino 12 12 13 8
12 Virtual Vegas 14 17 11 18
13 Ibingo 6 13 12 11
14 Caribbean Gold 40 33 44 30
15 Casino-on-Net 11 4 10 14
16 Atlantic InterBet Casino 34 25 24 9
17 Lucky Nugget Casino 23 45 48 68
18 Kenny Rogers Casino 20 18 15 15
19 Omni Casino 18 23 18 27
20 Club King 16 16 19 19
21 King Solomon's Casino 22 24 35 71
22 New York Casino 31 14 17 29
23 Skip Hughes on Video Poker 28 22 27 33
24 Uproar 49 32 32 38
25 African Fairplay Casino 17 15 23 17
26 Slotland 21 31 39 53
27 BingoMania 24 20 20 13
28 27 78 - 88
29 First Live Casino 33 36 30 28
30 All-Star Casino 44 27 40 40
31 Club Monte Carlo - - - -
32 InterCasino 29 29 25 32
33 GalaxiWorld 50 99 - 156
34 SlotCity 38 30 45 150
35 Yahoo Games 42 44 42 45
36 Casino Cabaret - - - -
37 Planet City Casino - - - -
38 Gold Club Casino 15 21 26 23
39 USA Casino 26 37 31 31
40 Casino Australia 39 48 34 20
41 Lodestone's Las Vegas 48 39 37 37
42 Handicapper's Learning Center - - - -
43 Jackpot City 81 - 183 248
44 Money Plays Casino 37 41 - -
45 Las Vegas at Home Casino 321 - - -
46 GoTo Casino & Sportsbook 324 - - -
47 Bingo 24X7 - - - -
48 Intertops 145 - 109 151
49 Casinos of the World 74 59 29 34
50 Starluck 41 100 57 47


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Oct 29, 2002
Tim: other micro casinos
Golden Palace, Gambling Club, Carribian Cyber Casino, Mapau, English Harbour.
LVHM: actully my own personal guidelines vary per game and method per game. Usually the ammount I'm willing to lose is my buy in for that session($100-$200). When I quit winners depends.For ex. in BJ I would quit when I'm up over a certain ammount(say $50) and the dealer just won 3 in a row. I think some sort of money mgt. and betting-playing systems are necessary for winning. Direction of play rather than aimless. There is nothing sadder to watch than a person randomly drop chips over the roulette table; it seems they always lose .
I also wish to repeat that I don't think casinos would survive if their % win was only their actual advantage. If online gamblers are more savey then their land based brothers, then online casinos won't win as much % wise then land based.


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Oct 29, 2002
Sunderland 1 Coventry 1

not one of you picked that result I think I will make the net bet easier stay tuned


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Nov 24, 2003
Hit mob, I lost? Boy do I hate losing. Even on a freebee. I see I will have to do my homework for the next bet.


I've been reading this forum for a number of months now and have to say congratulations to its
members for creating a bond which is very good.
My only criticism is that when some one does against the grain he's in danger of being blasted.
With that said, here I go again.
Steve, your advise to "quit while you are ahead" is good except quit really does mean QUIT and I don't think most people really want to quit, they just want to be ahead and from reading these posts
you might be the only one who is. I believe there are only two two areas online that can produce consistant winning and thats sports betting and video poker, maybe black jack, but with vitual decks I don't think so. My point is that it takes an extreme amount of effort to produce a winner and most people don't put it in.
Ishmael, you are somewhat off base, quite a bit in fact. If Steve was using a strategy that produced a royal flush every 40,000 hands and never deviated from that strategy it would make no difference if he played out 300,000 hands in a row or 1000 hands for 300 days, it will eventually
average. This is long term expectation and is basic to gambling. 300,000 hands is a long time to go without a royal and I feel for Steve and his frustration, but I am sure Steve knows that the next 300,000 hands "could" produce 15 royals.


This is my list of Microgaming Casinos..I've probably missed some though...

Atlantis Star
Aztec Gold Casino
Big Deal Casino
Capital Casino
Caribbean Cyber Online Casino
Caribbean Gold
Casino Fortune
Casino Iceberg
Casino Mapau
Charleston Casino
Cyborg Casino
English Harbour Casino
Fairplay African Casino
FatCatz Casino
Flo's Diner Casino
Pigg's Peak Casino
The Gaming Club
Geisha Lounge Casino
Goldrush Casino
Home Casino
Intertops Casino
Jackpot City
Jetset Casino
King Solomons Online Casino
Kingston Casino
Liberty Casino
Lucky Nugget Casino
Miami Beach Casino
Mystic Dunes
Old Glory Casino
Orient Express Casino
Riverbelle Casino
Show Down Casino
Silver Dollar Casino
Torpedo Casino
Viva Online Casino
Winning Worlds Casino
YellowCab Casino


Hey Jondo dont be misled we all hate each other and love nothing better than bashing each other

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